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  1. Anaphora

    Anaphora was here

    Jan 17, 2004
    Lawrence Raab

    I can't remember how old I was,
    but I used to stand in front
    of the bathroom mirror, trying to imagine
    what it would be like to be dead.
    I thought I'd have some sense of it
    if I looked far enough into my own eyes,
    as if my gaze, meeting itself, would make
    an absence, and exclude me.

    It was an experiment, like the time
    Michael Smith and I set a fire in his basement
    to prove something about chemistry.
    It was an idea: who I would
    or wouldn't be at the end of everything,
    what kind of permanence I could imagine.

    In seventh grade, Michael and I
    were just horsing around
    when I pushed him up against that window
    and we both fell through--
    astonished, then afraid. Years later

    his father's heart attack
    could have hit any time,
    but the day it did they'd quarreled,
    and before michael walked out
    to keep his fury alive, or feel sorry for himself,
    he turned and yelled, I wish you were dead!

    We weren't in touch. They'd moved away.
    And I'd forgotten who told me
    the story, how ironic it was meant
    to sound, or how terrible.

    We could have burned down the house.
    We could have been killed going through
    that window. But each of us
    deserves, in a reasonable like,
    at least a dozen times when death
    doesn't take us. At the last minute

    the driver of the car coming toward us
    fights off sleep and stays in his lane.
    He makes it home, we make it home.
    Most days are like this. You yell
    at your father and later you say
    you didn't mean it. And he says, I know.

    You look into your own eyes in a mirror
    and that's all you can see.
    Until you notice the window
    behind you, sunlight on the leaves
    of the oak, and then the sky,
    and then the clouds passing through it.
  2. Anaphora

    Anaphora was here

    Jan 17, 2004
    JeRoi Jones, aka amiri baraka was asked to resign from his post as New Jersey's Poet Laureate for the strong, (and ill-informed) anti-semetic claims about the israeli's knowing about the bombing, and that none were killed in it... Honestly, I like some of the guy's stuff, but less and less these days. He's an activist, but at the same time, like farrakhan and the whole nation of islam, they're extremely hypocritical... Preaching the importance of racial equality and anti-semitism at the same time...

    Y'all need to read Stephen Dunn, Billy Collins, Dorianne Laux, Kim Addonizzio, Denise Duhamel, David Kirby, Virgil Suarez, Philip Levine, Louise Gluck... Alex Lemon... shit, just pick up the newest Best American Poetry, there's some good stuff in there, or Billy Collins' Sailing Alone Around the Room, new and collected poems is a great buy... you can probably find it on amazon for under $5.
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