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    Producer: Toni P
    Description: Music in all genres. Songwriting, recording hooks, music productions, mixing and mastering. All services available​
    Contact:cheta1985@gmail.com (708)-297-7186​
    Description: Music production at its finest. from hip hop, pop, r&b, techno, and more. credits include R Kelly, Rick Ross, Chingy, Lil Flip, Ludacris and more.​
    Producer: Ness Lee
    Description: original sampled sounding production specialist​
    Producer: Soleternity
    Contact: soleternity@gmail.com / 404-246-2723​
    Description: Instrumental Perfection​
    Producer: DustyBreaks
    Description:Been making beats for a little over a couple months now, I'm mostly sample based but infuse other instruments when I want to.​
    Producer: PLT Productions
    Description: HipHop/Rnb/Electro​
    From hiphop to house and electro pop, from soundtracks to every genre u can make without using real instruments...​
    Producer: Kanvas Collection
    Description: Original music production. Beats, commercials and film.​
    Producer: MG The Future
    Description: Commercial Instrumentals at affordable prices. Best beat compilations online!​
    Producer: Chris "C.G." Gallucci of C.G. Productionz and Ahktane Entertainment
    Contact: CG0890@Gmail.com
    Description: Music producer, engineer, song writer and upcoming composer for TV. Mainly hip hop and R&B but I'm very open minded and love to try new things and experiment.​
    Producer: Deli Beats
    Description: Soulful beats​
    Producer: TurreekK
    Contact: turreekk@gmail.com
    Description: Mr. Hit Maker.. The hottest Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop beats on the net​
    Producer: Macmili
    Description: Free unorthodox beats that'll scorch your socks.​
    Producer: Sarcazm
    Website: Sarcazm
    Description: RIAA platinum producer, engineering, im famous in miami.​
    Producer: PureBread Productions
    Contact: JP​
    Description: Some of the hardest dirty south beats in the industry.​
    Producer: Nonsense the Nomad
    Description: Grimey, underground, gritty, wu tang meets Organized Noize kinda sound.​
    Producer: Ev-G
    Description: Hottest beats on the net!​
    Producer: Moscow Mark
    Contact:moscowmarkproductions@gmail .com​
    Producer: D.O.E. Beats
    Contact: doebeats@gmail.com
    Description: The One and Only!​
    Producer: SincerDaDon
    Description: mr.sinstrumentals​
    Producer: LX-Beats
    Twitter: lxbeats​
    Contact: lxbeats at gmail.com​
    Description: I got wide range of pure bangers, from mid 90's style to all the way to 2010.​
    Producer: Da Cypha
    Contact: dacypha@gmail.com
    Description: Sample based producer. Alot of soul and old school hiphop.​

    PM Me if you want to be on here.
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