Prepare Ya Self (CYPHER) Make it Ill 4 Real

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by Funasty, Dec 17, 2005.

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  1. Funasty

    Funasty New Member

    Jan 1, 2003
    Just drop some bars, bout how you prepare for a situation comin, it could be from a fight or a loved one dieing, just explain how ya mind works and how you prepare, something you constantly have in thought, let's get this cypher thread goin again.

    I preparing for the third round with one of my family/
    See the Dapping up with fake pounds, acting happy../
    Pre-game scrapping at midnight, I'mma get nasty/
    Last time, the second round he bashed me, kept blasting/
    This meeting no relaxing, start abusing with beatings, keep snappin/
    Until ya eyeline bleed in fractions, it just ready to expolde/
    All ya boy knows, helping the situation grow and go/
    Instigation is disrespect but a must, no more trust/
    Waiting for the drunk talkin and the bull-rush, knuckles bust/
    Visualizing my step back and throw the full-solid punch../
    Realizing my ability is growin, just develops my focus/
    I'm might leave cut open, but my foe won't show motion../
  2. M-theory

    M-theory Saint Esprit

    Jan 4, 2001
    Preparation H
    it's about to go up my butthole
    it's gonna be cold like icicles
    got hemmeroids from sittin on a frozen tricycle
    in canada

    and after that i'm gonna eat mexican foods
    but no burritos, i don't serve guidos...
    it's all a preparation story
    i'm raisin' statutory like purple californians
    malnutrition performance
    and the door man better hold my onions

    because my rectum is melting like ice cream
    and i'm wearing tight jeans

    i got a few places to wipe cream
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