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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by SpoonFull, Dec 18, 2006.

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    Mar 13, 2002

    i read this whole post, the others i was drunk and impatient and that was a lot to read, when i think i got the gist of it from the other dude.

    i get a lot of my knowledge about this stuff because i read and studied multiple times "scrawny to brawny" by the mens health guys. its a 200 page book that explains everything in great detail and it has worked for me.

    my moms a nutritionist and everytime she saw me choking down a last bite of steak, drinking creatine, whey protein, and weight gainers, she would ask me why i forced myself to eat so much and I told her because i had to to gain weight. she didnt believe in the creatine or the whey or the weight gainer shakes, and told me i should jsut take it easy. eat what i want and relax, dont try to shove food in my stomach until i cant fit anymore, dont take the bullshit gnc products, and just chill out and be easy.

    this was about 13 months ago.

    well, i decided maybe i would listen to her and see if it started helping me gain, because it sounded a lot easier and hey, she does have a phd so why not give it a shot.

    well i did and after the first 2 months of keeping the same workout intensity and using her diet plan, i lost 10 pounds. so much for that.

    everybody is different like i say but here, take this for example

    theres 1 ectomorph, ecto a lets say, who weighs 140 pounds. he works out the same as ecto b. he eats mostly what he wants to eat, taking in the same caloric intake as ecto b, but he eats a lot more of what he wants to eat. instead of the constant chicken, steak, veggies, protein, he eats whatever he feels like. pizza, burgers, this, that, maybe a little wendies every now and then because hey, he needs that fat right?

    then theres 2, ecto b. he also weighs 140 pounds. he works out the same as ecto a. he also take in the same amount of calories. however he has a very strict diet. he eats lots of veggies, chicken, steak, fish oil, everything nutritious and high in protein. never eats junk food and always looks at the lables very carefully to make sure its high in calories, protein and very healthy.

    who do you think is going to look and feel better after say, 6 months?

    i'd go with ecto b.
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