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  1. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    Name - Muffffy, Attack of the Muff, AOTM, Father Muff
    From - RM, B-Boys
    Crew - Dohpe
  2. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    v. Medichi/NSW


    The last time we battled I won popular vote..and you pmed a mod to dock votes because I upped the thread?


    I mean this guy is dumb if he thinks eyes are on him
    I dont have a Nasty opponent..thats just who he relies on to win.
    Listen..your slow on the jargon but the shit aint my concern
    Coz this medic aint 3 clicks closer to victory unless we talkin military terms.
    If he starts losing ..he folds..we all know this herbs feeble
    N nothing he says really Matters unless we apply the word fecal.
    Fuckin nerd. no pussy n damn its just hurtin
    Your better off blowing yourself up hopin Allah grants you a virgin
    Its your first week back..but your trash..so let it go
    Just know writers block ISNT an excuse when ya shit is wack in general.
    like 21 with moms..playin pc games lookin for action huh?
    Dude always plays the counterstrike'
    ..when mom doesnt make that sandwich fast enough

    v. DaTrusHurtz/NSW

    I know champin RM had you like "My game soo tight!"
    When that short run' you had lasted as long as Usain Bolt's hype
    Listen. ill dismantle ya jaw..get struck to the canvas n fall
    How u name yourself Trushurts when you never inflict damage at all?
    Faggot. battlin muff seems as if you lost ya luck
    Chances slimmer than a monopoly game that was LONG as fuck
    N yea i know my records fuckd up so stop the bitchin
    Q put that there..coz the idea of me losing to you is nonexistant
    Plus if you bring ya bitch around? know im takin it rookie
    No Duke legends involved when Im stayin up Laettner pussy
    After that i send her to go make me some cookies
    N to wash it down..she gargles cum till she sound like she imitatin a wookie
    Damn. you > me? STOP FIBBIN..i authored ya style
    Thats such a Bad Eli'..Bristol Palin admitted the blk guy fathered her child
    Plus you dont even come to mind in terms of hard rhymes
    I have no wreck-collection of it..< n thats what you did to the archives.

    v. Morphus/W

    You suck ridiculous..whoever told u otherwise done lied to you
    Wack fuck..I coudnt catch an L even IF I tried to lose
    You get no ass..you couldnt tempt a bitch n set her off
    Coz Mystique from Xmen the only bitch I know that MetaMorph
    Listen. my names is joke..but ur shit is just bogus
    N ill be damned if I lose to one of Godzilla's opponents
    Better no show..coz ya rhymes is dumb gay
    N ima eat Mor' like my nigga Deon at the Buffet
    Come on q..this broad is just worse
    Call it the Battle of Midway..im FIGHTIN to make it that far in his verse
    No career..frontin like a producer for no reason at all
    When he only reachin for samples orderin chinese at the mall
    N your bitch? i wouldnt touch her coz the gift is immunity
    and the fact that she got Hermit crabs that ACTUALLY live in communties
    Morph means to change physically..ok thats a slight assumption
    So if thats the case that zero in ur loss collumn's obtaining liposuction
    Plus noone likes your vague concepts quite simply
    You left your mark in this league..n its to the left of your right shift key

    v. Quriosity/W

    shut yo stay home daddy ass up


    You disgrace men..this nanny makes me fuckin sick
    How is moderating your ONLY job..yet u still manage to suck at it
    And ur a RSTL head homie..so just give it up
    N go back to where you came from and write poems about a winter's gust
    And in even in THAT league..you shit's just boring
    Your just a less talented..less charismatic version of Richard Corey
    You extended the deadine because of the debate..thats preposterous
    Knowin damn well stay home fatherhood isnt involved in Obama's politics
    This nanny up cleanin up collumns of legos
    Plastic Cauldrons n Kettles
    Wishin he could go outside and frolick in meadows
    N Your imprisonment is surely a tale that is sad
    But fuck it..that isolation produces One helluva mag
    Q stays up late nights at his comp like "yo, my text ill"
    Throws a fist pump and dumps a cookie into breastmilk
    Ill leave this fool played who cares this dude says
    Ape-run aint Q joggin..its what he wears preparin the kool-aid
    Q,Voltron, OMFG whats next from this sly caper
    But who signs into the league named as their wives favorite vibrator
    I mean you dont take wifey to the movies..knowin all i wud do for you
    She saw Grapes of Wrath when I teabagged her face harder than usual
    Mufucka. beefin wit me? is nothin to mention son
    Or ill titan' a cord around ya fuckin neck with the strength of one
    Qur is 3-0 and its nuts to see it
    U know where Quriosity really springs from?
    People wonderin how the fuck your Undefeated
    Scrap? physically this fuckin kid is a luncheon
    He'll be missin teeth sorta like a zipper malfunction
    N if we hung out? hed want to buy party games like a fuckn fag
    Why buy Twister? your verse manfests one from the sheer amount of suck it has
    Better go with LifeLock..these hackers out here are nuts n bad
    Gotta protect yourself from identity theft..the one YOU STOLE is up for grabs

