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Discussion in 'Writer's Block' started by dicnyaeye, Feb 13, 2005.

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    The poet tree forum has been open for approximately 7 months and still there are some peots here that have not blessed us with their pressence there. Why?

    If you haven't been encouraged enough to write or something, a fellow poet and member of the poet tree league named Soular Guided is giving points to people just for participating. Doesn't get better than that. 2 points for just signing up and more for staying active in the league, which is currently only a poem bi weekly.

    It doesn't take much to see this a great opportunity for you to get better critism and more readers for ur work.

    Lyrical sorcery, now MANchyld, Eloquent Poet and Ufo have worked together in supplying this forum so I woukd like some of you to at least give it a try, that shouldn't be asking too much. Wassup.... come and see it

    Its the forum right after this one

    Poet Tree

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