RBL Champion: John Hensley

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  1. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    Name - John Hensley, J.Hens.
    From - RM, B-Boys
    Crew - DOHpe
  2. john hensley

    john hensley 7xRBL

    Mar 21, 2004
    v. Don Killa/W

    You make The Corporation wack.

    Read up. That's somethin I hope this bitch hears.
    Yea, Baron let you in.
    .. it's hard not havin sympathy for cats who ain't been dope for six years.
    Your nastiness is too much for any residence to handle.
    No joke, dudes face is in need of a cover up more than any presidential scandal.
    As far as needin wit goes, I nod off when i read this kids prose.
    Fuck childproof bottles. peepin his verses is the best method of keepin lids closed.
    You have a brain. But how can u not believe that this kid's a clown.
    Yeah, I see ya wheel's spinnin'... it's the only way quadriplegic's can get around.
    As far as bein a heterosexual, I scoff at his absent views.
    It's ironic you're the Don.. since ya known for makin dudes offer's they can't refuse.
    You bring everything around you down, but I won't follow the suction.
    Ya rank has such a tendency to Dip, manufacturers are increasing salsa production.
    Belong in a horror movie. so i gotta create harder hits to the head.
    Like zombies at mental hospitals, your bringin back retarded shit from the dead.
    Sorry, you struggle for concepts, I can be clever and not try.
    But I know your pen and pad's out and ready... for me to sign whenever I walk by.

    v. Rip Valentine/W

    Fuck his bitten shit. It's not even high class enough to quote.
    You say MY lines are heartless.. no wonder I'm gonna by-pass you in the votes.
    You're fake, and a bitch. I don't care what the label depicts.
    Forget childbirth. This is a pussy Rip anasthesia and surgery won't be able to fix.
    My odds of losing? Haha, you're too shitty to erase my spree.
    If there was a Faint chance, it's cuz he passed out when he found out he was facin' me.
    This perv stocks up on chocolate, it comes in handy for skids.
    Everyday is Valentine's day.
    ... but that's the ONLY time he has an excuse for givin' candy to kids.
    You'll never be starter material, homosexuality never survives.
    But he's used to the bench seat, he's been suckin his man off on it whenever he drives.
    Your concepts stay played, so I'm honestly done with you.
    We should call your lines tomorrow.. they keep havin' the promise of somethin' new.
    RBL's had a migration of newbs, and you're lacking the fame bum.
    He Border's on wackness.. and we all wish you'd just go back where you came from.

    v. Providoxx88/W

    You're a loser, and that fact has emotionally scarred your wife.
    Fuck children, ANY Pro'ceed they have is guaranteed not to make it far in life.
    I'm takin' this. You're suffocatin', trying harder for breath.
    You ain't seen your Famine awhile... cuz I got them tied up, starving to death.
    It's like payin' for hookers, since that flow you're spittin' sucks.
    Cuz anytime a Pro meets up with a John.. you KNOW you're gettin' fucked.
    You're a sittin duck. I'll crack ya skull, the facts are in the slaughter.
    You'll wind up with 2 plates in your head. like you tryin' to max without a spotter.
    Pro is a fagot, don't worry, I'm not just gonna rely on those shocks.
    It's like he's got a job in the Hospital.. every day there's another guy below Dox.
    I'll diss on your finances, but I think I've given you enough disgrace.
    Cuz if you EVER had a fistfull of Dough.. then JD just fuckin crushed your face.
    Shit, his battling even proves this guy is hella cheap.
    Last week you beat The Box.
    .. and now you just gotta crawl back into it to cry yourself to sleep.

    v. Exodus III/W

    The deadline shit was cool, but you'll snap without a click.
    It's ironic you were Latex.. since ur known for ur ability to wrap around a dick.
    I've said you were wack before. Sorry, I hardly could fear you.
    And the ONLY time I'm back-trackin is if I see you behind the car in my rear view.
    We both signed up in 2004, but here's where it's confusing son.
    I've won multiple champ matches... you just took 4 years to fucking lose in one.
    I'll son you like Meta did. Nobody hopes this coward will win.
    You lost so bad exorcists were SHOCKED at the way you were overpowered by Sin.
    Kids wack, inconsistent, and doesn't have the fame to beat me.
    If I saw Exodus with three solid lines.. I musta been spellin out his name completely.
    I'm sure you're depressed, if I were you I'd take to suicide.
    Forget a shrink. ya skills need a support system counseling just ain't able to provide.
    Better hope a ghost is around, what I'm spittin' is mostly profound.
    Shit, fence manufacturers are impressed at how easily I put your posts in the ground.
    I'll have you gone forever, this is where the convenience ends.
    Fuck missing. If I'm facin Exile embarass him so bad he won't wanna be seen again.

