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  1. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    Name - Quriosity, voltron, Eusich, OMFG
    From - RM
    Crew - TMU
  2. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    v. Revanon/NSW [Revanon Refuses To Post]


    I’m rich, bitch. So he’s begging tonight in a funny tone,
    Cos my money’s long, but not long enough to give this Revenue life,
    Attacking a pastor. A threat on the mic? Ha! I’ll laugh at this bastard,
    Then leave Rev behind like false prophets living after the rapture,
    And listen, G. Been here 10 years and ain’t suited for dissing me,
    When all your hits’d be the shortest compilation in musical history,
    Position’s weak. So I’ll drop punches and watch as this fucker stares,
    Cos in dishes, he’s ranked somewhere between paper and Tupperware,
    And speaking of which, I’m serving the disses,
    So I’ve heard of a green thumb,
    But his head’s the only Negro version I’ve witnessed,
    And I’ve heard that this bitch is 34, so I suggest that he kick the habit,
    It's no pun when I say that his letter jacket’s got ’92 stitched in fabric,
    ..Just subtraction.
    And what’s all the fuss with Palin fixing the roads?
    When Alaska could invest in a replica of the fucking bridge on his nose,
    See bitch, I’m a pro. So, I’ll never fail to declare a win,
    Look, that’s not a white shirt; the black dye is just pale in comparison,
    No sparing men. And as for the name change, I caught a grin,
    Cos it's fitting, if by Asuwere you mean Aswackasuvalwaysbeen,
    He’s finished. Ugly nigga, why on earth is he at it still?
    Looking like Frank Thomas mashed with Seal minus Heidi and batting skills,


    LOL at this fuck nigga. Still scared of a picture?
    Been hanging around for 20 years.. I think it’s time to bury the fixture,
    Besides, the fuck I need with a pic? I’m the meanest with text,
    I’ll just kick back and watch his arthritis lead him to death,
    Defeating this vet. And I see why this punk is so hurt,
    Cos if using a pic makes me a pussy.. no wonder he couldn’t fuck with the verse,
    Frail bitch. And it’s no surprise that he’ll go down with his pen,
    Yea, USC lost. But Rev couldn’t beat me whether now Oregon,
    He’s scared to post, but I’m the type to fight through the thick,
    I’d say "I’ll scrub this nigga", but a brillow pad couldn’t quite do the trick,
    So post ya verse. I doubt it could be that wack,
    Though mine was harder than teaching this black ass nigga just how he could act black,
    Plus, I think we know he’s after the belt,
    But I killed him in 10 minutes,
    ...Any longer and I bet he'd die a natural death,
    Fucking pussy.

    v. Mic-illaH/W

    Fuck fate. I'll pull strings and give ‘em something to hate,
    Nigga, you’re wack! What… you think I paired us up by mistake?
    See, Mic thought he had clout. Such an unsuitable thesis,
    Cos that’s not a notch under his belt, it’s just a poor excuse for his penis,
    And speaking of which…
    I heard she asked to see, but this lame skedaddled,
    Cos he’ll letter touch IT… only to tally 2 points in a game of Scrabble,
    Ashamed to battle? Nah, it’s a must that I beat this joke,
    And fuck a ghostwriter! Mic’d need Hell on earth to increase his hopes,
    Now delete ya quotes. We all know Rev saw a picture and split,
    So yea, I beat nobody last week… just figured I should stick to the script,
    Plus you’ll leave with more than just a stitch to the nose,
    Cos I’ll break ya spirits… wine, beer, or any other liquor that’s sold,
    But I love the kids, so to rock him is a humbling duty,
    Since the body of his verses sport Huggie diapers, a 3-month onesie, and booties,
    Always flipping that weak shit. But, I think I’m glad that he’s stranded,
    Cos whoever fathered Mic’s style is the happiest deadbeat Dad on the planet,
    And damnit, his name is fitting. Bet his body’ll shrink in coffins,
    Since after this, the ER’ll turn into “AH… shit! Man, I think we lost him.”
    Now die.