    v. Servical/L

    Ditch the alias...fuck your feelings tard
    Coz i doubt we would know you if you told us who you really are
    Startin wit me? ill get everybody here to acknowledge you weak
    Coz we all know you Soft Serv' like Ice cream at All-You-Can eats
    But who are you really? i dont want to amp this geek
    I think I know who you are! McDefinitelyNotFacinTheChampNextWee k
    I bury lames..I win? thats what the jury claims
    While you couldnt have any stand-out lines donating water after hurricanes
    Throw hands? hah you know this dude's special
    He a lil scrappy'..n he still runs from dogs the size of scooby doo's nephew
    You spit flames? your a fuckin liar so disperse fraud
    Coz Prometheus couldnt even fuckin find fire in that verse dawg.
    Fuckin lame.. i know its hurtin dude
    That you named yourself after a reproductive area that never heard of you
    SHort setups n stretched punches...your shits weak
    Shuda posted ur verse..thats enuff extension to last both of us for SIX WEEKS
    Thinkin you safe..livin your life in euphoria
    WHen we ask you whats in your wallet..you wont see any vikings or warriors
    So match this bitch..anything you drop is wack as shit
    After this? youll see a Pissed Serv that would make John Mcenroe look Pacifist.
  3. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    v. xX_NASTY_Xx/NSW

    LOL@ this observation lil dweeb
    That your verses managed to be worse than your moderation of this league
    No show verse but fuck it..this kid is just gay
    A fuckin queer obsessed w/ how many posts he could get in a day
    And if ur nuts...then my vocals castratin...
    Coz u make the fuckin Corp look like a chain of local gas stations
    Hah. so how this mexiCANT wanna battle with me?
    Bitch go get dressed for your reinnactment of the Alamo Siege
    U dont have a chance in hell..n ima prove it mayne
    When your greatest WIN was a fuckin TIE against Username.
    N to close this heres a serenade
    Hoooooooooome Hoooooooome on the range
    where the deer,nasty's chidren and the antelope plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

    v. ILL Cyndicate/W

    Umm two things before I get rid of you
    1: Either you cant spell or 2. you thought spelling ya name like that was original.
    Compare me to you? its obvious im the best, ock
    Coz ya style screams Noob' like when you get killed playin ya xbox
    Syndicate? u wanna be al capone.. n live a life thats raw?
    When only time you made Moonshine'..is when u hoped god turned ya nightlights on?
    U aint ahead of your time so just stop it you fruit
    Ya rhymes arent Outdating'..n they seem to hav suttin in common with you.
    Alot of things amaze me. like how the superdomes so tall
    N how neggas put ILL' in their name when they blow balls
    Gassed up..when you should be losin frequently kid
    U aint a legend' cept on the map to tell us where easy st is.
    U not real.. so quit with the threats plz
    Ya life never been in Jeopardy' unless the category was Homosexual Netcees

    v. Quriosity/L

    The reason your not up for awards is not astronomy prick
    Coz if WACKEST was one of the categories youd be a nominee bitch
    Listen. your a mod..a lame one..but i cant ignore ya place
    You only have the tools of the trade due to ya fanny pack's extra storage space
    Maaaaaaan your succesful..im just being honest
    The first dude I know to get a degree in HouseNiggaNomics
    So say what you want..i know this shabby broad is just scared
    Who wouldnt see a Good Year'..bringin in his raggedy car for repairs.
    N if he EVER says hes nice..well plz shoot him
    Coz hes about as Impressive as a Flea's footprint
    So what you like the falcons doesnt concern me herb
    Your nights consist of fig newtons and doing the dirty bird
    I have my own style so dont act like you know me you whore
    How the fuck you steal Butlers flow but never managed to show me the door?

    v. Sephiroth & Quriosity/W

    20 to Q

    If seph or muff drop 40 each n dont even produce dope
    If my calculations are correct
    Q'll need 76 lines just to win by 2 VOTES
    N now? hes all fair leavin the crook in the past
    This week he'll definitely need to "hide features" when im done whoopin his ass
    Truthfully...q's about as insignificant as a bread crumb in a salad
    Happy about winnin Best Mod when hes basically the only 1 on the ballot
    Conceptually? we all know this man's sour
    Q hasnt Dug into anything Progressive cept a old can of clam chowder
    N he been fell off..now im exposin the reference
    How you manage to be Washed Up waaaaaay before the bottle was known as a message
    His social life's ass..but online he likes to mingle yo
    Heard you ghostwrote for T.A.C last wk.
    Unfortunately you didnt get his ass a SINGLE VOTE
    Q happy about the extension n gets all excited n boasts
    Coz he knows on Saturdays people with LIVES are less likely to post
    I mean its a coooold world...it surely is nonsense
    N im sorry about your great grandma but whens the funeral for your concepts?
    Buzz aldrin and neil armstrong made history with a flight that was long
    Q did too...'twas a giant step for mankind when he set foot outside of his home
    And as far as votes nigga your not recievin the win
    Next time you "hide" your verses make sure their in a spot where we'll never see em again

