RBL Classic Match: Calefaction vs. Scientz vs. Oneduh 1/2/04

Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005

    First 12 wins was all hype, the streak ends Friday
    The only O in your loss column will begin my name
    That roll you were on's over now, sorry it didn't last
    Now you resemble blacks in movies the way your body's in a cast
    I know, you'll cum & defeat me.. I should NOT test your text
    But still the voters'll say "O won", ^ like when those concepts were fresh
    Not yet a vet, so don't front like your lines are the best
    When they're harder to follow,
    then the ones drunks walk for sobriety tests
    You've won alot in the past, but I hope you're focused to win this
    Cuz lately.. your only win was makin the voters lose.. interest
    Forget Gucci or Prada, that aint where Cale gets threads from
    Shit, the only thing he ever seems to wear out's his welcome
    These other two won't bring flames, what would Duh lie for?
    So in the heat of the battle, well.. is just my verse
    I can't fault you for your frailness, see Cale.. it's cool
    If I let User smash for 2 months, I'd be that thin too
    Beat that shit? fool.. that's easily done
    He didn't bat around the idea of winning, instead I.deal beat him with one
    Got people believin in One, ^Sci was hopin I didn't diss em'
    But that cutting edge idea left him open for criticism
    Stop hypin him up like he's the best at this rap shit
    Cuz if Scientz is Raw I must be a whole semester of classes
    Sci didn't post his links last week, I coulda won on my own if..
    I stayed pullin bitch moves, like my other opponent
    I own shit, why you even show in the first place duke?
    Usually I got Cal more shook up than earthquakes do
    Back to the other fag, you winnin this is not in sight kid
    Aint takin risks, if I say here goes nothin.. he started typin
    Here's what it all boils down to, quit tellin kids ya shit's hot
    Your name's Scientz & you still don't possess the elements of hip hop

    Gimme my fuckin title.



    i coulda sworn the limit on 3-way battles was 20 lines...

    to oneduh/mr ego...and cale/killa blaze/mr. body

    i know yall heard bout cale's mom's pictures on the net...bwahahaha

    i got a riddle for ya...
    what do u drink outta?? thats found at any bar???
    the answer is A cup, like the size ya mothers titties are
    peep her breasts, i seen plenty chests that were curved
    but thats utter disrespect, cuz there r cow titties better than hers
    H20 stops fire, thats the realest phrase
    so ya moms broke her water 5 months early, to try n Killa Blaze
    net gangsta, talkin thug cuz it makes ya raps neat
    but u werent concieved in the hood,
    it was more like the back seat
    this aint monopoly, u'll be drowned n found in a bag
    somewhere close to the atlantic,
    like marvin gardens n ventnor ave
    oneduh's wack, but i guess heads feel the shit he yells
    but if i counted down-falls,
    he'd make the one in niagara look like a wishing well
    u kids always removing votes, n i'll stress that its foul
    but if gore had ur talents, bush wouldnt be president now
    cale's a disaster, i'll be quick to tell this herbs fate
    i'll shift the plates in his head,
    till his brain has a fuckin earthquake
    dont do drugs, or drink alcohol, n have the safest sex
    those damage the body over time,
    but he'll be murdered before they take effect
    i dont respect ya verses, everybody needs to know
    ya wack wack wack wack wack,
    ......like that ender u had a few weeks ago

    vs. Calefaction

    Oneduh aka unsigned hype aka fabolous jr. and scientz aka unsigned hype jr.

    Mr. Ego = Shitty alias, Scientz.. its a good thing Ur not or U gotta be messin..
    ..shit I LOST dick riders when they found out Mr. Body aint Resin..

    which means..

    Both of U dudes needa drop gems before laughter is blurted..
    Cuz if U drop normal shit U'll lose to the comments before N after my verses..
    Sci's a poor bitch but a bboy at heart its blatant N true..
    So since Ur mom dont care.. she lets him break on his roof..
    I've done paid my dues N still got cash so pardon my sport..
    But when comparin banks sci's, his always comes up carlton short..
    U know I'll swing on U kid.. best be forgettin the stiches..
    Cuz I'll hit Sci N break his mug, glass jaw N the rest of the dishes..
    I'm boss of this camp.. I'm tellin U, his talk is just amped..
    Cuz a mod helped One get here so he can say he lost to the champ..
    Suckin dick to be popular... the rumors are true in the cypha..
    One aims to please so anthraxspits N swallows if he likes ya..
    Unsigned hype eh? tell me.. why would U boast those writs..
    It'd make me oneduh about U.. but I dont do that homo shit.
    Even now with denyin' -- I used numbers N equations..
    To figure out how to be gay N -- got it down to a scientz..
    I know U tryina find dirt on me.. Ur scopin N frantic..
    No matter the news.. Cal's known to drop sci's like a hopeless romantic..
    Sliiiiick homie, In highschool U was the chiiiiick homie, I'm too serious..
    Everyone knows Ur twice the bitch.. Scientz was usualy two periods..
    Ur both scared of my fists N I know U hate the curb..
    I floss a lot..
    .. Ur so THIN on •••els <--they thought it was a racial slurr..
    I'll get nice wit guns, cock N explode wit the hot finger..
    N leave USH at the front of the ER like the pop singer..
    1 last thing one..
    Ur punches, if User wrote over a third of ya swings then he needs..
    A verse written by more Ghosts than the Return of the King to beat me..
    One's a jack ass N so are his verses.. but I'm not worried in the worst way..
    He's still not pushin his chances as much sci is pushin his wordplay..

    Now go throw the same punches EVERYONE else does, only stretch it completely..
    And Hype, we coo but start writin for yourself for the first time..

    Scientz and cal ended up advancing since they both had the same amount of votes
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