Polygamy & Islam

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  1. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    How does this not fit in line with religious thinking? You act like those homosexuals have no sexual rights. Ask any gay they will tell you an
    asshole receives. Whether you find this natural is not for you to decide, For homosexuals don't wager heterosexual sex is wrong. And there are countless studies which state homosexuality is how they were biologically born. Energy is not wasted in pure sex? The word pure sex is funny to me... I think God made it pretty clear sex is a sin casted upon adam and eve because they disobyed God. You advocate against homosexuals because religious dogma has demagogue your thoughts. Even the child comes from Sin. LOL! So for you to cast stones at homosexuals is quite Ironic, And the reason This religious scripture must eventually go all together. Two men can Adopt and give a child a happy home. And there are countless studies which point to kids of Homosexuals growing up no different than kids of heterosexuals.
    You're argument is religiously intune.

    That is intune with religious thinking.

    Whatever happend to the womens right to choose? You are no better than the religious nuts who indocternate these resentments. You're thinking falls right in line with them. This is the problem of the Scriptures which you and them follow. You don't think there is no big business with NO ABORTION? However there is, and it's called chruches. The more people they get siding with them the more money they make. You side with them, there is no progress made with your revolution. They're the BIGGEST MONOPLY IN THE WORLD, A BUNCH OF NO TAX PAYING DEMAGOGUES! The thing none of you take in to account with your Self righteousness is That women can be raped, molested, have brith defects, or that they simply have the freedom to choose. But you do not want to give these people the freedom to choose anything. They're is no difference between a parent teaching their kids the brids and the bee's or a school teaching them sex education. Some kids listen, some kids don't. I had a sex education class and it promoted everything from wait until your an adult and wear a condom, it's promoting protection and awareness not go out and have procreational sex. That was a strech. sexual awareness should be taught in school and at home? is it better to be ignorant of sex and place it in the cloest with homosexuals so people turn out like demagogues, so Aid's can really sky rocket, so up tight christians can keep molesting little boys and hide their homosexuality in the cloest. It is better to educate the sexually misinformed than not at all, whether they listen is their freedom of choice.

    of course you are, You follow the Dogma of religious thinking.
    Put to death? That's not every humane thinking.
    perhaps a lobotomy will stop rapist?

    That's not true, You even went to great links to show me how much you are against homosexuals and still are. Stop repeating yourself. Sound like a broken record. I cleared this up on the first reply. Well azue, if they don't have kids, It's not matter of you telling them they aren't parents, it's a matter of no kids being persent to make them parents. LOL! And you don't get to tell anyone they can't artificially inseminate. The Adoption option is not always available to everyone the waiting lists are long so artificially insemination is the next best alternative.
  2. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
  3. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    Oh I am ready! trust me.

    The first part of my revolution started in my head. And it has not stayed there. God like religion is opium for the masses. I'm sick of people being dependant on Drugs or God to get them through life. Noone needs religion or God, only the weak and those with agendas do. The whole part of the revolution is to change this Co-dependancy.

    I'm not asking them to be me. I'm asking them to see the rationale truth. I'm asking them to not be afraid any more. I'm asking them to
    acknowledge the fact God did not create them and never wanted them.
    I'm asking them to look at logical and rationale thought. I'm just a vessel
    giving this eye opening message. People will fight me on it, But I will never leave my cause to better their enlightment. They can call me ever name in the book, they can label me anything they want, I don't give a shit anymore.

    How do I rely on faith azue? I think therefore I am, the real reason why God does not play with dice? Is because god never existed in the first place. The intellecuals failed centuries ago, I've studied history, I won't make their same mistakes.

    No it wouldn't. I've studied the past to see where I am going.
    I see the whole picture.

    that's your opinion of me, OK!

    My revolution has been brewing inside, its time for emergence is near.
    soceity does need its face completely removed and I am the surgent for the job. Make no mistake, I'm dead serious!
  4. Anidawehi

    Anidawehi "-----"

    Oct 23, 2005
    Your perception is off. The only religion that teaches that sex cannot be pure is Christianity. The fact that you associate sex with impurity, proves that you were raised in a Christian home. No other people, anywhere in the world, consider sex to be impure.

    Original sin comes from Christian beliefs. I don't believe in original sin.

    Adam and Eve are a biblical concept. I don't believe in Adam and Eve.

    My statement about homosexual sex being a wastage of energy is not me casting stones at homosexuals. It is a fact. Homosexual sex cannot create that pure transfer of energy that a man and woman can. Does that mean that straight people are having pure sex? Of course not. 999,999 out of 1,000,000 times, straight sex is no different than homosexual sex because the people are just wasting energy. They are ignorant to the possibilities. The difference is, they can learn pure sex and they can impliment it into their relationship. Homosexuals cannot impliment pure sex into their relationship.

    That said, I don't have a problem with homosexuals. I do disagree with it and I do have that right and you trying to tell me that I don't is completely ridiculous. You push your views of acceptance onto everybody and that is wrong. I accept the people as human beings and I treat them no differently than I do straight people. But if they ask me what I think about homosexuality, I won't lie to them. It is a worthless form of sex. It produces neither pure energy nor life and therefore is no different than animal sex.

    I didn't say they have no sexual rights. I even said that if they want to do it, it doesn't matter one bit to me. I've never said that homosexuals can't have sex with each other. I just said they're wasting energy and it's worthless sex. That's all. If they want to do it, go ahead. But they won't be satisfied. They never are. Most straight people aren't either, because they do not understand the possibilities.

    You are trying to tie what I said to religion and it does not have ties to religion. My view of homosexuality is based on the science of Tantra. Tantra is not a religion. Tantra provides scienctific techniques to experience and has absolutely nothing to do with religion.

    They did choose. When they chose not to wear protection and to let the man cum inside of them. That was a choice. I'm all for that choice. I'm also for people being held responsible for their actions. We cannot have a world full of people fucking up and not having to be held responsible.

