RBL Championship: 1. Island(10-1) vs 2. Aura(8-1) vs 3. Rhyme(7-1)

Discussion in 'RBL TOP 20' started by Mud.Crumb, Oct 7, 2003.

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  1. Monolith

    Monolith *slowly claps*

    Aug 9, 2003
    I cant really break it down like the other people did...but..

    Rhyme..some nice lines...

    My favoriate:
    & who would fake an audio? yeh fucker....you'll suck & lose
    only track's in aura's arm's ..were from years of drug abuse

    Island:also had some nice lines..but didnt hit nearly as hard as you did the past few weeks..

    fags fall in the rankings...so watch this guy get dropped
    cuz this week is Island Time…….like Hawaiin clocks

    Aura:came pretty decent..

    Favoriate:So, I'm rapin ya moms but who cares? call the cops bitches
    ..her ass like that Sadam statue when it fell, half the block hit it<~~(burner)

    In the end I think this battle was a bit more lacklustre then it should have been..yall 3 supposed to be heavyweights right now..didnt look that way..

    Overall, I give it to Aura...I think he came with it more then the other 2...although I dont agree with ghost-writing...

  2. Donis

    Donis New Member

    May 15, 2003
    this turned out to be aura vs island

    rhyme didnt strike me as contender material, in all honesty...looked kinda like he read the "how to be a textcee" manual, but didnt work as hard on the creativity needed to pull that style off

    island read the same manual, but had some wit in his ish

    aura was a bit more on the original style tip

    this was close

    i think island barely took this...some of aurua's ish just didnt hit to me...wouldve been a dope 16 bar verse, but it was only a good 24

    island had the couple lines that pushed it over

    island takes it
  3. Hells Angel

    Hells Angel New Member

    Feb 7, 2001
    point system.

    Words couldn't describe, his mom's feelings when she fed it
    Um, "YOU FAT FUCKING GROSS FUCK"..well there I said it
    hahaha, nice open.. 3/5
    You're just a weak bitch, no one's left readin your shit
    Cuz you ain't just wack as a mother, you're breast feedin your kids
    lmao.. 4/5
    Look at the Dough battle, you tried to leave a rapper torn
    ..but you chin-checked bout as much as you do in faggot porn
    bwahaha, nice personal.. 4/5
    I've called you fat before, guess that's why you act so bitter to me
    But when God made you, he broke the mold, literally
    haha, pretty good.. 3/5
    You're just a joke on the net while I'm on a higher plateau, check
    You should throw in the towel, try the one round Aloe's neck
    haha, niceness.. 4/5
    Cuz you really don't do shit, I'd dispute ya got no such life
    ..sayin you've got girls that thought you were cute at an open mic?
    nah.. 2/5
    Everybody know it's lies, you weren't born perfectly
    Lookin like a Lunatic, need to cover ya face with a mask like Murphy Lee
    wasn't really feelin this.. 2/5
    And Rhymeageddon you're boring, ya style and ya name sucks
    Forget fresh concepts, cuz you can't even think of a played punch
    hahahahaha, i liked that, came outta nowhere.. 4/5
    You'll spit the same stuff as last time, so I don't give a fuck
    While I'm spittin fire off the dome like User's hair if it's cut
    I dont get the personal so.. 3/5
    Pussy I'm tearin ya up, but if that’s not doubt in minds
    Ya punches like they’re misbehaving, cuz they "step out of line"
    nah, could've been worded better.. 2/5
    You're about to find out it don't matter if you rhyme plenty
    You'll discover the HARDAWAY, like when Orlando signed PENNY
    way played.. I remember seein shit like that last year.. 1/5
    So, I'm rapin ya moms but who cares? call the cops bitches
    ..her ass like that Sadam statue when it fell, half the block hit it
    hahahaha, nice ending.. 3/5

    pretty good verse
    ya overall score is.. 35/60

    aura the convulsing bitch, is deadly to no-1, but loves the shit
    cuz when i post people dont 'hold their breath', they fucking hug it
    this was iight.. 2/5
    c'mon kid's, u call them verses last week? u must be talkin shit
    cuz we've seen more ooooohze in a below average horror flick
    hahaha, nice.. 4/5
    whooping these kid's, aura's been killed, i'm on route for the rest
    rhyme brought the recipe for disaster, that user could'nt resist
    i liked that one.. 4/5
    acting harder, you idiot... time & time again i hafta scar them
    aura had a brush with death.. & rhymeageddon was the barber
    nah.. 2/5
    & who would fake an audio? yeh fucker....you'll suck & lose
    only track's in aura's arm's ..were from years of drug abuse
    hahahahaha.. 4/5
    quit text, infact fuck it, just die, but faggot i'm wrecking aura still
    say adios/audios muthafucker, because island your text is horrible
    this was ok, pretty good.. 3/5
    turn the table's, user, VA's never had a quake, it's fuck'n stable
    s'why the voter's dont want him to fall off, -the fuckin table
    haha, was decent.. 2/5
    whos feelin em? cuz rhyme is text killing, & they say you're serial
    while voter's 'gassen em with trash' like back to the future's vehicle
    hahaha, I liked that.. 3/5
    i can see auras here? it's stupid he must be keeping my hand
    saying he could'nt 'desert' us for now... in fear of island
    haha, nice.. 3/5
    wrecking the worst, rhyme'll cripple these two heading the list
    island win? there's no way in hell, without exiting first
    nice, flow was nice.. 3/5
    stumble an all, as your verses read blank -something will fall
    it's tru tho, if you have nothing good, ...-to say, say nothing at all
    good, but didn't really hit hard.. 2/5
    so i'll add another line of bullshit for the twit's to sit & read
    cuz auras chance has gone'a begging, with his mom, dad, sister, aunt, gran,user's family and nasif
    ok end.. 2/5