    v. Windsprizzle/W

    We’re fighting pollution and gas prices. Trust me, it’s been sour,
    They call it a crisis, but could you imagine relying on Wind’s power?
    Flaming faggot! <-- I’ll stop there cos what I’m doing is petty,
    Plus a gay bash… and he’ll come through with a kazoo and confetti,
    And man, I remember when slang was cool with the kids,
    Introducing Windsprizzle.. the guy who single-handedly ruined the trend,
    Plus ya win last week is no component of merit,
    Such a small feat has Chinese bachelors proposing for marriage,
    See, our paths are proof that I’m the badder textcee,
    I’m shooting straight… this nigga’s path is more like after-sex-pee,
    First a no-show, then Gundam. I swear, this fella's relentless,
    Truth is: a record like yours is the reason this league failed to begin with,
    Wack fuck. A few more weeks until I marry the throne,
    So to beat Q... fuck a gem, he’d have to drop Sierra Leone,
    Claiming he’s fierce, but sounding more like a calm slumber,
    I’ve Ben Savage.. Wind's only been close to it like Shawn Hunter,
    Plus, his chances to win are passing with each moment,
    League’ll wake up on the wrong side of the bed… right after they sleep on him,

    v. Wordp1ay/W [Grudge]


    We see the bulge.. so no denying it, fag,
    This match is a joke for me, but for him?.. a quick reply to the ad,
    Matter fact, this bitch’ll get dealt chuckles,
    Cos if that is his dick.. women’d do better to sit on the belt buckle,
    Plus no noggin’ is meaner,
    Such a big dome.. it could’ve hosted every refugee of Gustav and Katrina,
    ..But there’s no debate that we’re dumb,
    Cos what we thought was nighttime.. is his head blocking the rays of the sun,
    And I bet he could form a group or something and sell,
    Headline would be: The One Man K-Ci & JoJo, Now Performing Ugly-As-Hell!,
    Plus, my shit’s cashmere.. how the fuck is this lame fly?
    When his tag reads.. “Even I don’t know who the fuck I was made by,”
    ..So sucker, ya style is the flaw,
    Word copped that fit from one of those Asian-owned carts parked in the aisles of the mall,
    Makes sense though, and looks great with the rest,
    But how the fuck he find such a no-name fit to coordinate with his rep?,
    Big ass shades, but who’s dressing this mate?
    Next time find a sufficient size to block the rest of ya face,
    See, this fucker hollered and Q ain’t a duck or dodger,
    But put me down, how?.. when he still struggles to tackle that fucking collar,
    And fuck the picture, this punk’s weak,
    He’ll make history.. as the first nigga to lose 3 matches in 1 week.. in 1 league,
    Pfft. Matter fact, just retire the name,
    Cos Word sucks so much.. my baby decided pacifiers were lame,
    Stupid nigga.
  3. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    v. Muffffy/L

    ^Look, this nigga is worthless,
    The harshest shit Muff’s ever dropped was criticism for verses,
    And of course we all laughed, but now it stops,
    Muff’s so not Funnie, he could pass for Doug’s enemy.. Roger Klotz,
    While Q posts with a flow so stylish, he stresses to duplicate,
    But Mufffffffff couldn't drop class no matter how many F’s he accumulates,
    So respect? Na, he’s a liar.. a bluff,
    My 3 month old daughter could raise her big ass head up higher than Muff,
    Plus, girls say he lights the usual candle,
    ..But Muff out playing the Field is a Trip the Magic School Bus'd cancel,
    Talking ‘bout a War on Drugs.. pfft, it’s apparently done,
    Cos the day Muff became DOHpe was the day when we declared that we won,
    See they were rollin.. but he's hurting the progress,
    Biggie made DOHpe cool.. now parents thank Muffy for reversing the process,
    A hot mess; Muff joining was an act of disgrace,
    Sucking Deion’s dick to the point that Pilar Biggers sued for half the estate,
    Coming off 3 easy wins, now he try’na talk it out,
    Ms. Daisy saw his weak vehicle for success and decided to walk it out,
    And I see his record’s reset, though it sticks to this faggot,
    Like we could begin to forget about Calibre, Drugs, Medichi, Strikta or Magus,
    Switched his swag too.. try’na be cool and repair his image,
    Even bought Love/Hate to play The-Dream.. since this nigga could never live it,
    And man, I still can’t see how skill relates to this bastard,
    When Muff couldn’t find NE talent.. holding auditions in the state of Nebraska,
    Now I'm betting he's pacing and sweating from facing a legend,
    Cos after I exercise my writes.. this workout’ll be his occupational exit,
    Plus, his career has been everything short of a promise,
    Such a weak buzz following Muff, the Queen Bee'll put him up for adoption,
    So pussy nigga, better think of a plan to oppose,
    Cos a soft Muff’s only useful for warming up my upper hand in the cold,