    v. Revanon & E tha Real/W

    I usually DO show up late, but you forget that I rhyme elite too.
    And fuck sayin no extensions... you really think I need extra time to beat you?
    I'm movin' forward. Sorry, but I'm known to deaden careers.
    Because every Reverse I've seen.. shows the direction he's been headed for years.
    You said you've wanted to battle, I've never had any hesitation.
    I'd wanna battle you too.. if beating washups would ACTUALLY add to my reputation.
    He's in need of advice, and sorry I don't have any tips.
    Your rank's experiencing a sagging effect that's only rivaled by ya wifes vaginal lips.
    And Real's into men, he honestly has no devotion to the pink.
    Fuck eatin a bitch out. If Elixir you know he slipped some sort of potion in her drink.
    I know ya homeless n' broke, so if you wanna face your fate instead.
    Come on over, my guillotine will accomodate u.. n' give you a place to lay your head.
    I'll murder this fagot, it's obvious he'll fold in death.
    You're gettin blown out of the water.
    ... and this time it's not because ya man couldn't hold his breath.
    Gettin murdered by every decent head means we can tell you lack fame.
    Sorry, if E was in the middle of somethin dope it's because I spelled my last name.
    You might claim you're nice, but we understand that you're text isn't.
    Shit, i'm makin such light-work out of you it could increase demand for electricians.
    And about Oneduh signing out, here's a fact you should remember.
    The only reason I gotta son u both is cuz it takes 2 of you to make an actual contender.
  3. john hensley

    john hensley 7xRBL

    Mar 21, 2004
    v. Sine Qua Non/W

    This is a horrible champ match, you'll just be a hater till the end.
    The only time I hear SINE-HENS if if I walk by while he has a paper and a pen.
    I don't care about who you beat, every time you compete you suck.
    Your run was so streak-free it could make 1,000 windows look clean as fuck.
    He always takes it from his man, he probably doesn't have the support.
    But he's suck a 'dickhead Receiver' Chad and TO think you're bad for the sport.
    You're a wreck of a writer, I don't know how you rhyme wit that faggot shit.
    If there's a Flare to your verse.. it's because that's what marks the sign of an accident.
    Sine isn't a challenge, so you know i'll leave you torn up whore.
    Last week I dropped E, if you do that then you'll find out who you're a warm up for.
    I don't care if you think you're consistent, I'm droppin lines most.
    On the road to victory there's no traffic violations.. so I won't stop at Sine posts.

    v. MetaSin/L

    He's reppin TMU, even though there's queer's within it.
    Seriously, shit got enough Zero's together to sponsor this year's Olympics.
    You don't got the dickriders, that's why he needs the vital crew.
    And he'll catch a vote from Oneduh... cuz he doesn't want me to beat his idol too.
    Meta is considered a vet, but there's one reason we know he's gay.
    Because he's holdin the record, for first RBL legend to get merked by his protoge'
    I'm ahead by leaps and bounds, and you'll fall out with the placement.
    Your career's 'small-steps' could create an entrance for the dollhouses u play with.
    I'll leave you paralyzed, even though it's one of the evilest deeds.
    So even though I'm smokin Metasyn.. he'll be the one qualified to get legal for weed.
    Trust me, when I KO this retard, I'll make the doubts die.
    Give him a hook under his chin, and not for the helmet they use to take you outsdie.
    The fact that he's a fagot overshadows this text queer's bomb lines.
    Your man's 'speed thru the hole' has RB scouts inviting him to next year's combine.
    This fat ass always wants seconds, so soon he HAS to drop.
    But he tells waiters to run the plate more than offficer's on routine traffic spots.
    Since your lifes at an end, you won't have a gig in this game.
    And now you're seeing your family flash before your eyes like a digital frame.

