Pride, only name i can think of for this

Discussion in 'Poetry Realm' started by Shibbymet, Jun 30, 2003.

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  1. Shibbymet

    Shibbymet New Member

    May 7, 2003
    you just cant understand my crazy demeanor
    ima pimp, pusha, player and a swinga’
    out of the rest I’m known as the meanest
    even my hundred dollar bills be the greenest
    you take me as a chump son
    attitudes all different when your starin at my gun, huh
    and next time you mother fuckers wanna hate
    take a day in my life and live through the trouble I make
    and my chrome in a whole nother zone
    the way your eyes hypnotized by the wheels
    shits got you thinkin I’m rollin in the fuckin batmobile
    everyone who envy’s is one in the same
    they’re just like the celtics…they aint got no game
    you fuckers who wanna take me in a rap battle
    my rhymes so strong they make the whole building rattle
    my rhymes are known to crush alotta shit
    leave in the cold for you to stagger and shit
    if you was benethe me you couldn't even see me from above
    and quit takin fuckin pictures wit ya usly ass mom, haha
    im the best for this reason
    im ready to rap in all four seasons
    believe it
    my ways can be therapeutic
    cus my ways can nail you in the chest like cupid
    im the best all around
    while others prices seem to go up and down
    people seem to claim that they know who "gangstas" be
    you ain’t a fuckin gangsta if your from Braintree
    so fuck it
    I mean what I say
    and for some reason you cant turn away
    tryin to be the best I’m the mold you see
    I’m the kinda player that’ll give my fuckin team the lead
    knock me on the ground, gimme a couple hits
    ain’t shit motha fucka, guess what? I’m used to it
    "I’m the greatest!" took that line from Ali
    but fuck that two of my shots would have him on his knees
    but god damn I found a new way
    and god damn it’s a new day
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