    v. Eternalpath/W

    Odds are Q’ll win, but then there’s luck and there’s chance,
    Though a BUTT that big and Sir-Mix-A-Lot’ll nut in his pants,
    Bet she'll say that I killed the cat as if I'd mention this brawl,
    Cos with this pussy?.. I'm red-handed, but no skills were involved,
    ^Tried to counter her played shit, but it's worthless to stop it,
    When it'd take more than my whole entire verse to accomplish,
    Just filler and nonsense, her choice of tone is rambunctious,
    Caught the Gingerbread Man before I ever caught on to her punches,
    Plus she’s not a threat, so saying E’s fire is stupid and odd,
    Cos if she’s flames, no wonder firemen are losing their jobs,
    See my shit's hot, so Q'll win after making this bitch stop,
    Her 3-6'll be so real.. even backpackers'll say that its hip-hop,
    & yea I lost to Muff, but her record?.. it’s a tragedy boss,
    With that weak trail.. Hansel and Gretel’d rather be lost,
    In battle she's soft. Listen, she could be cute or a real hottie,
    But still.. only one ever feeling E-P is Tha REAL's potty,
    & iPods are dope, so we oughta cut some slack to this fool,
    Cos EP is dumb <-- But if we knew it then.. 8-tracks’d be cool,
    And after this match, I suggest she pray to God for removal,
    Cos I’ll chop this head til Bart Simpson’s stylist nods in approval,
    So foolish hoe, why unwrap the story of a stupid joke..,
    When tabloids'll attract more attention exploring Bazooka Joe?,
    & speaking of gum, EP’s dumbass’ll cry when her Mom calls,
    Cos a penny for her thoughts.. and she's 25¢ shy of a Gum Ball,
    Even the body of her verses can’t spark a hardened erection,
    So fuck shaping up, E’d have to shape in every cardinal direction,
    God's child? Well, black men should feel empowered and loved,
    Cos the traits of a deadbeat Dad were handed down from above,
    First Jai and now EP, both got me easing the itching,
    Washin my dick so my wife don't find out how I'm beatin these bitches,
    ..I'm finished.

    v. Jai-Z/W [Grudge]





    Jai’s apparently ugly as fuck so it’s no use to defend it,
    Lookin like Wesley Snipes slash Beetle Juice with extensions,
    ^& no way both pics are you. I don’t care what you say hoe,
    If Pavlik had such a crazy combo, he would’ve won by a K.O.,
    Seriously, that ain’t ya pic. Just quit the lie and confess,
    No camera flash’ll make ya black ass bright as her flesh,
    Best possible guess is that’s a chick you had at ya place,
    And the scar is your hand's print after grabbing her waist,
    Told her to step up her work and she’s returning with this?,
    Guess she fired the head of the body way it’s burnt to a crisp,
    With that fake thug appeal, but there'll be no trouble beau,
    Jai got the heart of a soldier and the face of a P.O.W.,
    Plus, if fags aren’t born gay then take a look at her pic,
    Cos since birth, no man has ever dared to look at this bitch,
    So when she lost to Area51, I thought I'd die in my tears,
    Cos this fucking alien is what 51's been hiding for years,
    Big, bug-eyed faggot. Bet they’ll laugh when I’m done,
    Jai look like an ant.. under a magnifying glass in the sun,
    It’s fact that I’ve won and her looks’ll stress it the same,
    The way she plays Butch.. Paul Newman’s death was in vain,
    So get with the rest of the lames or witness the action,
    It’ll be like jelly beans the way nobody’s picking the black one,
    And I thought she'd learn from Word, but this cunt's weak,
    Now she's the second to lose 3 matches in 1 week.. in 1 league,
    Should’ve never slept on Q, now your demise is charted,
    As the next black to have a dream and die surprised since Martin.
  4. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    v. coil grimely/W

    Coil? Man, your text is offending me,
    ..Cos how dare you name yourself after your sexual tendencies?
    Faggot, I’m super straight and this battle is child’s play,
    When your Low Is.. enough to make Clark Kent a new proud gay,
    & Coil undefeated?.. Pfft, this man is a teaser,
    He’s so wack.. they’ll see this match and I’ll be brand as a cheater,
    Blah, blah, blah.. nobody hears a word that you spit,
    RBL Archives
    ^& I’m not saying you bit a line.. but I'm encouraging it,
    At least flip or do something, cos no verse is nearly as poor,
    Got Barnum & Bailey wishing they had set-ups as silly as yours,
    With a punch every 15 lines and hopes of stinging a legend,
    The way he swings at heir.. could overthrow a kingdom in seconds,
    ..Two notches under his belt and he still doesn’t seem tough,
    Since that record.. will only prove E right that the league sucks,
    Nigga steady tryin’ to pull a Muff.. but see, I’m slaying this rookie,
    So Coil successfully pulling tricks just means he’s paying for pussy,
    Thought he'd rush me with 50 lines while in my healthiest state,
    With such a weak charge.. I chose to represent myself in the case,
    Lame ass nigga. If that’s all your fury then in brawling you fail,
    The only thing you can unleash.. is born with furry paws and a tail,
    Plus if that’s your secret weapon, then listen.. “Goodbye nigga,”
    Cos those true colors.. only mean that your itching to dye quicker,
    Saying I’m Married With Children.. you just fed my morale, dummy,
    Cos you couldn’t play me.. as Bud, Kelly, Peggy, or Al Bundy,
    Even stopped watching porn with the way that this brother suffers,
    Cos MILF ain’t real, when all I hear is he’s fake as a Mother Fucker,
    Wack ass verse.. but I guess stretched bars are this fag’s weapon,
    With lines so long and dull.. Tom Brokav’ll cut to the last question,
    & Q ain't half the man that you are <-- I’m inclined to promote it,
    ..But only because I beat that ass with half the lines that you posted,

