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Discussion in 'Hip-Hop Central' started by dj battle cry, Jun 7, 2005.

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  1. i.k.g.


    Nov 29, 2004
    wow i'm sure that ugk made it over the infamous...you know...the album that single handedly created the dark gritty new york underground scene in the early 90's...get the fuck outa here with that ugk bullshit
  2. AllenB25

    AllenB25 New Member

    Aug 17, 2003
    First off Props to Chunk

    Much respect to CHunk for even going thru w/ all this BS and making a list for eveyone here....

    2nd---Sick Misery , who the fuck are u??? U obviously don't know much at all about hip hop , or were to busy listening to Nirvana or some shit back in the early 90s ....Questioning 'The Chronic' are u fuckin kiddin' me....Thats a top 3, if not top 5 hip hop album of all time.....Every MC and Producer gives it up to the Chronic....

    My thoughts on the List:

    It ain't that bad.....Its not what my top 20 would look like, but there's definately a bunch of albums on there that would make my top 20...

    1--Too many Eminem albums...He shouldn't have more than 1 album on there, 2 at most....3 wayy too many

    2--Ready to Die is no way near top 3.....top 20 ? yes, but no top 3.....

    3. The omission of so many classic records......

    My personal top 20 we be something like this:

    1. Outkast----Aquemeni
    2. Outkast----Atliens
    3. Dr. Dre----The Chronic
    4. Wu-Tang---36 Chambers
    5. Public Enemy----It takes a Nation of Millions....
    6. Nas-----Illmatic
    7. Slick Rick--------Great Adventures of Slick Rick
    8. NWA------Straight Outta COmpton
    9. Jay Z----Reasonable Doubt
    10. ATCQ----Low End Theory
    11. De La Soul-----3 ft. High and Rising
    12. Goodie Mobb----Soul Food
    13. GZA----Liquid Swords
    14. BDP---Criminal Minded
    15. Snoop Dog----Doggystyle/ Biggie----Ready 2 Die
    16. Mobb Deep---The Infamous
    17. Ice Cube----Death Certificate
    18. UGK---Ridin' Dirty
    19. 2Pac-----Me Against the World
    20. tie---Pharcyde---Labincalifornia/ Outkast----SouthernPlayalisticCaddilacMusik
  3. brothzOFtheHOOD

    brothzOFtheHOOD New Member

    Oct 3, 2005
    I din'nt no it till ricently, but it bes put up..... JIM JONES, motha fucka HARLEM
    :DIARIES OF SUMMER - fuckin deep is straiight fuckin$$$$
    #2 Tupac - all eyez on me
    #3 Tupac - Me agianst da world
    #4 Tupac - The seven day theory
    #5 J-Z FIRST ALBUM - dat ngga es hot shit
    #6 LUDACRIS - any album
    #7 Young Jeezy- any, but probibly da 2nd one

    Afta dat, dont even mattah
  4. dj battle cry

    dj battle cry Active Member

    Apr 26, 2003
    ^get the fuck outta here
  5. dj battle cry

    dj battle cry Active Member

    Apr 26, 2003
    it was an honor
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