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  1. D W E L

    D W E L Controlled Mayhem

    Oct 29, 2004
    I don't know exactly where I stand but I do know I am for it. Me and my ma almost got into it over this topic. She said "why cant they use older people who have died and donated organs?" Does anyone agree with that? I personally dont. It may sound ignant but I think if it's still a embryo or whatever, it's fair game for stem cell research.

    I also think anti-abortion people who bomb clinics are approved hypocrites.
  2. Ghet-Ghet

    Ghet-Ghet Guest

    Stem cell via aborted children research is helpful, but in the end, cell reversal is much more important.

    Any progress achieved with stem cell research via aborted babies is pointless. Why?

    You loose a... lung. You use an aborted child to produce a lung for you. Guess what? The DNA within the stem cell is not YOUR DNA, so even if you manage to manufacture a lung, be prepared for your white blood cells to attack it relentlessly since it is alien to your structure.

    The only way any organ regeneration technology can occur is when you reverse the cell structure of the current patient back into a stem cell. This way, the patient's DNA is maintained so that organs created from stem cells will not be attacked by white blood cells.

    Kerry and every liberal alive will never ever ever tell you this because, to the Leftist Party, abortion is more important then scientific progress.
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