    v. EarlLeeGraves/W

    But Earl? I'm really doubting this kid,
    Cos if he EVER had a Hot Punch.. he left it out of the fridge,
    Ooh got ‘em scared to post a picture, but it’s prolly a waste,
    Cos it’s hard to face the problem.. when the problem’s his face,
    It’s better though, cos I assume that this hoe’s skinny,
    & Even if pictures added weight.. it don’t mean that he holds any,
    Wack fuck used to be 3 and 5, but now he’s boasting.. so first,
    ..Know that all 3 opponents he’d beaten never posted a verse,
    Even loss to T.a.C & Wordp1ay, so I ain’t stressing this nerd,
    Cos E’s clout is a Mr. E <-- & that’s all the respect he deserves,
    Hurry, quick! Go sign the fuck out so we can grab the Bacardi,
    Cos no Pussy’s pulled a better Trick since at my Bachelor Party,
    Now he's supposed to be undefeated.. look, this dude is a mess,
    If it’s a Dog Eat Dog World.. Milo is chewing his best,
    & If he thinks he’s kinda cool, he must be out of his mind,
    Cos this White Square’s one step away from Excel 2009,
    Tried to be gangsta though, but I know it must trouble you,
    Knowing you play a dumb G better than John Brolin from W.,
    Truth is.. he’s terrible at text and its no struggle to hide it,
    Such a promising laughing stock.. even Warren Buffet’ll buy it,
    For real though.. this match is the funniest bout,
    Cos E sucks to the point.. & we hope it cuts the tongue out his mouth,
    & Fuck a Rising Star, McCain should just quit and endure life,
    Cos if E’s the New Direction.. votes’ll Turn Blue quicker than Coor’s Light,
    Now that's a Change I Can Believe.. cos this hoax is a lie,
    E’s so narrow minded...
    ..He could peer through a keyhole with both of his eyes,
    And I heard he’s got a bitch, but her emotions are wrecked,
    Since the only time Elixir.. is after the magic potion’s effect,
    Just face it.. cos there’s no need to hide a habit you crave,
    ..Like watching gays chisel the way we see the faggot Engrave,
    & Fuck respect.. I'll keep attacking your clout,
    Since a temper's the only thing you'll lose and still keep after this bout,
    & Fuck that stay at home dad shit.. E, the fact isn't new,
    So there goes every ill personal you thought you had against Q,
    Plus, you should get to know me 'fore believing those quotes,
    For starters...
    My favorite black film: Cornbread, Earl, & Me.. eating 'em both,
    & I question your rep, even my enemy pledged to denounce it,
    Oneduh cried "Q Pushy!".. over the steepest edge of a mountain,
    ^Now That’s 38 throwaways, but still I’m sticking this maggot,
    So just imagine how much Manure stuff’d Shit on this faggot,

    v. Muffffy/W


    Ok, Well...
    If Jai-Z's fine as hell and makes the pussy wet as can be,
    ^That's the same day critics'll say that Muffy's better than me,
    The way her crusty ass looks, its almost sad to remember it,
    That picture's FUGLY!.. but nowhere near as bad as his images,
    So if painting picture’s his road to win, then no visual’s decent,
    Cos every Van Gogh’s straight to a wall like His original pieces,
    Bad Wording + Wack Punches. Your style is certainly crazy,
    Whoever bought that Bad Formula.. must've murdered their baby,
    & With that Calibre of skill, how the fuck is this lame conceited?
    Up for People's Champ.. but lost to the nigga who claims to be it,
    Used to wonder why it was 'DOH-PE', now its so plain that its foolish,
    It's just the pronunciation for ^DOPEY.. another way to say Stupid,
    But man, this nigga's so efficient with disses, I oughta laugh,
    ..Mentions My Wife & Kids so much, Damon mailed him an autograph,
    ^Q's calling his angle, and yea I'm known to clown with the best,
    But the way his Bars Suck, I thought I'd Work The Counter to help,
    So it’s ‘Muff-E’.. a perfect fit, but I’m sure that this hoe knew it,
    ..Pussy plus ^the Pill she'll have to take before he gets close to it,
    & If it’s a toss between Q and Muff then this suck'a is nervous,
    Cos they’ll Drop Fy’s quicker than any Excellent Customer Service,
  5. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    v. -Sephiroth- & Muffffy/L

    LOL. Neither of you belong here.