    v. Proof/W

    I know he's a fag, openly has a lisp and a curious walk.
    All it takes to bring HIM to his knees is his man, a ring, and a serious talk.
    Tryin' snatch the win, our records show ya words stay phony.
    Yeah, I lost a match to Sin.. and you lost to a cat named after a third place trophy.
    Bronze proved ur fake wit this rap shit, he was makin' this cat miss.
    He basically Showed the World.. and ironically you couldn't take out an Atlas.
    The case is unsolved, he got murdered for being the goofiest fag.
    So even tho they can't find the evidence, I still wound up leavin' Proof in a bag.
    I killed his brain, I'd torture you but you won't get to feel the pain.
    Turn and run, you'll just get 'tagged in the back' like slow kid's in children's games.
    Defined as a kid, as inbred, too retarded to be devine with his spits.
    He's known to breast feed.. kind of like Ex seein Dough write a line about tits.
    You're not legend material, this won't go down to the wire.
    Yeah, I'd compare you to Resin.. because I'm only taking you out to get higher.
    Sorry, but I'll cut you to pieces and I'll resist defeat.
    If the proof is in the pudding.. I came out with a new line of cannibablistic treats.
    I'll bust up your face, you're just not clever to learn with pens.
    And i'm gonna kick-out your teeth.. so hard I'll make sure they never return again.
    I know you're nervous as hell, you can tell you fidget alot.
    Your career's had so many 'low spots' it could help assist midgets with squats.
    Fuck it, this fat ass is a reason why kids are hating.
    Small talk ain't got shit on the icebreaker he has when he goes figure skating.
    You're scared, Nasty should drop you once he revives the league.
    Fuck it, I'll leave you in a paranoid state before any one of them legalizes weed.

    v. Calibre/DQW

    I find Cal useful, even tho I know he's shook or sad.
    So I wanna say thanks.
    ... for the dickride vote that helped my Meta loss not look so bad.
    Stick to Hookups, you can't pretend you're from an equal camp.
    With a rep based off a freeposting addiction and calling yourself the peoples champ.
    Act like you pull triggers, you ain't what the claim has defined.
    If Calibre was in a line of fire, it's because I just mentioned his name in this line.
    I'm not sure if the quote is true, obviously I hope it's not.
    I'm gonna beat you with a bullshit verse just so you don't brag about how dope i drop.
    It's not a humorous thing, u ain't in this profession to be proud.
    so when my upper cut makes Cali-endo, he'll only leave an Impression on the ground.
    i kno ud ont wanna get painfull wit the boss.
    so i'll just post last minute, so i can laugh when u complain about the loss
  4. john hensley

    john hensley 7xRBL

    Mar 21, 2004
    Rapmusic Battle League 11/28/2008 - 1/01/2009

    v. HookNBarz/W

    you want to rap. trust me, failure in that choice will lurk.
    you'd have to blaze way more than a 20 sack to dub a voice that works.
    you never had any friends, and now that the attacks are done.
    the only ppl to meathooks will be CSI after i introduce his back to one.
    as far as biting. it looks like somethin your kind would do.
    so Ren left? huh. guess he musta gave all his shitty lines to you.
    always chillin with fagots, yeah, he's hidden the scars.
    fuck underage drinking, none of HIS friends need an ID to get into Bars.
    he wasn't into dressing up, but his fagot boyfriend got him to look
    n' proved u don't need pirate accessories to see a fist in the bottom of Hook.
    the holiday is over, you being the person i've faced is sublime.
    so i have to give thanks... it was nice having a reason for wasting my time.

    v. Gundam/W

    Last week u finished LS. but i won't be the 1st to reveal.
    u got past a pathetic Soul that Shang Tsung would consider worthless to steal.
    showed him a quick way to get fucked up. I knew HE’D be astounded.
    so after I shot gun. there'll be a hole in his side while he proceeds to get pounded.
    U won't need to be bounded. but if u decide to have a vocal flair.
    the duct tape'll give ur a face a squash that could get 1st place at ur local fair.
    he got his girl a dildo. which in turn made his queen run.
    she didn't need a choice in weapons to show that she preferred the machine, Gun.
    Now a man keeps u locked up for sex, if u pretend here you're wrong.
    we know he has u 'suck in the chamber' like potheads makin friends clear the bong.
    I heard ur a liar. so don't claim you'll be first when you write.
    cuz if u reflect honesty, the mirror's saying that you're the worst on the site.
    Props on the great record. My bad, I'm sure u'll claim that it's not funny.
    But you've never battled a cat that took 3 months to get ranked in the top 20.
    Sittin at 6-7, It’s safe to say you’re showin a legit trend.
    You’re not about to hit a growth spurt, but in 3 weeks time he’ll be 6-10.
    I don't mean to seem uncaring. but when u post, laughters attatched.
    If I ever beGun getting upset, I was only impersonating the loser after this match.

