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    Mar 16, 2011
    Grey drops take spots across my brow line/
    Kissing tears like the missing years, blurring my bound mind/
    Now I'm surrounded by clouds gray as the concrete/
    Cracked like the face of my grandma in strong heat/
    Sadder than the song we thought we'd dance to/
    At the wedding we couldn't plan and had to cancel/
    Now the money's straight but what we had is clouded/
    Handed me your faith like fake coins so I doubted/
    For all the times we shouted and cussed at each other/
    A raindrop falls and lightning's when we trusted each other/
    I thundered out the room when the flash crashed down/
    I guess your girlfriends will get the last laugh now/
    Their rain dances brought a flood of pain to us/
    And the way we broke up brought sudden shame to us/
    Thank them for the storm, praise them for the weather/
    Hail em for the fact that we are no longer together...

    Gonna work a chorus for this cuz i think i have two more verses somewhere in my notebook that would work... practice practice practice
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