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    Dec 11, 1999

    Food poisoning kept Stone Cold Steve Austin from appearing on RAW last week. Seven days later, the Texas Rattlesnake is feeling much better and is expected to be at RAW tonight.With Stone Cold out, Eric Bischoff ran the show by himself. Realizing that this would be one of the only times he would be the sole leader of RAW, Bischoff ran wild. The Co-general Manager made many decisions that could be questioned. At the end of the show, however, Bischoff got his when Kane chokeslammed him off of the RAW stage onto the floor.Has Eric Bischoff recovered from the devastating chokeslam? Will he be able to walk through the arena doors tonight? It's hard to imagine anybody could recover from such a heinous act in just seven days. If Bischoff does not show, will Stone Cold see this as his opportunity to shine on his own?Find out tonight on RAW on The New TNN at 9/8 CT.
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