    You have never taken into consideration the damage that abortion causes to the woman's body. Abortion clinics don't like to inform women of that either. I know 3 women who have had abortions and all three of them regret it to this day. I've spoken with countless others who have had abortions, as well, and they regret it to this day. In fact, no woman that I have ever met who has had an abortion is happy with her choice. The abortion clinics act as if they are just sucking out an unwanted cyst or something. It is not a cyst. It is a human being in the early stages of development. Those cells are attached to the woman and she can feel them. When they suck out those cells and throw them away, the woman feels changes instantly in her body. Part of her has been destroyed. You clearly are regurgitating their words for them and have very little first hand knowledge on the subject.

    No offense
  5. Anidawehi

    Anidawehi "-----"

    Oct 23, 2005
    Why do you always use the same techniques? I know how you function Menaz, it won't work with me. Trying to attach my beliefs to Christianity (or whatever religion you like) does not work. I am not a Christian. I don't follow religion.

    It is amusing to me that you call other people (Thrilla) an idiot for calling me a Jew when I've clearly stated that I'm not Jewish . . . but then you turn right around and imitate him by calling me a "religious nutt" because I'm against abortion. I'm not religious. I've made very clear. You're getting emotional and you're resorting to childish lower-mind tactics.

    Bring it back up if you want pretend you're an intellectual. Otherwise we may as well end this conversation. I have given you non-religious/clear arguments against both homosexuality AND abortion. You are not even considering them. Your mind is conditioned to thinking the opposite. You believe you are a leader of some sort of revolution. If you were, you would consider what I've said to you. But you don't consider things. You're reactionary. That is why you nor your revolution (real or imagined) will never succeed. You cannot see what is really in front of you.

    Inhumane? They are murders, rapists and child molesters . . . haha
    They threw out their rights when they threw out the other people's rights.
    The death penalty is done by lethal injection. It is much more humane than any natural death they would ever receive.

    A murderer, rapist or child molester does not deserve life. It is that simple. Life is a gift that we all are given. If we wish to maintain our life then we must learn how to play nicely with one another. If we do not respect other's lives, we cannot expect others to respect ours.

    That is not religious. That is logical. There is a HUGE difference and you of all people should know that. Religion says: God said they should be put to death."
    Religion does not give a logical reason. I have said, "They should be put to death." I gave a logical reason. I may be in aggreement with religion on this particular small subject, but you and I have agreed on a few subjects. That doesn't mean we're working towad the same goal. Think outside of your box.

    That makes perfect sense. Let's turn them into a veggie and then tax payers can pay for them to lay in bed and do nothing the rest of their lives! Wonderful solution, Menaz. *Applauds*


    I am not against homosexuals. I'm not against their sex. I am neither for it, nor against it. I feel the same way about homosexual sex as I do Hillbilly sex.
  6. Anidawehi

    Anidawehi "-----"

    Oct 23, 2005
    Then what are you waiting for, chief?
    Why are you talking to me about it if you're ready?
    Shouldn't you be enlightening the world to your godless and happy existence?

    You have forgotten one thing and it is the most important and if you begin to succeed, I will remind you of it in front of the world and your whole revolution will come to a close.

    What are you offering them in exchange? The truth? What is the truth Menaz? That they are alone in the universe and that all they have are their animal instincts and material world wants? That's the truth? You've clearly never felt the Spirit. They have. They won't listen to you.

    Yes, you are. If you wasn't then you would let them be them and believe whatever they want to believe. Funny how you point your finger in my direction and say, "Let homosexuals do what they want, it's not your business." Yet you turn right around and in the greatest display of hypocrisy you say to Christians and Muslims and Jews, "There is no God, stop believing in God!"

    What happened to your belief in letting people live as they choose, so long as they aren't infringing on your rights to live?


    There's another major flaw in your revolution.
    I've found two so far and you haven't even clearly states what your goal is.
    If you did that, I could tear apart your entire revolution with one reply.

    No, you're asking them to see the rational truth that you see.
    What if your rationality is lacking? What if you are wrong?
    Have you ever considered that?

    You are not agnostic. Stop using the term please.
    Agnostics do not seek to take people's faith away.
    That is not an agnostic mentality.

    I suppose they can turn from their religion toward you and you will protect them?
    What do you want out of this revolution, Menaz? Power? You won't get it. You don't have what it takes to be a powerful man. It would destroy you.

    I thought you were agnostic? Oops

    Why would you ask them to acknowledge something that they cannot prove? You are asking them to exchange their faith in God for a faith in nothing. It won't happen. I'm telling you flat out, it will not work. It simply will not work. I'm not saying that to be a dick. I'm saying it because it is true.

    But go ahead and try. Just send me an PM or something and let me know what your name is so I can keep an eye on your revolution. Should be interesting to watch. I've never seen somebody set out on a mission so unprepared and fall flat on their face before.

    No, you are asking them to accept your rational thought. But your rational thought means nothing to them. People who have felt the Spirit move through them know that it is real. It is not rational. I am a very rational person and I can't explain that. I've tried and tried. The only explanation that I could come up with is the view of God that I have. The Spirit is real. Unless you've experienced it, then you cannot understand. It is not rational. It does not fit into the world of the five senses. What makes you so certain that reality depends upon your ability (or inability) to perceive?

    It never has occurred to you, that you may actually be wrong, has it?
    Never even crossed your mind.

    Really, sounds like a religious statement. What are you carrying inside of you Mr. Vessel? Or should I ask, "Who are you carrying inside of you?"

    You're not a vessel. You're a misguided kid from the midwest who wants to be part of something but could never fit in and so he's created this revolution of sorts to attract people to him.

    [funny] @ Vessel

    That sounded very religious. I've heard people say that in church numerous times. They say, "I am a vessel and it is the spirit speaking through me."

    I thought you taught rational thought? Is something other than you controlling you? Dude, you just fucked up right there in a major way. You sound like somebody who is possessed. You do realize that you will be called an Antichrist, right?