    v. Vontana/W

    It drives me nuts. See, ya lines aren't so nimble in old age.
    No joke, u've flipped off enough people to be the DOT's symbol for road rage.
    After this wk, this repetitive geek'll regret forgettin i'm still fly.
    When I make him start a negative-streak, like photographers not lettin the film dry.
    Don't confuse us. See, I recall the span when your fall began.
    Shit, i'd stay inside a whole fuckn summer just to make sure nobody calls me Tan.
    You've never beat anyone. Sorry, I know I'm your hero.
    But his internet bank records aren't the only online statements showing a zero.
    Ya lines are all fake. That's somethin I've found with ur flow probed.
    But you're such a small flake, we'll prolly see you rollin around in a snow globe.
    Likewise, u've never done drive by's. I'll blast at this dudes face.
    The only time you ever roll up and squeeze, is when u get the last of ur toothpaste.
    Speakin of that. It'll be over for you, if you try to delay my plan.
    I don't give a fuck about fake bronzers... but I'll open up and spray-on Tan.
  5. john hensley

    john hensley 7xRBL

    Mar 21, 2004
    v. Amishstad/W


    my bad.

    As you can tell. gayness is what he's begun to embrace.
    Forget hand gestures.. this isn't the first time you've takin 'one' to the face.
    Think his ears'd weigh him down. but his raps decline instead.
    Fuck applause. if they caught a gust of wind they'd just clap behind his head.
    Q shoulda made a 3way. isntead i'm facin irrelevant queers.
    Am can't go to carnivals. food courts keep givin offers for his elephant ears.
    I'm not here to be fair. U aint a dude I'll be devouring discretely.
    So fuck a clean break.. it looks like you've put off showering completely.
    U shoulda died earlier, bodies dont thrive when their pillaged.
    Ur mom wishes she had a Miss carriage, like women who drive in ur village.
    U ain't elite, legite but this skinny fucker just needs to quit.
    Someone should train him to Chow down, like teaching that breed to sit.
    I'm sorry I pulled the pic, It was barely worth gettin it.
    besides, u keep ur style in Gay form, like your marriage certificate.
    With no facial hair. Ur community prolly has u shunned cuz your weird.
    Cuz if YOU'RE Amish.. I'm guessin your girlfriend's the one with the beard.

    v. Quriosity/W

    u were a much better mod q.

    There's the comparison. but there's no way this brother's equals mine.
    With verses like your mag skills - at his best writing down other people's lines.
    Speaking of oral with women. the moral is not to think I'm forgettin'.
    there's no way that Qurator. his job's just to compile everything that I've written.
    I'm far ahead. winnin isn't somethin u'll achieve with less connection.
    ur only hopes at a 'spirited comeback' depend on your beliefs in ressurection.
    You're not champ material. See, I tend to see the clues he brings.
    microchip stock skyrocketed simply because of his tendency for losing things.
    in RM/RB.. ur shit talkin made me wanna put a stop to all ur threads.
    u KNOW u ain't shit when ur the RBL champ and had to rep for topical instead.
    As for Tac. u dont have command of shit, u shoulda just planned to quit.
    The verse was like your wife's pussy. the fuck knows who all had a hand in it?
    Ur job as a ghostwriter is thru. who cares if it's what you like to pursue.
    found out YOU wrote for Tac, but recently it looks more like he's been writing for u.
    As far as football. He's a cuntsack that's just too wack to be funny.
    So after I kick it off. i'll treat ur rank like a touchback and take it back to the 20's.
    Before you act like a baller. Maybe you should leave the house first.
    Cuz all of us know you've never sat on Chrome until google released its browser.
    He's got a retarded look to him, with a face like he's more in fatigue.
    your dna strands showed a D-formation that could rival any 3-4 in the league.
    Props bro, but after that quote, I wouldn't reccomend any tricks.
    I'm going for my 2nd title this year. you're just going for your 2nd in six.
    You're a walking contradiction. I dare you to try and keep pace and win.
    But how do you call One a corrupt mod, then ghost AND sway for the dude facing him.
    Think this dumb cat is elite? I'll make you run back to the streets.
    You're not blanketing your window.. but he's known to thumbtac in the sheets.
    U expect this fag to compete. I'll give you all you can take homie.
    My name's set in stone. while yours had to settle for a gay font on a fake trophy.
    Thanks for the skunk rule. I don't need votes on a page to predict em'.
    But you'll be the first to 5.. that's what this pedophile likes as an age for his victims.
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