rainy night in georgia..*REAL HIPHOP* all love returned

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  1. KrayzieNyce

    KrayzieNyce Member

    Jan 28, 2005
    Im loving the whole vibe to this .... Nice sample.

    1st - Flow was def on point. Lyrics good. emotion could be upped jus a lil.

    2nd - Real tight flow and lyrics smooth delivery.... Yeah im def feeling this verse.

    3rd - again good flow and lyrics

    Overall This is def a track I could bump...quality was real good to. Nice drop. Also Thanks for the feedback I def appreciate that.
  2. Mepsyiah

    Mepsyiah Prophecy

    Oct 8, 2005
    this beat is fire...nice as shit...

    first dude.....his flow is alright...more umph in his voice....im feelin the lyrics and shit.....nice drop...delivery is alright....i guess...

    you....your flow is nice man....im feeling the lyrics and emotion in your verse....they delivery is on point....they rhyme scheme and shit is there....you dropped it nice...

    last guy....flow is nice....the lyrics are nice i like em.....imfeeling the delivery and shit....nice drop....

    keep it up....rtf on

    Sound....I Never Listened...Forsaken Prophecy
  3. M.Maestro

    M.Maestro Ghost

    Jul 29, 2004
    beat is hot.

    first dude.

    flow is on point number one, lyrics are deep as well, but his emotion just need a lil fixin
    other than that, that verse was good.

    second dude ( u)

    I like ya schemes, 'back and forth like ocean tides' i like that shit right there.. lyrics on point as well, and u stay on topic, i like that.

    third guy

    hah @ "if jesus was really white that means gods against me.". clever shit.. that caught me out of his verse. his flow is straight too.

    yall all came nice, and stayed on topic, i like that - this will be downloaded.

    keep elevatin'
  4. mc-K-OTIC

    mc-K-OTIC I Am A Brand

    Apr 23, 2001
    u already know........ shit is fire, the track to the rapping is on fire, RAINYYYYY NIGHTI N GEORGIAAAAA this is myshit this and crazy girl and alizae
  5. KamikazeLyricist

    KamikazeLyricist The Kamikaze Lyricist

    Oct 20, 2004
    dope joint I was feelin it coulda been polished up in certain areas ill be lookin for more of youre work stay up Pz

    -Kamikaze Lyricist ð
  6. Great Trojan

    Great Trojan *More Heart than Rome*

    Apr 6, 2006
    1st...i never believed boyz from the south can't rap real

    aight....i like the intro hook thingy....cool, different.

    lyrics are deep, cool man. flow is aight. i dont like no glorifyin of livin the thug life, i believe in takin the higher path...but the way you guys flipped it shows the artistic side of it.....if ya got a good heart though, you know what to do.

    that's God talkin, and thats real talk.

    i like the intro line to the third verse...shit was tight.

    you contradicted yourself though with the whole outlook on racism. ya said white folks lock their doors when you pull up...obviously thats wrong and makes you feel angry....but by sayin yer gunna pop the 4's.....gives them a legitimate REASONING to lock their doors, lol. if you're a man that would resort to shootin people, you deserve to have the doors locked. lol...columbine mother fucker.

    just bein real wit you, it's all love man.
  7. Authentic R3

    Authentic R3 New Member

    Feb 20, 2006
    whoooaaaa... beat is crazy...

    feelin the beat heavy!!!

    first verse mixed waaay to loud... but he got a ill verse.. mos def... feelin this cat right here.

    Reese da Beast.. - mixed a lil loud... takes away from the beat... but the verse is dope... feelin this joint mos def... ocean tide line.. good shit.. this some solid reppin.. mos def...

    last cat... feelin them 4 opening bars.. hot shit... track is nice man... good listen..

