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Who won this battle?

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  1. DethStryque

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  2. Gramur

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  1. Extreme Venom

    Extreme Venom Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 1999




    Both battlers will post a general verse filled with as many multi rhymes as possible.

    Voters will judge best Verse and multi rhymes.

    -Check Ins-
    All are to check in by Sunday 9:00pm Pacific Time. Not doing so will result in being docked Votes or being ruled a no Show.

    -Due dates-

    All Verses Due Wendsday July 6TH 3am PST

    - General Voting Guidlines-


    All Voting is Due Friday July 8TH 2011 3amPST

    If there are battles with very little or no votes, those battles
    will stay open and will Delay the Next round so VOTE & Tell People To Vote!!

    (Voting is considered open until Mods close matches)

    -Line Limit-

    Minimum 12 -- Maximum 30

    You May Agree to a Limit in your Check in Or just Post & make you Opponent match the limit you post.


    -Voting Con't-

    Each contender MUST vote on 50% of the matches posted.. so If there are 10 match you vote on 5 of them.. if there are 20 you vote on 10.. ect.

    You Must Post Links to Battles you Voted on

    1 Vote deduction for each battle not voted on.


    Votes must be explained, No Hate Votes, Crew Votes, Revenge Votes

    Mods Reserve the right to Negate any Votes Deemed Insufficient or Bias, ect.

    -General Rules-

    1st emcee to post can't edit after 2nd emcee posts

    2nd emcee can't edit after the first vote is made

    No Biting or Recycling, if Caught your Disqualified

    No Bitching, Crying, Freeposting, Swaying. Whining..

    No Beefing In Battle Threads, Freeposting, Spamming & other forms of Badmanner

    Everything Other then Check ins, Battle Verses or Vote Is strictly to go in the Lounge, Predictions, or Sign in threads
    (If broken the Mod has the right to Edit & Clean Up Threads)
    New rules will be voted on by the Mods & Members of the RBL
    Mods can Adjust rules accordingly to circumstance!
    Questions, Suggestions, Ideas, Problems.. Contact the Mod​
  2. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    Check.Goin 30. Good luck dawg.
  3. Gramur

    Gramur Yung Troy

    Aug 21, 2008
    back at ya...and I'm not doing 30 unless you post first
  4. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    Deth to Gramur: THE REMATCH

    My rap wrath deployed gitcha ass destroyed whelp,n ripped cha til ya lid's baked
    From punches rockin ya like the asteroid belt hitcha during THE BIG QUAKE
    For shit's sake when this Glock bucks I leave ya thoughts fucked like ya wig's raped
    My jabs scab ya grill--FIST-FACE--plus my spit flays ya ribcage like switchblades!
    It ain't circumcision when I git this dick shaved with magic steel like witch glaives!!
    I spit flames n dump til ya shit-stained,but Gram's letters are like sweaters his girl made me...BITCH MADE!!
    When these clips blaze? I'll bust hot slugs in ya trick face after I bust hot nuts in ya trick's face
    I'm the sensei of mixtapes! You're such a dis-grace...
    That Pac stopped doin 360's in his coffin,he n Bob Dole just switched graves!! [1]
    I script flames til ya burn n ya char then uppercut cha from earth tuh duh stars
    After I pen-fuck this bytch...a grand says Gram gives birth tuh mah bars!
    Merkin ya marks when I stab ya neck with sharp shards,yo!
    I ain't Lady Deathstrike but Deth's a marvel who's lead uh sparkle
    Wreck ya marble chest arteries n metacarpals when I flex uh hard flow!
    Step get scarred ho from my billy bat cloutin ya clan and my illy clappin dousin ya fam
    This beam on you drops lightning on kids like Billy Batson shoutin SHAZAM [2]
    Plus ya spouse is a man...Ven,whatcha makin me do this rap for?!
    Gram ain't a burglar,but he knows about breakin in through the back door!!
    I blaze you snooze when I clap fours! My vast force smash you through
    the black floor like you fell thru a trap door
    My flow dooms I'm no goon but the Ogun (O-goon) of rap wars,
    sendin shells tuh fry ya man![a]
    You want semen when you see men n start screamin "Gee men!"...
    but you ain't a NFL Giants fan!!
    Could G's hopeless free be dope as me? NEVER!
    "But only way you'll smother me is you're a human jockstrap"...izzat supposed to be clever? [3]
    Close ya beak cuz if you chose tuh speak or flow with me ya throat would be severed
    Oppose my sleek letters gitcha nose n teeth threshered
    While ya spouse is on my couch like upholstery leather!!

