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  1. synical

    synical Blow Gang/ESP

    Dec 3, 2000
    niggas know who i am its the mothafuckin beast
    put me on a track im a gobble up the beat
    im in love with my haters cuz bitches they make me skeet
    this ho so sweet,
    i think he bleed kool aid
    nigga you a boule,
    shots to your toupe
    go hard in the paint
    make the whole hoop shake
    i make it bubble and flow, call it the coke wave
    sos you so paid is what the hos all say
    can you make it rain?
    hell na bitch
    i aint doin shit
    unless you suckin dick
    and even then ill only donate a couple cents
    stop lookin like u hurt
    im livin like a pimp...
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