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Discussion in 'Game Zone' started by SKY, Nov 17, 2010.

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    Jul 8, 1999
    Sorry, but once again I HAD to post this....

    Tommorow is the GRAND OPENING for my Open Mic club on playstation home! If you have a playstation, you should really participate...I've posted flyers at a few boards and on PSN, the member list is growing...max is 32 and almost there!

    Participants needed! RAP, R&B, POETRY, AND EVEN THOSE WHO PLAY INSTRUMENTS! Will be hosting battles, cyphers, and other events @ the club...Open Mic online daily @ 8PM EST. IT'S OFFICIAL! Dance floor in the back for after party! IT'S GOING DOWN!

    Search club menus for: HomeSick

    Or just reply to this thread with your PSN ID and I'll invite you to the club! Don't miss this event!!!!!!
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