    Look, this ain't Heavy Competition, even to mention it's odd,
    Cos if that's all Yahweh, then I question the existence of God,
    Yea Cav was Dough, Oneduh, & Magus, so the quest is complete,
    Now you 2 in a champ match is the last mystery left in this league,
    Better be good, but these fags cheat so I'm sure it's a sad feat,
    Beating Seph who lost to Serv and Muff who lost to me last week,
    Both pulling stunts to win, performing tricks to make fool's proud,
    & Being a hotshot's the only time they ever fit in with a cool crowd,
    But I can't say that I'm proud to win since it's awful I'm in this shit,
    Against competition that makes Cal's title look ALMOST legitimate,
    See, both Failed to reach the top, but I call that cheating to win,
    & It's no surprise when both these faggots fail to reach it again,

    So Muff still huffing bout hiding stuff, but now I’m grinning inside,
    Cos he could be open as fuck and I’ll still leave my size 10 in his Hide,
    First the daddy jokes and now this, but his direction is worthless,
    When even Cheap Notebooks offer more Subjects than his verses,
    & His sex life? I bet it gets scary,
    Cos In bed, Muff's known to MOUNTain Rock like a Metamorphic, Igneous, or Sedimentary,
    It’s not hard, Short Setup + Forced Punch; the shit is easy to write,
    ..Hard part is using that style and then actually believing you’re nice,
    Fuck it, I don’t even have to read to declare that it’s slaughter,
    Cos I see his Simple Wordplay.. in the same Daycare as my Daughter,
    So you could have the best intentions when you write, but its true,
    That whatever you Mean.. on Average, I’m still much nicer than you,

    & Seph,
    It’s YOUR, stupid. But YOU’RE stupid; it’s not a hard connection,
    That Sorry Wording deserves its own Hallmark Card Collection,
    But you can keep adding Apostrophes; it’s just a mini-distraction,
    Cos your lines still manage to Force Out More than any Contraction,
    Plus, your lines don’t even connect, I suggest you retreat and quit,
    The Jedi Retired, cos the way you Force is enough to defeat the Sith,
    & All your Concepts look Familiar, but I bet you’re happy at first,
    Since each Striking Resemblance hits harder than your actual verse,
    Bar for bar, each line is flipped from what was authored before,
    Repeat 'Rhymes so much, we'll call you the Spliff Star of the board,
    & So what if you champed the league when its occurrence was late?
    I champed this bitch in '01, '2 AND '3.. you champed in early '08,
    Thought I’d mention I’m from Chicago, since I doubt that you know,
    Even the Windy City fails to compete with the amount that you Blow,
    There’s no chance of you stealing this win, nobody’s buying your crap,
    I’ll turn this small time crook into a Wise Guy ..still trying to rap?

    v. Minfinity/W

    ROFLMFAOOL @ this nigga.

    Now I fear that it’s over,
    Cos whatever Temp he works with’ll quit before the probation periods over,
    Kennedy curse? Look, the nigga is dead,
    But with your weak shots, John wishes you would've pulled the trigger instead,
    & Last week just proves you suck with a written,
    If you call that a run, I’ll Deter’Min without ever coming to a fucking decision,
    So it’s Min + Finity, I guess that matches the case,
    Since at any given moment, a bunch of Min Fini'ty bag this fag in his face,
    Look, the fact is he’s the weakest,
    Funny how Min’i’stir trouble in every match, but fail to practice what he preaches,
    & Fuck all the gunplay, this nigga’s bugging,
    Cos the only time he pulls out is when his dick’s too limp to finish fucking,
    All that talk is just an earnest mistake,
    I swear the day this nigga mouth off, I vow to never let it return to his face,
    & That ego is awfully pleasant,
    Cos you got beside yourself, after I told you to watch how you talk to a legend,
    Fucking faggot.