    20 for seph

    Ol final fantasty playin...meter stick swingin in the mirror...c3po on halloween ass nigga <3

    Fuk outta hea..this lame is horseshit
    We know this SquareSoft'..ironically thats the developer that created the game he worships
    Im surpassin ya scriptures..who put ur wak ass in the picture
    Beat Muff? you must be more about that "Free Base" than Inaccurate Pitchers
    N honestly Role Playing Boy..your shit is hollow n tragic
    When I punch you in the face wont be a potion in your inventory to swallow you faggot
    You winnin? thats the grandest assumption
    Your not gettin a foothold' in this battle unless you give Q a pedicure to ban me or suttin
    U get money..hah thats some major garbage
    And if the Shoe Fits...then put that shit back on the shelf bitch coz u cant afford it
    I mean battlin wit me isnt fair to this wimp
    To get on my level would be a Quantum leap'..Daniel Craig's stuntman wudnt dare to attempt
    Upon lookin at ur user title I find it hard to write
    Coz GEOstigmatic..is nothing but a long ass nickname of the car u drive
    N ur chick? we laugh when ya girl comes through
    Just look at her Eisenhower' face looks like she been through World War 2
    N honestly the league deserves an apology
    With ya Epic Fail of being witty no wonder you dont display nething we Odyssey'
    And like that? its done child
    I have this win caged up' but you can go ahead n let your imagination run wild.
  4. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    v. I'm Deon/W

    BW..ItzaWrap..RB..GODDD damn theres no exceedin this vet
    Voted Best SiteHopper...the only lame registered to EVERY league on the net
    U think ull win? youz nothin to me.
    This match'll be a Rude Awakening like your titty slappin you while you adjust in ur sleep
    Plus if things went normally last wk..i wouldnt even have to mention this big lame
    Its clear '51 didnt show up...but if you guys wait a week itll be to the left of this kids name
    Deon's been washed up. so im relaxin as winner
    N Hes pushed his Prime enough just to realize noone cuts grass in the winter
    You frail with pens..ask any1 compared to Muff you trailin friend
    N I wouldn’t give you a High Five..in public..OR if I had to rate u from a scale to 10

    Ben Roflzberger how does Pudge manage?
    I wouldn’t like text either if it takes 15 yrs to unsuccessfully break out of above average
    Ill punch this misfit..I WON THIS piglet
    No textin after this month?
    Yea coz u work in the mall hearin kids tell u what they WANT 4 CHRISTMAS
    This kid is a bluff...youve won SOME matches but that shit was just luck
    Named yourself I'M DEON...but whos proud of being the guy that consistently sucks
    Entirely too happy about text makes it hard to believe that this bitch is tough
    Announcing "Hey Im the ONLY one who beat caveat1" ur also the only 1 that gives a fuck
    Your check in says postin Turkey Day..but noones seein this slob
    Knowin damn well theres no way in hell hes postin on a day theres eatin involved
    I remember you were like 0-2..now 5-1? thats sumthin tragic
    How u got your ass stomped by Gallactico n 4matt n reset ur record like nothin happened
    Turkey day was nice...ham roast n the obvious with lots of components
    Got alot to be thankful for...a full belly...wonderful friends..and even the easiest possible opponent
    Recruited Magus..and now i know its hurtin you dude
    I would at least think ud pick someone else so you'll no longer be "worst in the crew"
    After this beatin u chump ill have niggas that like you AGREEING you suck
    WHen it comes to free wins Degeneres' but aint Nooooooo way Hes Eatin The Muff

