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Discussion in 'The R&B Haven' started by J R Avery, Mar 11, 2005.

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  1. J R Avery

    J R Avery New Member

    Mar 9, 2005
    any of you listen to it??

    what RnB CD's do you own or listen to??

    what songs??

    the only CD's I own are Usher's confessions, and Genuwine's 100 percent

    basically, what I mean by RnB is fuck music.. or something singable that you can listen to when your with a lady... yuno

    see if you can't add to my list

    So Gone rmx - Nate Dogg feat. Mike Jones
    Get it Wet - Twista
    Emotions - Twista
    Ooh na na naa naaa - Off that crunk juice
    xplosive - dre
    chick magnet - paul wall
    aint nothin wrong - houston
    dont rush - kc n jojo (old but classic)
    Read your mind - avant
    lovers and friends
    satisfy you - p dizzle
    fuck faces - scarface
    nice and slow - usher
    some cut - trillville
    teamwork - luda
  2. reborn

    reborn Journalist

    May 25, 2000
    Vivian Green-A Love Story(the album)

    Alicia Keys- 1st and 2nd album

    Tamia-"officially missing you"(the track)

    Aaliyah-her last album was pretty dope, especially the cut "Let Me Know"

    Playa-"Cheers to You," "Happy Birthday"(the tracks)

    Boyz to Men-"Water Run Dry", "4 seasons"(the tracks) I use to jam to these back in the day

    Lucy Pearl-"Dance with me"(the track, and only that track because the album was garbage)

    112-"Cupid"(the track) I hated 112 but I loved this track

    Deborah Cox-"How did you get here"(the track)impressive vocals on this one

    Musiq Soulchild-any of his albums, his vocals aren't always that impressive but he has some of the best r&b lyrics I can think of

    Jesse Powell-"You"(the track)

    Amerie-first album--another non-impressive vocalist but her tracks were put together very well and covered for it

    Mya-first album and first album only, after that I don't know what happened "my First Night With You" was my favorite song off that one

    Beyonce-Dangerously in Love part 2(the track)

    JS-"Ice Cream"(the track)

    Destiny's Child-Writings on the Wall" (the album)

    B2k-"What a Girl Wants"(the track)

    Blu Cantrall-first album was hot

    Ciara-first album

    Can't think of anymore at the moment. If I just said track that means I either hated their album or was not interested enough to even listen.
  3. Krighst

    Krighst ,//,';./';.//''./';''/.;

    Apr 2, 2002
    jesse powell was wayyyyy backkkkk
  4. Lyme

    Lyme Guest

    do yourself a favor and pick up all the musiq soulchild, donell jones, and jon b albums
  5. kyza soza

    kyza soza This way up.

    Jan 5, 2004
    Donell jones - Life goes on
  6. GameRGame

    GameRGame Do better.

    Jun 7, 2000
    Uhm, hrmph.