    I thought you didn't believe in enlightenment?
    Buddha taught enlightenment. You actually teach the complete opposite of what Buddha taught. You're teaching that all these is the lower-level man. You teach the mind. You don't teach enlightenment . . . [funny]

    Just stop Menaz, you sound silly.

    Prove that you are correct. Prove that your sources are correct. You cannot. You have faith in them being correct. You have faith that you are correct. You cannot prove it.

    You are no different than them. You want to believe in God. But you cannot experience God because you don't believe in Ruach HaKodesh. You don't believe in the Holy Spirit, do you?

    Would you answer that question for me? Do you believe in the Holy Spirit? Yes or No?

    If they had failed then you wouldn't know who they are.

    You are not King Messiah. You are falling into the role of the Antichrist (as least you're trying to). You will not save anybody because you don't even know where to lead them. You know that you don't know where you're going. You don't have a destination. And somebody will call you on it. You have learned everything you are typing out.

    You're just a lonely kid. That's all.

    No, you don't see the whole picture. Nobody can.

    No, your loneliness has been brewing inside. You just want to fit in.
    And what is a surgent?
  7. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004

    What I pointed out, Was how your thinking is intune with the Christians. You're argument is no different from the Christian argument. Don't they? This is the same rethroic Jews and muslims preach. I'm pointing out how hypocritical you are. Again trying to call me christian. I study all my enemies for a reason azue.

    Of course you casted stones at homosexuals. But you hide behind the mask.
    You sound like a Broken record. Keep spinning on repeat azue. That is no different than saying Adam and Eve not adam and steve. It's so hypocritical and dumb. You're idea of pure sex is right intune with Christian Dogma. Please!

    How can you disagree with someone elses Sexual preference when it doesn't have anything to do with you? Complete nazism. No fag is against your heterosexuality. I'm so sick of you playing demagogue. How can you say you treat homosexuals no differently than straight people when you already are against their Seuxal preference and tell them their sex is impure. Though Bioligical studies show homo's are born that way. It's a alot different than Aminal sex, Because they are human beings with higher intelligence who make decisions based out of love for one another. Homosexuals can't help they love the opposite sex because they were bioloigically born that way. lets not Not forget, Any hetero or Homo can be promiscuous. I'll tell you whats not sexually pure, when two dumb Heterosexuals Fuck like rabbits creating a wedlock child they can't support so they Neglect the child and it has to grow up in foster care were it gets raped, develops Hateful feelings, and thumbs its nose at world.

    it's like saying Perhaps Jews are Pigs.

    but it does matter alot to you. You are calling their sex worthless for no reason other than hateful stupity. Anytime I cum, it doesn't seem worthless and I am very Satisfied. And My Girl is very staisfied as well. Gay people see it the
    same way. Gay people are like the Married couple who can Physically have children so they adopt. So there goes your worthless sex nonsense.

    Just say your for Abstinence already.

    Because it does fall in line with some form of stupid religion. science of tantra, What bullshit! more like junk science of Tantra. Man on man, woman on woman, either or can pratice those Sexual moves of the acient times. Which is comes from Sanskrit the sacred language of Hinduism. Tell me your not relating this with religion. AZUE PLEASE! You are RELIGION, you just Mask that truth.

    No women choose to be raped. No women choose to be molested. No women choose for her child to be mentally retared. No women choose for a condem to break during the passionate act of intercourse. We also can't have a world full of non-thinking demagogues.

    You have never taken into the consideration that is their choice.

    Hearsay, I know 5 women who have had abortions and none of them regret it.

    Hearsay, I've spoken with countless other who have had abortions, too, and they don't regret it to this day.

    that's because every women you talk to now goes to chruch. Funny, Women I've meant are happy about it.

    This is right in line with the Christian fundumentalist.
    That's not your deicison or God's, that is the womans.
    And if the women chooses Those unwanted cells they'll go to Help people like Christopher reeves try to walk again. Stop cherry-picking the arguments.
  8. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    Correction, I know how you work, So why even Hide the fact, your intune with Christians? Unless you have a Agenda? You do follow religion everyone on this site at one point in time has agreed your full of shit and follow the scriptures. You follow the Scriptures word for word. What they don't know is You mask it. That is were they make their mistake. I see right through you azue. You overreacted to something I said about your God. You never know when to keep your Big Mouth shut, This is why you will never make a good leader. You're indeed a puppet.

    I call thrilla an Idiot, because he is an idoit. We both know this.
    To say otherwise makes you polemicist.

    You are a jew. you are not a jew. you are a jew. you are not a jew.
    You lie so much you've become the little boy who cried wolf.
    You are a religious nut you want religion in politics Something Called a Theocracy. You've made it very clear you are intune completely with Religious Dogma.

    Bring it back up? Does that include making long replies about NOTHING like you do? No you have given me Hateful, condescending stupid replies of immaturity which are intune with Religious Groups rationale. LOL@ you name calling I must really have you Upset. It doesn't matter what you think of me. You're not long for this world anyway. Right, You have Motherships to get on. And figuratively speaking, masquerade Masks to hide behide. WOW!

    even you claim God says they should be put to death? More proof you are intune with these Religious dogmas. Lethal injection is not Humane, Infact in alot of cases the prisoners were completely aware of what was going on and could feel themselves dying painfully, Becuase the Doseage of what makes them Sleep and Paralyzed wasn't enough. It's actually been quite Painful since they are aware of what is going on as they die.


    Complete contradiction. You just proved you follow religious dogma.
    The logic is to follow the Dogma of religion behide a mask, that is your logic. Maybe in Agreement? more like the Dogma tells you exactly how to think.

