RBL Classic Match: Calefaction vs. Namix 12/11/03

Discussion in 'RBL Archives' started by David Lama, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. David Lama

    David Lama oh yea?

    May 19, 2005

    Namix aka ...... yeah you're still no one

    This kid namix got DQ'd.. cuz this brother was late..
    N I've had problems wit Ur dad ever since Ur mother was late..
    Skinny lines = played.. pale lines = played.. listen, I knew..
    That's why I expected to see them in a verse written by U..
    I'm a fuckin gangster dawg.. leave his home wit funerals..
    Do away with nam' N leave Ur future rank in roman numerals..
    Bitch dont bother my aim.. cuz I'll test range..
    At this fuckin fag who'll only bboy wit a sex change..
    If U wanted a good style.. stick to mimmickin mines..
    Cuz I'm takin this by Storm, G.. so U complain no ones gettin Ur lines..
    Lets say U had a chance.. I'd be lyin'.. this hoes a disgrace..
    Cuz 'Charlie' was all up in nam'...............N all over his face..
    Ur whole steeze is wack.. dont give a fuck whatever herbs say..
    Ur clever wordplay is like Sur's minus the clever wordplay..
    Ur 'punches mrs. me' like Ur a wife beater.. enough I'll let up..
    ^^that's just me doin Ur style better then U in my fuckin set up..
    Ink got an extension N lost.. but I'm even more impressive..
    I'ma beat namix so easy.. I could ask for 3 or 4 extensions..
    I give beatin's to faggots who ain't never gon be shit..
    Then snatch the win quicker than Kotex when ink sees it..
    U might have hype now.. Cal's always doubtin gimmicks..
    This kids so fruity..
    ...I'll sit 'em on the corner N put manic outta business..
    Look this bitch is fed -- that's right U heard the slander..
    Cuz like colonel sanders -- Ur girl's a big chicken head.
    Wanna be popular on RM but my bat's blatant N known..
    Demik wouldn't be able to make an alias for all the breaks in Ur bones..
    I gotta go to the bathroom.. here's an overview..


    Some how I knew I'd wind up pissin all over U..




    like crap floating, bouyant shit to me.

    i wont reuse my last drop against u, like what i think ur hunch is
    i DID prewrite a verse tho, it just has too many inkwell punches

    bitch found anotha glitch in the matrix last week, i seen it unfurl
    he called ink a chick so much, im convinced he got beat by a girl
    ya im from bboys, so ur trailer trash ass starts to act hard?
    lets take it to the parking lot,
    …cuz im about to beat u in ur own backyard
    last time HE didnt let me post, incase ya’ll didn’t know
    im here cuz im ahead of my time,
    …he’s here cuz the RM clock’s thirteen minutes slow
    i ride Charles!? if u see me up-Chuck blame ur music whore
    “nam played off me, he’s DQ’d therefore”
    boohoo bitch, i played off ur verse where it was used before
    this w!gger is wiggedy wack, i mean it, he aint jack
    if ur such an ill cracker,
    …why’d u ask me to help get ur screen name back?
    ur a two faced bitch…at times ur cool, others ur just a punk liar
    but next time u play the middle road, i’ll be playin drunk driver
    u got the melanin of a cow, when u go out ur bound to get slander
    cuz like uncle joey in Full House, everyone around you is Tanner
    rap = great rhymes n basslines, not classical music n poser shit
    its fine that u toot ur own horn…just stop trying to rap over it
    his shows are shit, while I get crowds moving, his stood still
    he gets every hand-down, like his shoppin sprees at good will
    every battle Cal bitches and moans, gets shook up and cries
    i’d hate to be a Powder,
    …but i’d probably pout too if I looked like you guys
    ya u look like a kid from Kenya, but kenya stop ventin for once
    cuz ur two cents
    …comes straight outta my mom’s ten cents a month
    Cal cant get gayer, we all saw u dickride Island fast, then later
    like taking shits at gas stations, u always had ur ass on Paper
    u’ll serve me the day ur w!gger ass starts deservin ur wins
    imma make u cry uncle, Tom
    then make u cry when i call u a white version of him
    knew ud be in the grave wit one verse, hope ur stay was fun herb
    ya’ll can call this battle a Cal ender, cuz his days are numbered.

    (i had to repost it because i didnt know 'w.igger' wouldnt show up lol)

    Winner = Calefaction
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