    7th Wonder - Climbing Higher
    10cc - Hits
    Ahmad Jamal - Jamalca (very dope jazz album)
    Al Green - Absolute Best
    Al Green - Back Up Train
    Al Green - Free Soul
    Al Green - Gets Next To You
    Al Green - Green Is Blues
    Al Green - I'm Still In Love With You
    Al Green - Lets Stay Together
    Al Green - Shades Of Green
    Al Green - The Belle Album
    Al Green - The Love Song Collection
    Al Jarreau - Lean On Me (Another dope Jazz album)
    Angela Bofill - Angel of The Night
    Ann Peebles - Tellin It
    Ann Peebles - Plus
    Ann Peebles - The Singles
    Archie Whitewater - Archie Whitewater
    Aretha Franklin - I've Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You
    Aretha Franklin - Sparkle Soundtrack
    Atlantic Star - As The Band Turns
    Azar Lawrence - People Moving
    Avila Brothers - The Mood Soundsational
    B.T. Express - B.T. Express
    B.T. Express - Do It 'Til You're Satisfied
    B.T. Express - Function At The Junction
    Baby Huey - The Baby Huey Story
    The Bar-Kays - Light Of Life
    Barry White - Dedicated
    Barry White - Love Songs
    Barry White - Sheet Music
    Bebe Winans - Dream
    Betty Davis - Betty Davis
    Betty Davis - Nasty Gal
    Anita Baker - Rapure
    Betty Wright - Betty Travellin' In The Wright Circle
    Beverly & Duane - Beverly & Duane
    Billy Ocean - Tear These Walls Down
    Black Ivory - Don't Turn Around
    Blades Of Grass - The Blades Of Grass Are Not For Smoking
    Bloodstone - We Go A Long Way Back
    Blue Magic - Blue Magic's Greatest Hits
    Blue Magoos - Electric Comic Book
    Bobby Caldwell - Soul Survivor
    Bobby Caldwell - Paradise Island Nights
    Bobby Hutcherson - Now
    Bobby Womack - Facts Of Life
    Bobby Womack - I Don't Know What The World Is Coming To
    Bobby Womack - Looking For Love Again
    Bobby Womack & J.J. Johnson - Across 110th Street
    Breakwater - Splash Down
    Brian Auger's Oblivian Express - Better Land
    Brooklyn Dreams - Brooklyn Dreams
    Cameo - Secret Omen
    Candi Staton - Young Hearts Run Free
    Chocolate Milk - Blue Jeans
    Chocolate Milk - Friction
    Collage - Get In Touch
    Creative Source - Creative Source And More
    Creative Source - Migration
    Creative Source - Pass The Feelin On
    Curtis Mayfield - Back To The World
    Curtis Mayfield - Chicago Soul
    Curtis Mayfield - Curtis
    Curtis Mayfield - Got To Find A Way
    Curtis Mayfield - Love
    Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up
    Curtis Mayfield - Never Say You Can't Survive
    Curtis Mayfield - Do It All Night
    Curtis Mayfield - Short Eyes Soundtrack
    Curtis Mayfield - Superfly Soundtrack
    Curtis Mayfield - Curtis Remixed
    Curtis Mayfield - Sweet Exorcist
    Curtis Mayfield - The Very Best of Curtis
    David Porter - If I Give It Up, I Want It Back
    Deneice Williams - My Melody
    David Ruffin - The Unreleased Album (Which is ironically, released)
    David Ruffin - The Ultimate David Ruffin
    Dennis Coffey - Evolution
    Dennis Coffey - Hair & Things
    Dennis Coffey - Goin' For Myself
    Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye - Diana & Marvin
    Dionne Wawick, Glen Campbell, and Burt Bacharach - On The Move
    Dollar Brand - African Piano
    Dollar Brand - Sangoma
    Don Julian & The Larks - Shorty The Pimp
    Donna Summer - Once Upon A Time

    ..that's just A-D of me looking through my cds and records that are in my house - I have 3 200+ CD albums in the car as well. All cds are purchased 'cuz I'm a music nerd like that..
  7. Dana Boy

    Dana Boy New Member

    Apr 11, 2004
    lol this kid listed rap music. Soft rap is not considered R&B. Theres a difference.

    Musiq Soulchild - 143, Brandnew (i think thats the name)
    Rome - Crazy Love
    Javier - Crazy
    Jodeci - Freakin You
    Al B. Sure - Nite N Day
    Luther Vandross - Here & Now
    Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing
    Bill Withers - Just The Two Of Us
    Anita Baker - Sweet Love
  8. reborn

    reborn Journalist

    May 25, 2000
    I can't believe I left out Al Green, Barry White, and Marvin Gaye. Oh and Stevie Wonder. There are so many old school artists to name, you can never go wrong with the classics.
  9. THRiLLaH

    THRiLLaH Snap, Crackle, Pop.

    Jul 31, 2000
    word.. Stevie is the shit.

    you should peep the R&B Haven
  10. The Jeus

    The Jeus _________

    Nov 5, 2002
    lol @ "any of you listen to it" in the R&B section
  11. Rezor_X

    Rezor_X New Member

    Dec 15, 2004

    this got moved dumb shit
  12. Rezor_X

    Rezor_X New Member

    Dec 15, 2004

    lol..... it's rnb to me

    but you're right
  13. The Jeus

    The Jeus _________

    Nov 5, 2002
    and i would know that...how?
  14. RnBFan

    RnBFan New Member

    Feb 9, 2005
    Man give me some Usher,R.Kelly,Marvin Gaye,Lauryn and Maxwell.
    Can't name everything

    At this website,you will find more rnb fans

  15. So Fo Real

    So Fo Real So Fo Real

    Jan 18, 2004
    Yea I consider Lauren Hill probably the most talented female artist in the hip hop community
  16. Rezor_X

    Rezor_X New Member

    Dec 15, 2004
    ok, now let's have a look see who's the dumbass

    why the hell would i post "who listens to RnB" in RnB haven??
    it's obvious the thread was moved...

    anyhow, movin on
  17. The Jeus

    The Jeus _________

    Nov 5, 2002
    that's twice with the unnecessarily profane name-calling...why so much hostility?

    anyway, to the point of this thread:
    112 - anywhere
    keith sweat - what is it
    ginuwine - so anxious
    boyz 2 men - i'll make love to you [straight to the point]
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