    It was actually a satirical Question aimed at making fun of your answer, But I expected a condescending reactionary tactic since that is what you are all about.Cost more to Excute people than to People them Behide bars.Infact, Various state governments estimate that a single death penalty case, from the point of arrest to execution, ranges from $1 million to $3 million, and could be as high as $7 million per case. However, cases resulting in life imprisonment average approximately $500,000, including the cost of incarceration. Applaud me Indeed. You're religious intuned dogma is terrible for the economy.

    How do you feel about Hillbilly sex? Speaking in euphemism now, because you can't say what is really on your mind? You're such a chicken shit. always have been. You fear everyone. You're a walking contradiction That is why you hide. that is why you are untrust worthy. That is why you are considered a joke. That is why you are never taken seriously. you are without a doubt the most indecisive person on this site. You care what people think of you so much it's funny. You're like John kerry, Flip-flopping, all over the place. What a joke.
  9. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    I do every day. I even have a album in the works.
    I've started movements with pamplets all around
    my streets. People are wising up. They are sick of
    ills Religious Dogma causes and Want change.
    I promise them Change, Nothing more.

    The truth is Religion Has Divided this world for far to long.
    The truth is Religion Has Lead pointless bloody wars over my God is better than your God. Religion is like Pandora's box, Noone can use it correctly. So the Box must be sealed up tight and thrown into the deepest volcano to brun til complete destruction. I'm promise to show the people everything we part-take in life is One Big lie. They're is noreason for JOBS, MONEY, GOVERNMENTS, WEAPONS, RELIGION, SPIRITS, or any thing... Etc! My message is realistic, It's about EVERYONE, and how when the trip is near over, Well you not question why the fuck you wasted your time serving it the way you did? Was all that religious bullshit society shock and awed us with worth enslaving our lives too? Honestly azue, What is the purpose of following Anything I mentioned while alive? Nothing, you lived your life in a total Lie, Illusion, Superstion, fear of unknowns, only to find out, you didn't exprience real life and enjoy it as it should have been, and that Those religious bullshit techniques were not to help you but to control you out of unknow fear so RICH MOTHERFUCKERS and Narcissistic elites could Keep you like the Marbles all rolling in their direction. Society, class Statues, God, are all in general the biggest lies greedy power hungery men wanting to rule over others has fabricated for no point or reason at all other than wanting the power of god. Why do these God's Change so much? From Greek polytheistic gods to Western/Eastern Monotheism God. It's for the Control of minds. Even Julius caesar said, Publically I believe in all the God's but Privately I believe in none of them. That's because He went along with the game to use it to his Advantage to control the people who believed the bullshit. But I don't want control, and I don't want everyone to be incontrol like caesar was. I don't even want everyone having to control everyone else. Best way to do this is by Destoring religion first and God second. The movement will win minds Democratically, And once something has the majority, it takes over. Simple as that! As for what comes after that... My promise is Revolution nothing more. I will not live to see my vison because I will die for it.

    I can't allow someone to use God or the Word of God to cause anymore deceptions, wars, killing fileds, false hopes, delusions, or theocracies of rule. Homosexuals are not harming you or anyone. They just fuck different. Religious motherfuckers are to blame for how this world is all fucked up today. You're Comparsion like your mask you hide behide are a sham. There is no hypocrisy.

    Wake up moron, They are.


    There is no flaw. Tear apart my Revolution with what azue,
    vindictive Name calling ? that's about all you can do to me.
    That or bore me to death.

    so we agree the way I think is very Rational?
    There is noone more irrational and wrong in this world
    than Religion and it's propaganda.

    For now I am Agnostic. But I told you our armageddon isn't
    even close to near. But azue, You never listen. You must
    rush in with your flank exposed as if war is breaking out right then and there.
    This is your ego and pride fucking with you. Which leaves you unable to comprehend much of anything in a rational sense. leading is not your Thing.
  10. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    Wrong. already explained. It's much deeper than that.

    Not yet I'm not. But time is running out.
    Yeah and Castro won't survive the bat of pigs.
    No you are a dick azue. Only a dick carries on about nothing like you do.
    You are threatend and you have every right to be. You can laugh say
    whatever, But I am correct.
    Yes, more nagative thinking from the typical azue. You have never asked me one thing about this revolution until now. you might find the explaination of my reasoning deeper than you excepted. Then again you are nagative and a Mask wearing fool, plus i'm not asking for your blessing.

    I'm asking them to stop accepting a lie which they can not prove.
    WOW, so I am dealing with Irrationale people? You know I could have
    sworn them Praying to themselves gave that away. You are not rationale
    azue. Actually you fall in and out of Irrationale and rational thinking.
    Becuase azue, look around you, God has not been here ever. Not
    even in your senses, That is nonsense like a long riddle to keep you busy doing nothing for 80 to 90 years while you've enslave yourself to the Soceities Struture.

    In the past, it use to cross my mind often.

    Typical Azue, Picks one word, ignores the conversation, uses semantics, to make a Pointless subject changing argument. I'ma vessel, A Human being nothing else.
    Well then I guess your not a vessel either? And yet again You have confused myself with you again. I do not like what I see in todays world. And a man has to speak the truth sooner or later. I've told you quite clear, Our time isn't near. But you don't listen. Sometimes It's like you can't read.

    Me being human is religious now? is there nothing you Dogmatic fucks can't Annex with those stupid religions? Well I don't care for spirits now do I?
    Besides my brain and nessaccary Human organs to live, NO!
    I didn't fuck up in anyway. Unlike how you read religious text
    then you manage to fuck up how you interpated all. Just like
    you did here.

    Not that enlightenment. No that's not what I am teaching at all.
    I'm giving people the C.) route instead of the A.) and B.) lies.
    All revolutionaries sound silly. You don't even have to refer to me as a revolutionary. You can just call me Silly menaz. I really don't give a shit.

    they are the creationist. not me. Let them Prove it.
    Why must I believe in my holy spirit to have one?
    Seems to me like god is a Believer profiler. Bias as ever?

