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Discussion in 'Writer's Block' started by allnakey, Mar 15, 2004.

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  1. allnakey

    allnakey Sex is no fun by yourself

    Mar 30, 2003
    What are some of your best lines. Lines that just made you go "damn i wrote that", or just lines that just mean a lot to you that really liked. Have fun go crazy and just quote so of your favorite lines that were written by you. I look through some old post and post some of mine later
  2. Psycho69

    Psycho69 A Soul Born In Verse

    Mar 17, 2002
    Dark skies serve as home
    To the faceless angels
    Kind faces smile at you
    Clothed in white robes
    While black wing spread
    The darkness is there
    In those that are good

    Tear apart my face
    See me for once
    Know the man you loved
    Isn't there anymore

    How stupid am I, I thought I really started to move on
    My feelings are not foregone, they're here, never gone
    My love permenantly here, unable to ever be withdrawn
    Your face forever imprinted into my thoughts and dreams
    You're more important then you seem, you are my queen
    If you aren't with me, clearly my love has gone unseen

    An uphill struggle, a constant battle inside of my mind
    I'm trying to move on without leaving my sanity behind

    The dream is over and that beauty is blinded by disgust
    The flame that burnt for you killed my heart, It’s just Dust...

    The sky shall darken and rain will fall but, by tomorrow
    It’ll dry, the sun will shine and I’ll overcome my sorrow..

    My life is like a balloon, that’s slowly being deflated

    I hurt myself yes, but I’m not trying to end my own life
    The knife can just help me deal with all of this strife
    I cut myself to bleed because it reminds me I’m alive
    Because blood is life and that fact helps me survive
    So as long as there’s blood flowing through my veins
    I will continue to fight to break away from the chains
    Because as long as I breathe then hope shall remain

    I place subconscious thoughts on to pieces of paper
    Insanity isn't understood, I guess I'm the translator

    These walls are closing in, I was free now I’m trapped
    I’ve snapped, it’s too hard to keep my sanity intact
    This place is too corrupt for me to want to adapt
    Unlivable conditions but I cannot make a transition
    I receive no recognition for my constant rendition
    Of subconscious thoughts we share that lack definition
    I'm invisible to those I love, visible to those I hate
    I'm twisted and not straight, all these problems I create
    It's clear that fate has left me without any soul mate
    I'm a rose down to its last petal, wilting, I'm dying
    I can't keep lying to myself, there is no more denying
    I fight to survive, I envy the dead, but remain alive
    A fufilling life and a peaceful death is all I contrived
    So I continue to thrive to figure out why it is I am
    The way I am, why I feel cut off from the rest of them

    I put my soul on paper, from my hand to the pen
    To the ink onto the paper time and time again
    My soul within the words, blueprints of myself
    Which is why these words can be so easily felt

    I cut myself and use the blood as ink to write
    Red words on to white paper for me to recite
    It’s my way of putting more of me in my work
    I exert myself, I take my thoughts and convert
    Them into words and insert them onto paper
    I serve as a translator, I’m but another creator
    Who gives definition to thoughts we all share
    Some are just unaware that they’re even there
    So I let then be shown and I let them be known
    I’m here to let you know that you are not alone

    I’m like a window, I’m invisible and see through
    I have nothing to reflect, I’m just a nothing to you
    It doesn’t take much for me to break and to shatter
    I’m am nothing, I go unseen, I do not even matter
    I need to breathe, I’m dying, I’m an unwatered seed
    At the speed this pain comes, I will never be free
    God, if you and your love exists, where is it for me?

    Death is my gift, so I'll unwrap it...

    I lie in my room and cause self inflicted wounds
    I live in the night without company of the moon
    Or the stars, as I slice open the once healed scars
    To cope with this cell I’m in with invisible bars

    I look in a mirror, it's cracked and cut into sections
    It distorts my reflection, signifying my imperfections

    My spirit torn asunder so now I'm left to wonder
    If I can piece it together or it remains as clutter

    Life became too vulgar to digest and I couldn't supress
    The lasting desire to stop this heart beat inside my chest

    So my heart remains behind a door, locked and awaiting
    One person to unlock it, because over time I'm fading
    It's awaiting the one person who won't attempt to try
    To hurt me, the one who I know couldn't make me cry
    They're the one with the key, but in reality that door
    Has no keyhole, for there's no one I can trust anymore
    For my heart must remain locked away as it will fade
    And regret ever feeling that love that once was made

