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Discussion in 'the Onslaught' started by overdosemuzik, Apr 28, 2004.

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    Apr 28, 2004
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    April 28, 2004 Global News & Press Release Distribution

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    All Press Releases for March 15, 2004
    Tribal Warfare: Bobbi Blaq is a Rap Monster
    Be on the lookout for this phenomenal new rapper out of California. He's sure to blaze airwaves from coast to coast in the coming year!

    Chicago, IL (PRWEB) Mar. 15, 2004 -- East San Jose born Bobbi Blaq first entered the scene as a concert Jazz musician adapting to every instrument he picked up with only a couple of exceptions. As a young child of 9 years old he took to reading music, though it was not a surprise to his instructors. Because of his love for music he developed a “truth” in his art that seems to be lacking in the industry. His music is solely his own. From the beat to the finished product, it all comes from deep within his own essence. Nothing Bobbi had produced from the start has ever been written by anyone else.

    Once asked in an interview with “X-Treme magazine” who the first artist that first made an impression on him he responded, “Grover Washington Jr.” As a youngster Bobbi Heard Grover pouring through the speakers of his father's stereo. Bobbi goes on to say,“I love his album, Live at the Bayou 1976. My dad had a lot of records and that was one of them. I played sax along with that record and many more.”

    Although Bobbi's family really didn't support his dream of becoming a successful artist, Bobbi never gave up his dream and has now become of the true contenders in the industry. He says that the reason for his continued efforts toward success is fueled by his belief that God placed him here to help people see happiness and truth on this earth. It's my gift and I am compelled to use it. - Every musician is a crazy person. There are many different people inside of me - You may only see one side of me one time a year, yet I always change, just like the weather, with the same morals, the same beliefs. Just by the grace of God a person like myself, can get paid to do what he loves.

    Before Bobbi came to the realization that the life he had been living was one that would ultimately cause him to loose his way and even more importantly possibly his life was the birth of his son Blaze. “Without him nothing would have slowed me down in the direction I was going before he was born. And it was not a good direction.”

    The Experience:
    As I sat and listened to a CD recently I heard the future of hip-hop. Normally when I pop in a CD to review it, I skim through the whole thing, give each song about 30 seconds, then I return to the beginning and listen to the whole CD in its entirety. I do this so I can decide which songs I feel are attention catching, potential hits and which are mistakes that should have never been added to the Album. You know the song I mean, when you say, “Oh this song isn’t as good as the others.” For the first time in a long time, I listened to the whole CD from beginning to end in my first sitting. I was shocked when the CD ended. I realized that I went into a zone and I actually felt like I wanted to hear the whole CD a second time.

    Every since that day, I’ve had this CD in my player. I was instantly turned into a fan. Bobbi Blaq is the future!

    As I slipped B.o.b.b.i Blaq into the CD player, I immediately felt a change in the atmosphere. It reminded me of the intoxicating sound of groups like Outkast, Wu-Tang and the Neptunes. The beats selected for Bobbi’s music are pure platinum radio play with claps, snaps and all kind of clever sound blends and samples.

    Then you have this 22 year old kid named Bobbi Blaq rapping with masterful and witty punch lines for days. In many peoples opinion, his hardcore flows would rip any signed artist in the game, a new back pocket. The Journey begins even from the very introduction of his music. Bobbi paints a vivid picture of the world through his eyes. I couldn’t quote his album word for word in two or even three listenings. His vocabulary is strong, colorful and exciting.

    I also thought of groups like The Roots and Common Sense. But Bobbi is on a whole different level, with gangsta flows and a “delivery” that can’t be topped by the local post office! Bobbi spits heat when he says, “I rebuild hoes like engines, make a hood-rat a top notch with good suspension.” On another joint he says, “Better pop pills, when I bring pain, or try to dodge me like the Ram, man, I’m ready to play like Harrison Ford and blame it on the one armed man.”

    I have to be honest, I’m about to introduce Bobbi Blaq to everyone I know. It’s a wrap!

    Check out Bobbi Blaq and his label overdose music at:

    Be on the lookout for this revolutionary kid to raid TV and Radio airwaves soon!

    The Experience by: Steven Jennings aka Mikey Jukes
    Bio Provided by Wuli @

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    B.O.B.B.I Blaq
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