    Trust me, I don't want anything to do with king Messuiah.
    Call me whatever you want azue, Your type never seem to
    amaze me. Right I don't know where I am going, So I should
    turn to God for that Guidence right? LOL! No actually I came to this
    conclusion on my own Unlike you and the Religious zealots.
    Same stupid remarks everytime with you.
    You'll fail.
    You're anti-christ.
    You're This name, your that name.
    That's all you do.

    So lonely azue, Tell Jesus to hold me if you can find him. LOL!

    Irrationale people like you can't.

    Tell jesus to touch it and make it all better azue.
    And while your at it, Stop confusing me with yourself
    again. thanks.
  11. Yahunyahti

    Yahunyahti New Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    Your enemies? I thought you cared about them and was trying to show them the truth and the light? Now they're your enemies.

    How the truth doth slip out of thy lips when thy emotions take control of thy brain. If you want to know a man's true character, stir up his emotions and watch his lies dissipate and the ugly truth within him rear it's violent and hateful head.

    I have not insulted homosexuals. I said the same thing about them that I said about casual "straight" sex partners. It is meaningless sex. If they want to have meaningless sex, then go ahead. It is meaningless. It is neither good nor bad. It is just sex. Like animals. No different.

    If one wishes to have meaningful sex and pure sex, it must be between a man and a woman (but that is not the only requirement). It cannot be selfish sex. Most sex is selfish. Even when the sex appears to be for the other person, it still remains self-centered. For instance, a woman tries to please the man because inwardly she is pleased by pleasing him. She feels like she a good job when he's satisfied. A man tries to please a woman because inwardly he is pleased by pleasing her. Whether people are trying to get themselves off first or the other person first, it is self-centered either way and the sex is not pure. Pure sex has no mind involved. It begins with mind but in the act the mind dissolves and they become the energy itself.

    You cannot understand what I am saying because you belong to Satan.
    When I say that you belong to Satan and that Satan is your father, I am not speaking of some mystical beings that floats between the ethers. I'm talking about your mind. Your corrupted divided mind is Satan. It is the Opposer. It is the Divider. It is what separates you from the only True God. A pure mind combined with a pure heart and a pure body is what is required to be one with the pure God and you are impure. Your thoughts are impure. Your heart is impure and your body is impure. And you know it. You can argue this all you like, you know deep down inside where you anger comes from. You feel abandoned. You want God but you won't listen. You've spoken to God. You've prayed God and you've asked God before to prove himself to you. God answered, but you wasn't listening. You had ears open, but you didn't hear. You had your eyes open, but you didn't see.

    How can you disagree with somebody else's view of somebody else's sexual preference? If they ask, then I tell them what I know to be true. If they do not ask, then I have no reason to comment on it. It's funny how you want to censor people who don't agree with you yet you become angry when people who don't agree with you want to censor you.

    You're a hypocrite. [funny] Admit it.

    I don't care if you don't believe in God. Your ignorance doesn't effect me. I know God exists. It's not a belief. It's knowledge. You can have your belief in non-belief, it doesn't change the truth.


    How is that Nazism? I didn't say kill them. I never said they should be harmed. Most of them are very nice people. I never even said anything against them. I even said that if they want to have meaningless sex, go ahead . . . meaningless means that it is neither good nor bad. It is meaningless. Let them have their animal sex if they want it. Straight people have animal sex too. Very few people (even straight people) know about pure sex.

    Stop with your stupid propaganda replies. There's nothing Nazi about it. It is the truth. I thought you wanted the truth? No, you just want lies that coincide with your current beliefs. You don't want the truth. "You can't handle the truth!"

    It wouldn't make much sense for them to be against straight sex. If they were, then they wouldn't exist. [funny]

    I only tell people what I think about their actions when they ask. Homosexuals don't usually ask. I've told two people, my entire life, how I feel about homosexuality. I'm not against the people. I'm not even against their actions. I just don't agree with it being normal. It's not normal. It is abnormal and it is unnatural. That is the simple truth. If it were natural, they could produce life. If you plant a seed that is nothing but a shell in the dirt, and no plant grows from it . . . then the seed is useless. If you plant your seed in a man (or woman's) asshole or mouth, then it is wasted and it is worthless and it cannot produce anything. The sex is worthless.

    It does amuse me how it took you six years to finally understand what I was saying, two weeks ago. Now you're lost again. Will it take another six years for you to catch up to what I'm saying now? You don't have that much time with me.
    You have about two months.

    Bullshit. That is a lie. Nobody is born straight or gay. Infants are asexual.
    That is a lie and anybody with common sense knows it. Homosexuality is learned.

    Then they should act like it.

    Sex has nothing to do with love. Sex happens because of lust, not love. People need to stop combining words. Lust and Love are not the same thing. You can love somebody without fucking them. You cannot fuck somebody without lust.

    Did you mean the "same" sex?
    Lust is not love. Love is not lust. I love men and women. I don't want to have sex with men. Why? Because I don't lust after them. But I still love them.

    If you would have read more carefully and with less emotional reaction, you would have seen that I've already said this. It is no different. I agree. They are both worthless and meaningless.
  12. Yahunyahti

    Yahunyahti New Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    Not sure where this little angry rant came from. Kind of telling though. Personal experience?

    It's nothing like saying Jews are Pigs. Personally I find it offensive that Jews and Blacks are being put into the same category as homosexuals.

    It matters about as much to me as the laser toilets in the mall. They flush everytime you lean forward to wipe your ass (the toilets) and end up splashing water all over your nutts and crack and then you gotta start over without leaning too far forward (the laser toilets). They are worthless. Homosexual sex does not benefit them. They think it does because it feels good. But scratching your ear feels good when it itches. Homosexual sex is like scratching your ear when it itches.

    I'm not saying it in hateful way. That is your mis-perception. Stupidity? Personally I find it stupid that we're even discussing homosexuality. I'm not even sure why you brought them up in the first place. You're not a homosexual. I'm not a homosexual. It is odd that you brought them up.