    [a] Ogoun is one of Africa's most infamous and powerful Gods of War,initially worshipped by the Yoruba of Nigeria

    [1] Bob Dole was a racist Republican lawmaker from the 90's

    [2] Billy Batson is a kid who transforms into the DC comics Captain Marvel aka Shazam after summoning a bolt of lightning to transform him YouTube - ‪Captain Marvel and Firestorm transformation and B'Wana Beast cool trick‬‏

    [3] Quoted bar from Gramur's verse when he battled IAmBent http://board.rapmusic.com/rapmusic-...-match-iambent-v-s-gramur.html#post1068605231
  5. Gramur

    Gramur Yung Troy

    Aug 21, 2008
    mehhh...text battling must be your life?

    you've been a prick this year so I'm gonna make sure you disappear
    I know Magic<<and the difference between you two's a sick career
    your writing style not slick, it's weird
    voters are forever sad
    cuz Mr gave you a beating like the father you never had
    try faking a better swag, because you're looking so ridiculous
    clearly you're not meticulous
    the way you're displaying those awful verses are solicitous
    so quit the bitchin kid cuz all that whining not sophisticated
    crying in the lounge
    cuz your matches like a Yu-Gi-Oh game, you get obliterated
    any good you dew must be hidden by the precipitation
    you've a reputation as the butcher of this stipulation
    try some meditation or go looking for some innovation
    the foundation of your brain's destroyed and needs some renovation
    all the implications from the voters show your limitations
    now we know you're truly the Deth of this generation
    man we hate to see your plays, where's the simulation button
    you write a verse and 'pump it up' like an imitation Budden
    you're not a factor, who you think your intimidations buggin?
    your future told in words, is just insinuatin' 'nothin'
    stay bluffin you'd kill, but we'll never believe that chatta' son
    like club security guards, you don't even have a gun
    what's sad is after this match you'll make up reasons that ya won
    but the people not buyin' it, when they see a rappa' pawned
    they'll just yawn, and you will be the one that's bailin' from the league
    your punches uber weak
    so if you're hearing good riddance
    it's not ya lyrics, they're just telling you to leave
  6. TheIlliterate

    TheIlliterate Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2011
    Vote: Dethstryque

    Deth, you brought heavy multi's and decent punches. Your style is still difficult as fuck to read smoothly, but you had the better bars. Explaining punches shouldn't be such a regular thing in battling, but whatever.

    Gram, i know it's a bitch writing 30 bars under time constraints and everything, but you took the loss here in my opinion., Some of your multi's just look like you punched a word in a rhyme dictionary and jotted down random words that go with it. Idk, just seemed forced.

    EDIT: aight I'll go into a bit more detail. Gram, you had better punches but rhyming words that end in "-ation" over and over comes across as a really juvenile way of writing. For example, you had: precipitation/ reputation/ foundation/ sitipulation/ nnovation/ meditation/ renovation/ implication/ generation/ ... fuck it the list goes on.
    Anyway, my 8 year old sister could pop precipitation into a rhyme dictionary, findh a ton of words wit the same suffix, and then list em off like you did. I felt like that cost you this battle.

    Same goes for that whole "meticulous/ ridiculous/ solicitous" speel. Idk, call it what you want but I wasn't feeling it.
  7. Mrjdm998

    Mrjdm998 New Member

    Jan 23, 2011
    I liked a lot od Grams punches (Club security, Budden) which seemed more clever than just multi'ing ways of killing people. I'd of liekd to see more similies and such from Deth to make his punches stronger. However Deth was just constantly hitting with multi after multi. I will say a lot of Deths punches weren't that good (Gee-men was terrible to be honest), but the multis were overpowering. Might just be me but precipitation/stipulation seems more like a femanine rhyme than a multi and isn't that impressive compared to Deths multis. This is obviously Deth's best type of battle and Gramur hung with him, but I think Deth took it.

    Vote: Deth
  8. IAmBenT

    IAmBenT Eat a dick, faggot

    Mar 16, 2011
    Deth - great flow, great multis, the punches are there without the traditional "like" simile format, very clever disses that had me rolling ALL the way through, its really a work of art when you build up, and your scheme is one of the most deceptively complex and difficult things to pull off in a rap verse. fantastic, creative shit

    Gram - I liked how you started this verse. you had all the swagger of a classic Gram verse, mean aggressive disses, personals mixed in, but you let me down with the scheme. at a certain point its like the air just went out of the verse, you started out real strong though and hopefully next week you take that same approach and go all the way with it.

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