    v. Diso./W

    But ok...
    ^...Such silly ambitions, especially considering what this idiot’s dishing,
    But props on mentioning Mag more than it’ll mention you in any edition,
    & It’s fitting with how his nickname is such a repetitive norm,
    Cos when Dis’ is ahead.. whatever follows is in negative form,
    I’ve weathered the storm, so I suggest that you don’t even come near me,
    Cos if that’s proving yourself, then we were better off believing the theory,
    But for real, is that it? Cos I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dumber finale,
    If being bad is cool, your mean wording could ease the summers in Cali,
    I never even read past the first line, cos what he’s saying is dull,
    I just hope he kicks rocks after kicking those ribcages and skulls,
    & Save the drama, ^that shit is hardly worth proceeding to cry,
    You call it feeding, but I call it 'you suck too much for me to waste lines',
  6. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    v. Jai-Z/W [Grudge]

    LOL, reminds me of that Jeepers Creepers song.

    Blah, blah, blah; I refuse to try hard against this joke for a prize,
    So if I drop a bomb, its cos she looks like a cockroach in disguise,
    But I don’t doubt you carry weight since that’s the closest surmise,
    Plus, you the first human ever with bags under AND over her eyes,
    & Listen, fuck the Christmas cheer or Santa’s sleigh being near,
    Cos those bags better have gifts for EVERY holiday of the year,
    & They say eyes are bigger than stomachs, so we’ll call her a savage,
    Cos with those vicious peepers, her hunger’s still larger than average,
    You’d have to see it to believe it, < that’s such a big disadvantage,
    Cos if they open wide, she’ll be the most gullible bitch on the planet,
    & Even below those big ass eyes, there’s nothing fine to attract,
    Such huge smackers, when I look at her lipids a reminder of fat,
    Bitch, you hardly even rhyme, while it’s fact that my game is tight,
    So yea I lost twice to Muff, but you lost to T.a.C and PERTAiN2LiFE,
    & Goon lost cos he thought you were male; it’s the reason I doubt,
    Cos with that logic, bitch, you should be undefeated by now,
    & Man, please put a stop to that Daddy shit so I can sigh in relief,
    Cos Jai calling me Dad, implies that I’m the man she’s trying to be,
    Plus, fuck Wesley Snipes; Look, this shit is not complex to expose,
    ....You look like Revanon slash Beetle Juice striking a sexual pose,

    [​IMG] + [​IMG]

    LOL. Beetle Snipes is old. It's Revajuice or Beetlenon now. Your pick.

    v. Tristan./W

    So he beat Seph cos of a bitch move, but I’m so great in my stance,
    That he’ll need the entire female population to relocate for a chance,
    No shaking of hands, this nigga’s wack.. the way he sucks is unruly,
    Plus, everything Tristan Drops Isolde like they broke up in the movie,
    So there’s nothing surprising, verse so dry we won’t be able to scream,
    Cos in concepts, T-2000 like he’s chasing Schwarzenegger on screen,
    Schooling this boy, and if this were real then I’m sure that he’d prolly dip,
    Or rather pray and get tuition quicker than students with scholarships,
    & American jobs? I’m so shocked at the losses,
    But with how poor applies to this chump...
    Bet we’ll bounce back before Barack is in office,
    He’s dropping the softest, yo I swear this nigga’s more than a bitch,
    So if he don’t play that shit, ‘that shit’ must be a co-ed sporting event,

    v. Abilify/W [Grudge]


    Yea I love money, but fuck the riches if he’s running his mouth,
    Cos I wouldn’t care about Abilify saw a million lying under my couch,
    I checked it out and you’re not a threat, so you winning’s deceiving,
    Only time A’Bil got a head to go down, led to Clinton’s impeachment,
    Keeps talking all that Urkel shit, when this punk is the deeper image,
    ..Looking like Steve’s machine must’ve malfunctioned when he was in it,
    Plus, I admitted I had a baby, now I’m exposing this fake,
    Please tell us how you got that baby powder smeared all over your face,
    Pale-faced nigga, your name's not fitting what we find on the page,
    So for alias number three, you should just register Albino-With-Braids,
    Cops saw him and gave him a badge, so now this bitch is a pro,
    First task was to end the war on drugs with one quick sniff of his nose,
    Man, just look at the size of that thing; this foolish pic is depressing,
    Fuck the Rock, that thing could sniff out Medusa’s kitchen in seconds,
    & I’ve heard of active listening, but those things are very disgusting,
    Ears so big that he warms up and stretches before every discussion,
    & With those ugly ass cornrows, farmers are able to chill,
    Cos they no longer have to scare the crows away from their fields,
    So FUCK a Welcome to the Bay, nobody’s loving your set,
    After you take it off, I just hope it welcomes you to Russian roulette,