    But since we're on the subject. The ass is for shitting. To me, it is stupid to want to put your dick there. That is what dogs do. Why? Because they think it is a pussy and they're too stupid to know better.

    No, gay couples are not like married couples who cannot have children. Straight couples who cannot have children still naturally fit together. Two women do not fit together. They both has receivers. Can a battery work with no positive charge? Nope, you don't get energy with two receivers. Can a battery work with two positive charges? Nope, batteries only work with a positive and negative charge.

    You say like enjoy science. There's some science for you. Figure out how to make a battery produce energy with two positive charges and no receiver or two receivers and no positive charge. It cannot be done.

    Why would I say that? I'm not.

    Which form? It certainly isn't Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism.
    Maybe Taoism in some ways, but then again Taoism isn't really a religion. It's more of a philosophy. I don't belong to any cults. You cannot say that somebody belongs to a religion if they don't, just because they agree on some of the same subjects, because they disagree on other MAJOR subjects.

    For instance, you and I agree that Organized Religion needs to go.
    But, you believe that God needs to go with it.
    I don't. God will never be disposed of because God is real.
    Religion is man's creation.
    Man is God's.
    Man cannot destroy his creator.
    No matter how hard you try, it won't be done.

    No, Tantra is a Science. That is what I said. It is. It deals only in Techniques.
    Yoga and Tantra are Scientific approaches to Spiritual (NOT RELIGIOUS) experiences. Mystics used them. They are not religious techniques. They existed before the religions tried to lay claim to them.

    Tantra is not just about sexual positions in ancient times. [funny]
    That is one of the goofiest "Christian" beliefs here in the West.
    Kama Sutra is been completely bastardized and so has Yoga.
    In the West, Yoga is just contorting your body to be in shape.
    That is not true Yoga. True Yoga has nothing to do with contorting your body.
    True Tantra is not just positions. Western Tantra is, because New Agers got ahold of it and are fuckin it all up, just like they did with Native American beliefs.

    But you don't know anything about that because you approach everything from a Christian mindframe and conditioning. Even your atheism (you're not agnostic, be honest) is a product of your reaction to Christianity. Your non-belief is a reaction to a wrong belief which you were taught as a child. You went from a wrong belief to no belief instead of finding the correct belief. You are not scientific. If you were, you would have spent much more time searching for the TRUTH. You haven't. You read books and footnotes and accept other people's beliefs. Accepting other people's beliefs is not scientific even if they are. That is a belief. Your belief is in their scientific results. But their results may be wrong and then your belief is wrong with their bad science.

    You are no different than a Christian. Your non-belief is based off a false belief in other men (scientists). Unless you have experienced the truth for yourself and done the research yourself, then you cannot have knowledge, you can only have belief in another's claim to knowledge.

    You are not old enough to have sought the truth completely. I know, because I do not have the truth completely and I seek it with my every breath. You seek it as a means to achieve a goal. I seek it because I wish to know the truth. You and are not the same. You are a fraud and I see right through you and so will the rest of the world if you ever get the balls up to speak, and you will be laughed back into your hole where your hate will grow and then you will do something completely foolish and reactionary. When you do, you will fail and then you will see God. Until then you will continue on the path of suffering.

    The word Tantra comes from Hinduism. The knowledge comes from Ancient Egypt.
  13. Yahunyahti

    Yahunyahti New Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    You seem like you're angry, Menaz.
    Are you getting emotional?

    Thrilla is more intelligent than you are.
    I do know that. He knew when to stop.
    You don't.

    [funny] @ you trying to define Jew for me
    That is comedy. I know what a real Jew is.
    You know what a media Jew is.
    Poor ignorant bastard.


    Ooh, the little boy who cried wolf. Okay VishTaphney.


    *Watches as Menaz's emotions take over and all logic and reason abandons him*

    I never claimed that. You asked where Muslims get it from. I showed you the verse in the Torah. I never said that I agreed with the Torah. That is where your logic fails you. You cannot separate my beliefs from my answers. You cannot lead a revolution Menaz. You're not attentive enough. You would be laughed at. Go ahead, get your revolution goin. You will be laughed at. I promise you. You will be taken down by a Christian preacher. When a Christian preacher has more logical reasoning than you, all credibility goes right out the window.

    A labotomy is humane? Tell me, goofy, what is the point of being alive if you cannot live? [funny] So it is humane to turn somebody into a veg and then keep their mindless body alive with tax payer's dollars? That's humane? That's fuckin stupid, it's not humane . . . hahahahah

    It is a good thing that our judges and policy makers have more reasoning abilities than you do. There is nothing religious about that statement. It is completely non-religious. It is justice. Not religious. It is justice based off logic and reasoning. There is no God in that statement. Try to learn how to see what is in front of you. All of your responses are emotional. You are far too emotional. You're not a leader. A leader cannot be this emotional . . . unless you plan on being another Hitler.

    Nice try with the stats but the only reason that it costs that much is because of how long it takes for justice to be carried out under our flawed system. Fix the system and speed up the process for convicted murderers, rapists and child molesters and it won't cost much at all. Especially once people stop raping people, molesting children and murdering people. When you know that you will be executed, it makes you think twice about acting a fool. When you know that you'll get three free meals a day (thanks to law abiding tax payers), a free gym, free library, free college education, and a free bed . . . well, it's really not punishment. It is not justice. The murdered is still dead and the murderer is still alive. The raped suffers their entire life. The rapist gets 3-5 years. The molested suffers their entire life. The molester gets 3-5 years. THAT is not justice. YOUR system is shit.
    Pull your head out of your ass.


    Flip Flopping
    Okay Bush

  14. Yahunyahti

    Yahunyahti New Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    You got an Album in the works? Wow
    Way to go Marx. Pamplets? No shit?

    You are too funny.

