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Discussion in 'Lipstick Gallery' started by Rizzie, Sep 28, 2006.

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    Feb 14, 2004
    Aight I bought this 8 dvd set of the 3 stooges and the company name on it is ATI. All of the dvds are dvd-r or something like that, not even a real dvd format disc like you would buy retail. And the cover art is cheesy like some kid made it. Anyway the problem is that on the 8 dvds there are 5 episodes each. Whats fucked up is that there are no menus and no chapter slections. So if you want to go to the next episode you have to fast forward through one whole episode. Pain in the ass. Now on the back of their dvd package it reads this:

    "Works permitted on this DVD are in Public Domain. Content researched finding all copyrights expired or lapsed through time or non renewal. Accordingly we claim ownership and are legally authorized to replicate without permission or license."

    Then there is a WARNING that reads: The program contained in this DVD is authorized for private use only. Copyright proprietor retains all other rights. Federal law provides severe criminal and civil penalties for those made to be in violation".

    Now the thing I want to do is to copy all of the episodes, put them in chapters and make it hell of alot easier, and then sell it on ebay. Now if I was to do that would I be in any legal trouble or wrong in doing so?? Someone please let me know cause I'm already in the process of getting all this done right now. Thanks in advance.
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