    cool verse here
    ya overall score is 34/60

    Im doin some rapin tonight…bets is off, n im sayin it like…
    Island stays with the hookup…yall stay with ladies delight
    haha, nice open.. 3/5
    get it yet?..ill hit a vet, n ya still wont see me brother,
    toppling Island?...how, when you faggots couldn’t beat each other…
    hahahaha, nice personal.. 4/5
    Island and Aura…were different, n screw it ya worthless
    but were alike too, cuz each week someone else is doin our verses
    hahahaha, another nice one.. 4/5
    See its my job to win...and you can tell theres losses
    Your only line of work is waitin for a check at the welfare office
    haha, this was str8.. 3/5
    User this....User that....overused the topic and played it out
    ...hes just mad i got more pounds than his UK bank account
    whatttttt.. that was hot right there.. 4/5
    this bitch gets bullied at school, n at lunch he pities the moment..
    when he's going thru Hall's running more than Kansas City opponents
    this was pretty good.. 3/5
    go ahead and reach for the title, you wont get it in time..
    cuz ya style is lending to wackness, more than the ppl givin you lines
    hahaha, the personals keep comin.. 3/5
    rhyme’s got ghoster’s too…he needs lines, so the bastard flips em..
    Cuz each week he’s prayin for Angels…more than disaster victims*
    hahahahaha, niceness.. 4/5
    U wont lose like a man, u'll say i got dickrode instead
    They say misery loves company, ..u must have a shit load of friends
    hah, nice.. 3/5
    fags fall in the rankings...so watch this guy get dropped
    cuz this week is Island Time…….like Hawaiin clocks
    was decent.. 2/5
    Poor bastard, im gonna burry you deep in sediment
    If money talks, then yours got a broke jaw n a speach impediment
    hahahahaha, that was nice.. 4/5
    Rhymes wack as fuck…and this fag aint clownin on me
    Cuz the only time we’re proud of 2.5…is when nasifs countin to 3
    hah, pretty good ending.. 2/5

    good verse right there, I was liking it
    ya total score is.. 39/60

    vote = island

    thanks duke, saved me the time of writin all this out.

    anyway, i liked more of islands lines...this battle was by no means a blow out, but island indeed won it
  4. Aloe

    Aloe www.myspace.com/aloemusic

    Jun 9, 2001
    lol@ppl voting for user name

    its ISLAND muthafuckas >=0 hahaha
  5. Scientz

    Scientz Im Good Writtens Bitch!

    May 26, 2002

    more consistant, more quotables, fresher concepts

    rhyme came aight...but i thought aura would come better than he did...nobody was really too spectacular but user did outshine the others in this battle
  6. knawl

    knawl New Member

    Oct 4, 2003
    wtf!! this was a wackass championship battle.

    vote -- username for having at least some good lines.
  7. Aloe

    Aloe www.myspace.com/aloemusic

    Jun 9, 2001
    ^ ur an idiot
  8. Defcon_5

    Defcon_5 Relax and take notes

    Sep 19, 2002
    ^^aloe speaks the truth
  9. Dat Gangsta

    Dat Gangsta •••••••••••••

    Dec 23, 2001
    vote island.. this was a dope battle... i really dont know why the fuck eople said it was'nt and why people said that rhyme and aura were hrribble...

    there were some witty as fuck lines from both... the gassen em and hell lines from rhyme..... the towel and wack as ya mother lines from aura .. those were are lines i was really feeling.. and the rest of their verses were hott....

    sisland realy brought it and deserves the win, but some of you people dissapoint me with your constant bullshit... especially headless, i know hes always honest. but he quoted what he didntlike, that's cool... but what about what he did like... you people jump on the badwagon ..... and folowed.

    anyways dope battle, but vote-island
  10. Diphtheria

    Diphtheria Tazz Says "Fuck U"

    May 1, 2002
    Island Wins!!!!!!!!!

    Island 12-1
    aura 8-2
    Rhyme 7-2
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