    v. magus./W

    Budging Muff? hah nigga Im not fearin ya art
    How you also name yourself Nick Nobody then try to say your lyrics are sharp?
    Maggie's approaching win records'..ppl sign in attemptin to send this punk packin
    One thing: when Oneduh signs out this week at least youll know WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED
    US marine corps eh?.. mad loyal to his sergeant too
    "Hell instead of testing for landmines with equipment..lets send this dumb ass walkin through"
    Best believe this loss'll make him taddle n pout
    I always wanted to Bring our Troops Home..but after that some faggots never get out of the house
    Prolly got kicked out of the corps...my my ridiculous
    That wasnt a Honorable Discharge..your just a nice guy with syphillis
    As far as that streak homie I might just end it.
    Mag's ego the size of a jumbo jet..but im showin him exits like the flight attendant
    I know you 12-0...ion give a fuck what you hear clown
    Coz you only joined DOHPE..to compensate what you HAVENT BEEN FOR YEARS NOW
    Ull prolly leave us after this like "whos that loyal?"
    And if you got nothin to prove Ima let your dental records do that for you
    Caveat= oneduh,magus n john..although you think u champin B
    Unlike YOU faggot I can acquire the title and defend it single handedly
    U win? not so simple u fraud
    Youve been flirtin with disaster for so long..this week the bitch finally decided to give u call
    I know the reality gotta be hurtin yknow
    The RBL's at an all time low ..Explanation: Magus 13-0
    This homo disses EVERYONE then swears hes on top of the world
    and As much time he spends in Hookups..you would think hed get a shot at a girl
    E the real called us M n M..but the pic he dropped had this dude con-fused
    ^^Mag's like "Id rather be the green one that poses like shes in Moulin Rouge"

    Lmfao @ heaters...ill calm down for this herbs sake
    But how do you EVEN FRONT like the word "mag" sounds like the word "make"?
    How can niggas EVER think I attempted duckin this goof
    Calibre's wp is forced due to an accent..so motherfucker whats your excuse?

    v. D.LOKE/W

    My flows robust..ur not winnin..not even prone to luck
    Ill try to keep my punches on the D.L..but its difficult when every1 KNOWS YOU SUCK
    I love the critcs plus Q got me facin humble bitches
    Who wouldnt be when their wins barely beat their losses in a race to double digits
    Oh noez d.loke! your wack its official
    My verse inspires chuckles..while your still tryin to figure out if they laughin at you or with you
    That record stinks.ummm this kid is a rookie
    I tell you what if you can remember every single person that beat you ill give you a cookie
    You sucked at 411 years ago..and you know it you fool!
    Mt.Everest grows an inch a yr..
    ^I think i finally found suttin that elevates slower than u
    And honestly guy? every1 knows your a fuckin loser
    D.Loke Up all night playin Battleship with himself like "Yo Man! You Sunk My Cruiser!"
    N yea My names a joke..but yours is really sorry whore
    Soundin like a San Andreas character who was just a lil too corny to make it to the drawing board
    You blow kid.so yea that shit is just vital
    You the type a nigga I forget when people ask me who ive beat after winnin the title
    Your makin the rbl look bad..so text? you need to stop it lame
    I would tell you to kick rocks but ur record already looks like a 15 hr soccer game
    Matter a fact? Scratch that^ Niggas know your a busta
    When Q takes his vacation you and him can go shoot a couple holes in Augusta
    N back to your bit at 411?..i bet you thought u were doin swell n just fine
    One thing: you never champed! and umm there were more than 3 belts at a time
    Oh you dont like the vets? why? coz im the nicest yet?
    And they wont give you the nod..their tellin the guy behind you to slice ya neck
    . You not homo? the evidence is in prior flings
    Your favorite sport is SkeetShooting..unfortunately your not the one doing the firing
    It sucks for him this faggot'lll get roasted at fuckin whim
    How you feed off E's verse n beat him by the ingrown hair on ya double chins?
    Ill fight this contender but someone needs to enlighten this fella
    If progress=slow process
    Explain why youve been the same wack fuck as long as I can remember?
  5. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    v. Quriosity/L

    Q? seriously ya lines are frail
    Beat me?
    Almost doesnt count..sorta like niggas tryin to remember how many times you failed
    If I were in question to get banned yo this kid'll persist
    Coz he knows he wouldnt have those losses if I didnt exist
    With a flick of my wrist you gone..niggas know that ya shit stinks

    ^If u wanna save yourself from embarrasment you better go with ya instincts

    Ur records good but your game's see through
    I'd be 14-2 too if I had 3 grudge matches every week AGAINST THE SAME PEOPLE
    U remember how i got this belt? that shit was nuts
    It was a 3 way with me You and Seph: Oh and your wackass DIDNT GET CONSIDERED ONCE
    he cant beat me. idc what this lame gon say
    Nigga Muff is hungry..but my tastebuds are tired of the same entree'
    Bitch my swags ill..your situation's hairy groupie
    Plus Quiriosity aint killin shit..cept some white bitches n scary movies
    How geek can you be...this faggot'll seek to achieve
    *signed out*
    "Maybe I can champ in my last week in the league?" (SIKE)
    Lmfao@ the old teenage rape acquittals..that shit was flamin
    Its funny how ppl called you a pedophile WAAAY before we heard that information
    I was like "damn he does look like a rape face,cabbage patch"
    Weirdface lookin Motherfucker touchin more kids than santa's lap
    But thats just me.
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