Prototype and Mainstream

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    Nov 27, 2009
    Prototype and Mainstream

    Picks up his pen and pad, can’t think of what to write
    No matter how hard he tries, never got it right,
    Dreams of performing on a big stage and rapping in his mic,
    Slept all day, and was working all through the night
    Pours his heart and soul into his work over 2 summers,
    Hopes it pays off so he can finally get that hummer,
    Takes his mixtape everywhere hoping to finally get a deal,
    One record label shows interest, but say he needs more mass appeal,
    “Put on this fitted hat, and get some baggier jeans,
    Throw on this shirt, because that one is tearing at the seams,
    As for your lyrics they’re way too complex, you gotta dumb it down,
    Remember your target audience; they won’t appreciate this sound”,
    He stands there still as if he couldn’t understand,
    “If you take away all that, it’s not me, it’s a different man”.
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