RBL Championship Match:1. Calefaction 8-0 vs 2. Ribonuclease 8-0

Discussion in 'RBL TOP 20' started by -Oz-, May 7, 2006.

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  1. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003

    RBL Rules & Regulations.

    All Verses due THURSDAY night 12:00am Pacific
    All Voting (5 votes) Due Sunday Night 8:00pm Eastern
    (Voting is considered open until Mods close matches)

    -Line Limit-
    Minimum 16 -- Maximum 50
    agree on an amount with your opponent
    in your check in. if no agreement is reached
    2nd person to drop must match the 1st person who dropped
    (2nd person can drop less but NOT more)

    5 Votes must be posted in your battle per battler. (links)
    1 Vote deduction for each missing vote. An extra
    vote deduction if no links are posted at all.
    Voting is open to anyone with at least 200 posts.
    No 1 line voting! It wont be counted!
    One vote must be cast in either Contender or Championship Match, and Labeled as such.
    Failure for winner to not produce all links will result in no win being added to their record.

    -General Rules-
    ---1st person cant edit after 2nd person posts
    2nd person cant edit after a vote has been made

    --Freeposting in a battle before both verses are posted
    will result in a 2 vote deduction from your own battle!
    --No bitching, crying, freeposting, swaying...GROW UP!
    --Mods are ultimate law of the land. We can & will bend
    rules to maintain the prestige of the league.

    -Mod AIM Contacts-
    Oz -- Jaygood259Oz
    Oneduh -- Anthraxspitz​
  2. Ribonuclease

    Ribonuclease New Member

    Jul 25, 2004
    check were goin 24 i think.
  3. Calefaction

    Calefaction The Lone Wolf

    Jun 7, 2002
    yeah 24's still good, I might not drop til thursday night even, been real busy runnin 'round so I'll holler atchu
  4. Ribonuclease

    Ribonuclease New Member

    Jul 25, 2004
    Cale plays the straight type, but he a faggot with his friends..
    look at his name.. its obvious he prefers his action in the end.
    you started off losin to underdawgs, cop some decency
    call me a hundred n one
    cuz that numbers Phryme and also yours odds in beatin me.
    I'm dope with nameplays so if I land a solid hit..
    man, boy, girl, woman fuck we'll just Cal it quits.
    I've seen that bitch peckin around dawg.. ya girl's a ho,
    Cal respects her, but Alkaseltzer could get his bird to blow.
    i know you got wack Rib nameplays but please refrain.
    or be the first dude in history to take Aleeve for shame.
    saw that quote by ya name.. had to use it perfectly
    cuz Cale we wouldn't NVU attending Nevada University.
    thought my girl was thick till I saw your lady, wow.
    each one of that bitch's calves represents a baby cow.
    she been on my dick, its always accidents that find me,
    and SHE got MORE rolls than Samual L Jackson in the ninetees.
    looks like they brought Rib to put this bitch in his place..
    he no showed last week, so imma play his role and spit in ya face
    fuck ya dickriders, I made my name smackin ya fans..
    u flash in the pan
    I won this battle.. and they know it like the back of my hand.
    I have the strongest endings, so stop with ya pranks
    your a joke
    so ill be condescending and watch you drop in the ranks.
    think you the hottest now? stop it pal..
    theres always 30 heads in the RSTL on topiCal!
  5. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    Ribo Wins
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