    Funny, I said this just a few days ago. Those are MY words, word for word. You are a muppet. You are reciting MY words. That's how I know that you repeat what you hear. You're reactionary. You're not a fuckin revolutionary. You're a loser with too much time on his hands. I made a better argument against God than you ever could. Just one problem chief . . . I can argue the other side much better. Sometimes the only way to help an atheist along in his journey towards enlightenment is to take his side and argue it better than even he can, then show him that it is wrong by switching back and destroying it.

    Unfortunately you're not smart enough and you're far too emotional.

    You want to die for your revolution, but you won't. They won't kill you. They don't have to. All they have to do is discredit you and that isn't very difficult.

    You are ignorant.
    It's like debating with a child, actually.
    You're arguing over something and it is so clear that you don't actually know what is going on. You and your revolution are nothing. You should realize that you are not of the royalty and so no revolution you attempt will matter. There is one more war and it will happen in your lifetime. It is not a physical war. It is a psychological & spiritual war.

    You will pick one side or the other. It's clear that you won't be on the side of the priests. That's good. But there are only two sides. You're either for the priests or you're for the Pharaoh. There is no in between.
  15. Yahunyahti

    Yahunyahti New Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    Then why do you insist that I agree with homosexuality?

    I don't even know why I care for you.
    You're like a dumb dog that just can't be house broken.
    You just keep pissing and shitting all over the place.
    I should just put you outside where you belong.

    Why do I pity you and try? I really don't know.
    (That question was more to myself, I don't actually expect an answer)

    No, if you were rational then you would understand that I was saying you want people to accept "your rational thought" and not "rational thought."
    The "your" makes all the difference in the world.
    It's like Confucius said, "Know the words that you use and use them correctly."

    But can you separate God from Religion?
    That is where your weakness lies. You think God belongs to religion. You forget that the Priests have created the religion to lay claim on God. They have distorted the truth and altered it. The truth is still there. Religion is the creation of man, Menaz. God did not create religion. God created (and continues to create) the world and everything in it. Religion is bullshit. You know and I know it.

    The war is between two sides, Menaz. It goes back to Ancient Egypt and it has continued to this day. You have two options. You can choose the side of the Priests or you can choose the side of the Pharaoh. One side used Religion and the other side teaches the One True God without any strings of control attached.
    One side creates a Capital Government. The other side creates a Communistic Government. One side takes control. The other side will be given control, by the people.

    There is a HUGE difference.
    It doesn't seem like it, because the one side pretends to believe and have bastardized the meaning of God . . . but that has nothing to do with God.

    Your ignorance is preventing you from being involved in the real revolution. You cannot have a revolution, Menaz. You are not of royal blood.


    You are trying to educate me to revolution? This is too funny. I'm not rushing into anything, goofy. I'm just chillin, waiting for my time to come. [funny] @ how little you actually know and how much you "think" you know.

    It's so funny and sad at the same time.
    I don't know whether to laugh at you, or to pity you.
    I want to tell you the truth, but I don't trust you with it.
    You're too emotional and reactionary.

    So go ahead with your revolution and it will fail.
    You'll see.
  16. Yahunyahti

    Yahunyahti New Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    There is no depth to it.
    And you know it. It is completely emotional and reactionary.


    I'm threatened by you? You know what, I'm not even going to argue that. It is so ridiculously stupid on so many levels. Go ahead with your revolution, Menaz. In fact, step it up a few notches. I don't need to feel threatened anybody. Especially not you with your petty threats of murdering people on the internet. I still have 5 years before my time comes, entertain me.

    I asked you about it before and you did not answer me.
    Forgive me if I took that as a sign that you don't actually have one.
    You were too wrapped in your petty bullshit arguments about Islam to see it.
    Probably looked right over it.

    Enlighten me, Menaz . . . what is your revolution? What is the goal of your revolution?

    Menaz, please stop humiliating yourself by trying to preach to me. Your lack of belief means as little to me as their belief. I deal in knowledge. Do you know what Gnosis means? Do you know where the Gnostics come from? Trace them back to Egypt and you will know who I am.

    I'm not going back and forth with you anymore. If you want the truth, then ask me for it. Send me a private message and say, "Yahti, would you share with me the truth." If you ask me, in those words, then you will have it. But save your guesses for somebody that believes. Your belief in their belief being wrong is just as weak and useless as their belief in what they do not know. Disbelief is still belief. You have no knowledge.

    Because it is not knowledge.

    Yes, you are a human being and nothing more.
    Until you realize that you are more, you will be less than what you are.

    "Our" time?

    Menaz, there is no "our" in this discussion. You and I are not the same. You are a frustrated kid who wants something to believe in. You are a frustrated kid who knows that he is living in a divided and fucked up world and he wants it to be fixed. The problem is, you want to fix it. If you knew who you were talking to, you would be happy and you would be asking questions and taking the time to consider the answers. If you asked the right questions then you would find out who I am and you would get straightforward answers.

    You know what, this is a waste of time. You go ahead with your revolution Menaz.
    Some people have to fail before they listen. You do not listen to me. You don't read what I'm actually saying. You see everything I say through some sort of Anti-Christian filter. I already told you that I am against Organized Religion. I've told you that and time and time and time again but you keep saying it. Why? You are not a revolutionary. You are a reactionary. Go ahead and try. You'll fail. And you'll fail because you do not listen to what is actually being said to you.

    Every single time, you try to interpret what I am saying into a religious context. Your mind is so narrow that you cannot see that everything is not religious or atheist. God does not need religion and religion does not teach God. It teaches bullshit mixed in with truth. It exists to turn people away from the True God (which is within us) by making them accept a false concept of God or reject the True God by distorting the view of God.

    See it is this simple:

    God is A.
    But they have told you that God is B.
    They have formed a religion around B.
    But B is bullshit.
    A is the truth, but they hide A from you.
    Many people accept the religions and believe in B (which is irrational and nonsense).
    Others become reactionary and reject A because B is called A.

    If you figure that out, then you will be on the path to the truth.
    That's all I've got to say on this subject.