    "Life only starts when one is in love
    And regardless of if you're loved back
    Your heart beats weren't for nothing
    With love, don't ever feel regret"

    Each memory of your kiss feels like death
    But I lack the strength to ever forget
    So I will kiss you a thousand more times
    And I will die a thousand more deaths
    Because I cannot help but love you

    But now you stay on my mind like graffiti on my brain
    Love had vandalized me and it’s now driving me insane

    Reminisce on the good and the bad or the unbearable
    Vague memories of good, vivid ones of the terrible

    But eventually my path will come to and end
    I die to be reborn and continue it once again
    The journey never stops, it must keep going
    At the end of this path there is a new beginning

    I lack the determination to fight for a transition
    From the mind state I got now that lacks definition
    I gave up on life then the problems began to pile
    I became hostile and concluded life isn’t worth while
    Now I go each day unable to achieve a simple smile

    No matter how high up I can get, I am just pulled down
    Even the happiest people trade in a smile for a frown

    Like a puzzle with missing pieces, I’m unfinished
    And over time more go missing as I slowly diminish

    I scream as the tears slowly stream down my face
    If I’m part of God’s plan then he made a mistake
    I’m a flaw in the blueprints, I’m a weak support
    In the structures of life, my life has been cut short
    The tears roll down my cheek, drip onto the floor
    I’m aching from within, decaying down to my core
    Puddles of tears, a rain storm from my own eyes
    Any truth that I receive are only lies in a disguise
    I’m unable to trust, in no one could I ever confide
    Like I turtle, I stick my head in the shell and hide

    So even thought you won't say it back, I'll say it to you
    I love you and I hope one day you might say it agan to

    You were an angel and I ran right into your arms
    As you did to me, till we fell and became lost souls
    Our love joined and drained us of all that we were
    Unpredicted results, with love you give up control

    blah I quoted more then I thought lol..
  3. allnakey

    allnakey Sex is no fun by yourself

    Mar 30, 2003
    "No matter how high up I can get, I am just pulled down
    Even the happiest people trade in a smile for a frown"

    I liked that one, I didn't read through them all but this one caught my eye. It kind of reminds me of how i am, Im a very moody person. Well keep the quotes a coming, just have fun with this
  4. iLL Script.

    iLL Script. ~Poetic~

    Dec 19, 2002
    You will find no happiness here in the dark
    Not a single ember, not one dying spark
    Completely conquered by the horrible pain
    There are only days filled with clouds and rain

    View the scars from the wounds to my soul
    Witness the difficult struggle to maintain control
    Be bombarded with all my doubts and fears
    Don’t drown in the well that supplies my tears

    couple lines i did when i collabed with mocha
  5. 49th Prophet

    49th Prophet Dark Magic Inferno

    Jul 18, 2003
    This is some of my deepest shit, it was a poem I posted called "Mind Stimulation"

    The sun is bright and yellow
    sometimes it is hot
    it hurts my eyes to look at it
    but I still look an awful lot
    the pavement is grey
    cars drive on the road
    I want some ice cream
    maybe rocky road
    If grass didnt grow
    we wouldnt have to cut it
    but we still have to mow
    or it looks ugly.

    I see a bird
    a bird has a beak
    he eats worms in the morning
    then at night he goes to sleep
    sometimes I sleep
    usually when Im tired
    I get in trouble when leprechauns
    tell me to play with fire
    I have to go drink some chocolate milk.
  6. Anaphora

    Anaphora was here

    Jan 17, 2004
    But when the door closed my poor clothes chose to stay inside...

    And in growing rage
    I couldn't gauge the frame of mind
    my brain would find
    to sustain for time
    yet retain some sign
    of life in the cage of strife
    I detained myself in.

    "No worries" I said to kill the dread following my choice here
    And though it cracked from lack of moisture, my voice was sure.

    Bah, self quoting, fun, but too self indulgent for me just right now... (maybe when I'm drunk. haha)
  7. Dark_Angel

    Dark_Angel Dark_Angel

    Jul 15, 2003
    I'm not one to quote myself, so i will quote something i love

    'Its the pause between ur sentences
    The space between your breaths
    Its what you dont believe in
    And what remains when nothings left
    Its the inside and the outside
    And all the spaces in between
    Its the silence that will deafen you
    And the void that dulls your screams"
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