    v. Muffffy/W

    Listen faggot,
    Our structure's the same, 'cept my finish is never off,
    While you make us go long with every other line, yet your disses are never caught,
    Whatever boss, it’s ’08 and now this nigga is royalty?
    In my time there was Nate, Psylence, and Epi, in yours.. T.a.C, Xquisite, and Coil G.,
    Heard he goes by Father Muff, but I’d hate to be his father cos listen,
    The world ain’t seen a Gene Wilder with lines since Willy Wonka auditions,
    We even had a site match, so this heathen was 'bout to rep it,
    But RM saw Muff and pulled out the pussy quicker than a penis without protection,
    & I know you’re pissed, but there’s no sense in harboring grief,
    Still, how you not make the roster when you’re the one who started the beef?
    Yo real talk, Muffy is Nothing.. just a fag with a belt,
    & If Fantasia knew this ^^ they wouldn’t need Atreyu and Sebastian for help,
    Went 5-4 before resetting, so there's reason to lie,
    Cos in that Walk to Remember, Mandy Moore won't need diseases to die,
    & Now he claims to be fresh, but yet I hesitate to believe it,
    Only time Muff follows nobody, is when his reputation precedes him,
    Still, he talks about a new style as if he’s trying to do it,
    But what’s new about it if we knew about it way before he decided to use it?
    & That acting brand new is ‘bout to get ya body rocked,
    Muff's just a fake Fracture, rockin' a Popsicle stick splint and a lolli-pop,
  7. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    v. John Hensley/L

  8. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    v. Fracture/T

    ionmiketyson: when you think you could be ready
    ionmiketyson: im writing now
    ionmiketyson: tired of people waiting til deadline

    Nigga calm down and declare a role, switching up is unfair to most,
    You can't be both a legend AND an obnoxious faggot who’s scared to post,
    & I’ll spare a joke about USER carrying TRE, cos I doubt it’s severe,
    Since you’ve always been carried by a username throughout your career,
    Frac’s made it his job to wear out scrubs like most hospital nurses,
    So it only makes sense that now he’d need someone to doctor his verses,
    Used to be wack as fuck as T~R~E and now this child’s on the throne,
    Yea Frac received overnight success.. by shipping Resin’s style to his home,
    I can picture T~R~E now, ferociously planning for fame like an idiot,
    “I’ll just take Richard Corey’s lines, Resin’s style, and then claim I invented it!”
    Plus he always mentions pussy, but I hear that he’s hardly touched,
    If a bitch shouts ‘Oh Tre!’ it’s cos I asked Oneduh what year did you start to suck,
    I’m hard as fuck to defeat, so nobody’s supporting this whiny punk,
    Cos Fracture’ll need to work Magic for the win better than Jordan in ’91,
    & I bet they'll arrest me after his verse, I guess he ended my luck,
    Cos he'll scream rape so much, they’ll believe him over the bitch that I fucked,

    v. Rizpy/L

  9. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    v. Yung Troy/W

    03/2008 Yung Troy 4-4
    Resets Record
    07/2008 Yung Troy 4-7
    Resets Record
    08/2008 Yung Troy 0-3
    Resets Record
    09/2008 Yung Troy 0-2
    Resets Record
    12/2008 Yung Troy 4-7
    Resets Record
    03/2009 Yung Troy 4-4
    Coming Soon

    Thought he had a design to win, but it’s nothing to beat it,
    I’ll leave him lying on that same Décor.. in the dirt underneath it,
    We’ve all seen the classic film, so I’ll just skip to the truth,
    You’ll take shots at Q, then fall from the top like Bishop in Juice,
    Sometimes I mention who I’ve beaten since its nothing to quote,
    Then say, “While you lost to...,” but you're the butt of the joke,
    Boasting a whopping 16-25, and now he schemes for the belt,
    Calling on 0-0 so much, M was forced to fight for England herself,
    Nigga you reset it 5X, then wonder why you're never a beast,
    Even retards know that if you scratch it, then the record repeats,
    Plus he calls himself The Lyrical King, but its useless to hype,
    When Troy’s only true Palace.. the keyboard that he uses to type,
    Lame ass nigga, fronting like any legend’s doubting my deeds,
    But they’re not a legend if they talk to Troy outside of the league,
    And fuck that Tyra Banks shit, nobody’s really impressed,
    When the only thing this Model Pose is a legitimate threat,
    Please fucking listen, ^ that concept wasn’t even up for dissing,
    I just rewrote it to help prove that he even sucks at flipping,
    With all those corny Q puns, you’ve made it easy to murk,
    If they all used it and lost, the fuck made you think it’d work?
    Like, “I’ve got it!! Barb-A-Q. They’ll say it’s such a clever quote!”
    Yea, and Revanon’s young with light brown skin and never chokes,
    And as for my family, you should never try to sneak in a diss,
    In 24, Troy went from a wise guy to a, “Why’s guy even exist?”