    This Keyz.. u peeped my MAN UP joint already... im just returning the luv... holla at me on myspace.com/cuzokeyz maybe set a collab or some shit...

    holla at me famo


    SALVDOR Delyreeuz Owns Me

    Nov 11, 2000
    ight peepin

    ahaha the original song this sample is from .. is a dope song

    ight first kat

    right off the nuts.. quality is not good.. vocals way too loud.... doubles mixed badly.... emotion is actually very bad... sounds like he's half asleep and just talkin in a slurr almost... wow this quality is mad annoyin..........

    not feelin first mc

    2nd kat -

    quality the same.... mixed better then first kat..... flow is better... emotion better.. coul dbe better tho.. to add more presence..... delivery getsbetter in mid verse...... quality def needs work tho for real..... content is better in this verse tho

    verse 3

    this kat started the verse off solid... waaayyy too many doubles.. i dont respect anyone who has to layer their vocals to give their sound... its not only annoyin but it takes away from emotion, presence...... flow is straight.. .falls off here and there... delivery is ehh..... doubles are mixed off on some parts.....

    overall kinda sub par track.. qualities, mixing, and a lot of basics.. need work

    but its still love.. only elevation baby

  9. ceson

    ceson ....Ceson Wordz

    Dec 23, 2003
    peepin...beat sounds good from the jump

    1st dude-vocals could b upped alil bit...voice is coo to me...delivery was iffy at first but u held it down afta a few bars...lyrics was coo..sum truth to em...

    2nd dude-i like his voice...flow was nice...sounds developed...lyrics is on point..vocals is good...damn...on point with this voice..no complants...

    3rd dude-vocals is like the first dude...could b cleard up...flow is diff but so is the beat so its good..lyrics is good ...i'm feelin this...

    overall i liked the 2nd dude best..3rd had lyrics that i felt most .....all yall riped it.,..just the 1st n 3rd gotta up they quality...this was nice tho...`1

    return the feedback if ya can
  10. Eluzion

    Eluzion Invasion Productions

    Dec 27, 2004
    I'm feeling that beat first off,

    1st dude - Comes ok, flow could've been better, but the lyrics weren't bad..after listening twice it fits good.

    2nd dude - Definitely got some skill here, some ill lines, and flow stayed pretty tight thoughout, voice was good, energy was good and all.

    3rd dude - Sounds like it needs some more energy, the lyrics weren't bad, and the flow wasn't bad at all.

    Overall it was a good track, to be honest It was actually one of the few south tracks i've heard with truth it, gotta give props on that.

    Stay up ya'll
  11. 6th_plague

    6th_plague More then meets the eye

    Jul 29, 2001
    thanks everyone for the feedback..i'm returning all the love to the links now
  12. ssssslawk

    ssssslawk A wah di bloodclat dis

    Oct 26, 2005
    Had to check this out after reviewing the tape.

    Sick sample, nice beat overall.

    1st verse - real content, easy to get into, nicely done with flow and lyrics - emotion could be stronger, but aside from that its well done.

    2nd verse - better voice for this track than the 1st guy, overall nicer. flow and emotion is real nice for this kinda song. I like the hit that keeps hittin on the beat with this guy. happened last verse too but didnt do the same thing for the flow.

    3rd verse - jim shiesty is dope overall you know how i feel on him, "one n***** from being racist, one unanswered prayer from being atheist"..... wow

    yeah he came nice, cotton/white tee line resonated with me, he really got into the music and that's the best way to sound good.

    I wish this had better quality and was on the tape, you guys just keep improving, keep coming with good music

    9/10, really well done

    http://board.rapmusic.com/showthread.php?t=979895 if you get a change
  13. Noib Da Mutt

    Noib Da Mutt New Member

    Dec 18, 2001
  14. Vise

    Vise Ya Tu Sabes

    Dec 13, 2002
    i just seen you had a song called alize and grey goose. hahaha, i see you got your mixtures str8 there fella. thumbs up for that.

    first kid sounded like that dude half a mil a lil too me. good lil flow. delivery sound sleepy somewhat, but shit wasn't a bad look

    second person came in and spit steady. good flow and delivery. solid shit basically.

    last cat came in and finsihed it well. only complaint might be with his quality. you wasn't lyign about his verses being a lil less mixed, lol. but i liked his verse though.

    all y'all did y'all thing....mix this up, and you got something very solid on y'all hands. keep it movin.