    I'm finished.
    If you want to understand it and you don't, then be honest and send me a PM and ask me what it means.
  17. takTICz:defendSIVE

    takTICz:defendSIVE Iv falln andI cant get uP

    Sep 12, 2001
    Thrilla Ali - Salaamhu Alaykum:

    Please try not to give fatwas of your own or choose a better forum to have religious discussions- you're doing an injustice to yourself and an injustice to Islam by having these discussion and continuing them with the limited knowledge you have- if you're close to the Chicago area Al Maghrib istitute is havinga course in may called evolution of fiqh (code of ethics) This could be a good starting point for you Insha'Allah.. whatver you decide give me a text on AIM @ abdrrashid maybe we can talk a little bit... please forgive me if i said anything offensive.. But it is very sad to see a muslim in these threads arguing in such harsh ways with a non muslim this is not the way of Islam and this is not the way of the Prophet PBUH, before we try to interpret Ahadith it would be wise to follow them

    "Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for thy Lord knoweth best, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance." (Yusuf Ali translation

    Our lives shoudl be dawah 24/7 Insha'Allah
  18. UnbrokeN

    UnbrokeN Well-Known Member

    Jun 28, 2001
    anidawehi is right.
  19. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    A DAWA? more like - Deobandi in disguise!

    They read it. They argue against you with it. You don't accept it. You basically end up like the Sapartans at the end of 300. Unless you cower down and become a dhimmi. of course this (basically makes your a second class citizen before Islam) or persia to be more technical with my Origins of age. But you get the Examples point.

    Don't give me your peaceful bullshit either, Take your religion else where.
    Your belief system is a fraud utilized to bamboozle the uneducated youth inorder to desecrate their minds into submission where then by decreed fill it back up with blind-hateful-Anger, nationalist/religious chauvinism, propaganda, Lies, deceitfulness, and pointless Myrterdom. You're religion is the off shoot unwanted thieving bastards of Judaism, gnostism, christianity, and zoroastrianism. I will not lemming toward the Qu'ranic Salat, or the Hadith which requires I pray five times before 24 hours has expired, or be taking part in the act of Wudu, especially when a scientific test was conducted that showed praying makes no difference, but did however show people who didn't pray actually improved, While the people who prayed got worse or stayed exactly the same.

    You should leave people alone 24/7! That's what you should do. Keep your religion to yourself.

    Exposing your Al Maghrib istitute for what it really is.

    "He cites the Al-Rahman centre in Mississauga, Ont., which he links to the Al-Maghrib Institute, which runs a popular educational website. It’s nominally run out of Ottawa, but Amiruddin says it’s really a Saudi operation."

    Which means it's really teaching your children wahabbism.

    Al-Maghrib’s educational courses are accredited by the American Open University, which in turn is accredited by Al-Ahzar University in Cairo – the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood, the oldest and largest radical Islamic organization in the world. The courses offered by Al-Mahgrib count only as course credit for the AOU’s Bachelors in Islamic Studies degree, the only English language program offered by AOU.

    A review of the course summary for the Islamic Studies degree program shows that the reading is dominated by Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi theologians and theorists. In particular, the AOU program requires reading of Sayyid Qutb’s, In the Shade of the Quran, the text for AOU’s 113 Analytic Tafseer I course. Qutb, the leading Muslim Brotherhood thinker executed by Nasser in the 1960s after an assassination attempt, has been described as “Bin Laden’s Brain” due to the extensive influence Qutb has had in justifying terrorism and jihad and laying down the theoretical principles that al-Qaeda was built upon.

    Khaybar Khaybar ya yahud, jaysh Muhammad sawfa yaud.
    Itbaq al-Yahud. Down with this religious mental abuse.
  20. takTICz:defendSIVE

    takTICz:defendSIVE Iv falln andI cant get uP

    Sep 12, 2001

    First and foremost- salaamhu alaykum (peace be with you menaz)- you pose an interesting argument- the first thing i would like to say is you're saying that muslims have a lot of hate anger, etc- but you're the one here cussing and getting excited- if you want to talk CALM DOWN :) secondly, Al Azhar is a Suffi based institution and if you know what a wahhabi is they're exact opposites. Secondly- i've attended an Al Maghrib course and i've attended courses by Suffi scholars and the al maghrib teaches ALL madhabs of Islam NOT wahhabism because as all people know wahhabi is not one of the four Fiqh (schools of thought) in Islam- either way that is irrelevant.

    Next, as we all know their are new scientific experiments everyday and one gets disproven by the other and so forth- at one point in time it was SCIENTIFACALLY proven that putting a whole in the brain is a cure for people who were crazy.

    The point i'm making here is that science, blind thought and everything has been and will be disproven in time, but the truth can not. Like i said to brother Yahtuni- it's difficult to have a real discussion on this forum or in the context we've started speaking in AbdRRashid is my sn- if you would like to chat and have a 'grown-up' discussion where i can benefit from your thoughts and perspectives and vise a versa.

    Also - it's not fair for you to talk about institutions that you know nothing of- have you ever been outside of the U.S., have you ever been to Saudia, have you ever been to Egypt??? one thing you need to understand is Al Azhar is in Egypt, and Egypt is a country in there is a huge watch for radicalism and extremism- theyre very strict if someone goes to Fajr prayer consistently at the mosque they will be taken in for questioning and or arrested- my point being Al Azhar and wahhabism are opposites and Egypt is a country that has nothing to do with terrorism. I guess all i'm saying is research, studyand and open mind to learn is very important- i'm not saying CONVERT or accept the religion look at john esposito he' s achristian but an islamic studies professor at Georgetown who has written several books on Islam.. Point is if you want to comment on a religion and lay out contentions to the level you are- it would be wise to do the proper studying on the subject beforehand and that way you wouldnt be in here speakig in the manner you were (educated people don't do that generally).

    Again, i hope i havent said anything to offend you, God willing eveything works out for the best. Peace be with you.
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