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    Apr 11, 2004

    Sisters at War
    Kressenia’s Lullaby

    My baby sister was filled with life, love and her heart was pure
    A beautiful young woman but she was a constant chore
    An annoyance to me as I begged her to stop acting so immature
    Her mouth hyperactive like ocean waters crashing against the shore
    Oblivious to the world while acting as if life has not mattered
    Keeping a watchful eye, unnoticed or at least from what I’ve gathered
    Her name was Ciara with long hair and eyes that could make it rain
    Physically, we were the same, both possessing an hourglass frame
    But my smile was contagious and could light up a dark room
    Two beautiful sisters at war, inevitably waiting to spark doom
    We lived with our mother who was slowly becoming weak
    Struggling through poverty, barely able to make ends meat
    I watch her suffering, alone, without being able to help
    Arguing with my sister neglecting how my mother felt
    I did love my family profusely, regardless of the words I said
    Screaming throughout the house but apologetic before bed
    However the feud between my sister and I reached it’s climax
    “Give it back bitch!!” I shouted as our mother told us to relax
    She had taken my tank top again and said she "didn’t take shit"
    Mom plead for us to stop and say sorry so we did, but I faked it
    I glared as she walked away, blatantly ripping a piece off
    The clothing was minuscule but she did it just to piss me off
    But I decided to be the better sibling and let it go, for my mother’s sake
    She had enough to endure; she didn’t need her girls expressing hate

    One day we were arguing while walking home from school
    I told her those boys only wanted sex, “nu uh!” she was a fool
    She proclaimed they just wanted hang out and talk to her
    Exclaiming that she was in control and they were not stalkers
    I pleaded with her to think intelligently, “this is dangerous”
    She told me to mind my own business and I ‘wasn’t her mother’
    She said these guys were different; they were like her brothers
    Then she stormed off ahead, angry, I told her not to go too far
    She was eventually out of my sight as she vanished behind a car
    I arrived and those boys from before had her pinned on the ground
    I jumped in front of Ciara, I told them to leave this part of town
    They refused with grimacing smiles, laughing as they pulled out knives
    I told Ciara to get ready to run, I knew they were going to take our lives
    Their faces reeked of lust like every other prepubescent teenager
    I moved closer to Ciara praying God would send an extreme savior
    Breathing heavily, eyes focused on us with no intention to retreat
    Like a K9 whose nostrils have just acquired the scent of fresh meat
    One of them moved closer, I pushed Ciara away and she ran
    He grabbed me and I pushed him violently into his parent’s minivan
    This made him angry as he signaled the other two boys to restrain me
    I looked back and saw that Ciara had got away, now they attempted to maim me
    I bit one and kicked the other in the testicles while the third grabbed my hair
    I continued to fight to get free until suddenly I felt my clothing tear
    A heartbreaking chill overwhelmed me as one placed the knife at my throat
    I felt trapped and questioned my survival, suddenly I had lost all hope
    The one that was grabbing my hair had his knife barely touching my back
    I figured to keep me from making a sound while they continued their sexual attack
    I screamed to draw attention as they panicked, pushing a knife through my chest
    I felt my lungs fill up with blood as they removed their hands from my breast
    “Why did you stab her?!?” one screamed as fear handicapped their feet
    I slowly fell backwards, as my head bounces and cracked the concrete
    Blood leaked from my mouth and my body started to cool, eyes felt heavy
    “Am I….going to die?” I thought while I laid they motionless, blood becoming steady
    “Let’s get out of here!” another shouted as I started to hear the sirens get loud
    Ciara must have called the police; I smiled as I gazed at the clouds
    I never really noticed the colors, shapes and beauties that where in the sky
    I suddenly felt hands putting pressure on my back when I was just ready to fly
    The EMTs checked my vitals as I looked around for a friendly face
    Ciara and my mother ran to me as I spit out this bloody taste
    They were tearful as I desperately reached out for Ciara’s hand
    She grabbed it firmly as I struggled to focus, they didn’t understand
    I was moments from death, my voice reverts down to a whisper
    I told my mother I loved her so much and that I was too weak to kiss her
    She said I felt cold and I ignored her knowing that my time was up
    I told Ciara that I really loved her despite being a pain in the butt
    As I continued to look at her, I told her how much she meant to me
    All those long nights that she would just sit there and vent to me
    Were the best times of my life, that part she needed to know
    “Baby sis…” I cried out exhaustively as I turn to the sky to reach for a glow
    I slowly drifted away as their lips mouthed “Noooo!” I saw black
    I had become an angel and I was blessed with a heavenly track
    I watched the funeral in tears at all the loved ones that showed
    My casket was mahogany wood and I was beautifully clothed
    In my hands were pink and yellow flowers, prepared by my mother
    She was always very talented despite her body fighting against her
    The ceremony was beautiful, filled people I didn’t know, I wondered who they were
    I stood in the church, invisible but I was happy mom knew I loved her
    The Reverend handed Ciara the flowers that I was holding gently
    He said it symbolized me and that they should belong with someone close to me
    Ciara looked down at the flowers as, from behind, I wrapped my arms around her
    My lips in her ear, I whispered, “Take care of mom.” her eyes began to blur
    Her smile has become as bright as mine like I had given her my own
    While I hugged her I said, “I love you Ciara, you will never be alone…”


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