    ^return that, ~1~
  15. Soulanova

    Soulanova Soul Lo

    Oct 12, 2005
    beat is nice

    first cat, needs more emotions in his voice. would sound a lot nicer. aight verse, flow was on too

    hook for the sample is nice

    second cat voice was nice, alot more emotion in his voice. flow is hot...verse is aight too.

    third cat, double vocals need to be polished a lil more. but has best verse on the track imo. quality is a lil eh but all good

    y'all did ya thing bottom line. could touch the track up in a few spots fdelivery and double vocalwise. otherwise big ups to y'all. one
  16. 6th_plague

    6th_plague More then meets the eye

    Jul 29, 2001
    thanks for all the love and if i didnt hit ya link let me know i dont remember where i left off at
  17. TruestPain

    TruestPain C.E.O of Rho' Wylin' Reco

    May 19, 2000
    I like this beat right here.... Real nice on the sample too... But the vocal equalizing is off deffinately...

    But besides that, 1st dude has an onpoint flow somewhat... spitting some real shit... nothing i can complain about this...

    2nd dude, i love that opening line.... you was spitting some real knowledge in this forreal.... I think i was feeling this verse alot more than the whole song entirely... spitting some real knowledge forreal....

    3rd...... Now this dude, ripped the shit out his verse... Especially how he began with the harmonizing... and his openiong line about "i'm on one n!@@a away from being racists" and shit like that... He was spittin some hard knowledge too... straight up..

    I've been to the south a couple times, and yea man... its deffinately real out there... matta-fact, to be honest the south, got alot more fucked up places than the Up north and east.... nah'mean.... nobody should sleep on Georgia folks... they dont call that city Bang-Head, for nothing.. lol!

    fa'real.... i kno alittle more about Georgie, basically from word of mouth from my right hand man, nah'mean... he was living down there for some time so... he told what goes down there on often occassion..

    but ay, ya'll keep it pimpin this track was fire..... im vouchin for that
  18. 6th_plague

    6th_plague More then meets the eye

    Jul 29, 2001
    thanks for all the love..up
  19. Fallen

    Fallen www.FallenHipHop.com

    May 12, 2004
    feelin that beat...

    first dude... not alot of emotion to it... flow's on and off... same with dubs... got a lazy delivery... guess thats the south... lyrics are alright...

    second dude is much better... flow's all on... dubs are straight... and got much better emo to it... obviously you got more experience doin it... lyrics are nice...

    third kat got a similar delivery as the first guy... but works it better... his flows nice too... dubbin the whole thing sounds good... with the different tones of voice... can't fault it lyrically...

    I'd say just help the first dude out with his shit... cuz he was the only one lackin... not majorly though... all your styles are similar and voices mesh well together so thats all good... decent enough track though... keep droppin...

    and hit me back when you can... http://board.rapmusic.com/showthread.php?t=980525
  20. S. Gatsby

    S. Gatsby Who Da Fuck Axed U?

    Dec 4, 2004
    I'm loving this beat, You already know ..

    Quality is ain't bad, vocals are understandable but you said it wasn't mixed .. MC One .. Needs to work on the mic presence, He got a cool voice but there ain't too much emotion.. Content is nice, I'm really digging how he came in .. Not bad .. Reese .. I'm digging you fam .. The content is hard, The cherokee line was hard .. You snapped but at the end due to the mixing, it got a little hard to hear the content .. I'm digging that shit though, You did your thang fam .. Third MC ain't bad either .. Ya'll got a straight squad behind ya'll .. His content was alright, delivery could use some work.. All in all, I'm digging this joint .. Good to hear meaningful music out of the south, You already know I fucks with it .. Keep it up my dude .. Easy
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