    v. Kungfugrip/NSW


    The cameraman's got you hoping for death, damn,
    Must’ve been a Schick razor and Dove bar of soap in his left hand,
    With that rugged scruff, but we should be happy I guess,
    Just imagine if those men never tried to pull him back from that desk,
    Whatever the case, something's got this nerd shook,
    He's got the "I can't believe I beat Fracture, but lost to Serge" look,
    Geez. Its just a loss, Kung, no sense in feeling like Hell,
    Got that Tom Hanks from Castaway swag except his Wilson's a Dell,
    Sporting such an angry stare, but this child isn't mean,
    He's prolly got 10 different tabs of Serge's User Profile on his screen,
    Bet he grew it out with no intent of cutting it up,
    As if already hiding behind the shadow of Fracture wasn’t enough,
    Ever since he beat Frac, he's been deep in them guts,
    Kung's the only nigga to defeat a legend AND THEN cling to his nuts,
    Must be real love though, cos these faggots are hype,
    Growing a Rapunzel so Frac can stop using Serge's ladder at night,
    With his mouth shut tight as fuck, what a hot mess,
    Hell I don't know whether to expect a Yoga Flame or just hot breath,
    And I know its hard to clown on such a thundering pose,
    But is that even a moustache, or is that a bat up under his nose?
    Guess he’s in it for the money, got his shit looking bad,
    Bruce Wayne must’ve paid millions to use his upper lip as an ad,
    Thought he held weight, but I’ll prove that his luck’s thin,
    Fuck a diet, if you trimmed that beard you’d be down to a buck ten,
    I mean look at that shit, its an excessively putrid 'do,
    Guess his Blade refuses to get close to the neck of a human too,
    But fuck a shape up, no blade could alter his skin,
    So I'll take my sombrero and Kung Lao that beard right off'a his chin,
    Just random patches of hair, it’s such an awful disgrace,
    Looks like he healed and ripped about ten bandages off’a his face,
    I couldn’t fathom touching that shit, is he even a man?
    Bet his hands get rug burned every time he gets a devious plan,
    Plus he got ate up in MM, but there’s no reason to hate,
    I mean, how could Serge resist with all that taco meat on his face,
    Nigga tried to pass it off as a beard, but deceit is thin,
    Shit looks more like a Cousin It cumshot to the cheeks and chin,
    If you can't picture it yet, then wait for the burn,
    Yo I just noticed his left eyebrow's still in the shape of the sperm,
    And he’s not a thug of any sort, but just look at his pose,
    Heard Jook got shot trying to catch that wicked crook in his nose,
    So banging a blue fitted explains the tough in his glance,
    Nose look like it tried to crip walk and then got stuck in the stance,
    But I hope there's some type of fest or its not cool,
    Cos you look like a lumberjack in an "I Want To Be Ghetto" costume,
    See most wiggers just act black, but his type's grim,
    Ain't bathed in so long that he almost looks like he's light-skinned,
    Nasty nigga. I mean seriously, Kung, the shit's atrocious,
    The lowest hygiene since Cyclops walked in on her kissing Logan,
    You dirty, greasy motherfucker, I should cop me a tray,
    Then fry chicken in the same sink water used for washing ya face,

    v. BronzeAtlas/W

    03/2008 BronzeAtlas 0-1
    Resets Record
    10/2008 BronzeAtlas 10-6
    Resets Record
    12/2008 BronzeAtlas 2-3
    Resets Record
    03/2009 BronzeAtlas 3-0
    Coming Soon


    It won’t take much for me to prove that you’re a bitch,
    Cos what Awk almost did in ten, you’ll fail to do in twenty-six,
    Must've worked hard to achieve that 15-10 << Yea, another lie,
    Cos you've only faced one vet, so please explain those other 9,
    Always talking down to newbs like he’s a face with respect,
    But Bronze metal s'just what he does in conversations with vets,
    Say you're a special breed, but there’s no reason to panic,
    People like you don’t grow on trees, they just swing from the branches,
    Wack motherfucker, catch me relaxing with a blunt as a hobby,
    But I’ll only kick back, before proceeding to the front of your body,
    And I heard Kung’s scared of razors so no wonder his mane thickens,
    But Braun’s so dull, that he actually decided to shave with it,
    Look, I make women say my name whenever I hop in a bed,
    Last time a bitch screamed ‘OH, B!’.. Trice was shot in the head,
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