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    Oct 4, 2005
    Plain Funky

    My brain is designed to see a dame that’s fine come rain
    Or shine my plain mind is stuck on love talk and tht’s plain
    For a man “look boo my art came from heaven it’s dark after
    Seven and the sleet came as sweet rain I’m also a dart master
    Like bullseye on the Daredevil, share my level in bed lips
    So red my bold passion is so old fashion I stole ration on trips
    Just to eat so boo I must kiss your feet like a monkey I turn flips”
    Walk in town onroute in the slums trying to help the down
    And out bums not a fair sight to be a parasite cats must rebound
    Water melons grow on vines while my flow find fertile grounds
    And hurdle bounds when the seeds sprout I need clout to sound
    Good on CD’S and become hood VIP’S like the JAYZ’S and
    Lil Wayne get ill fame then lick it like a lolly pop understand?
    Alert MC’S while my shirt sleeves reach my knuckles plan
    On tailoring them then be nailing tims to my wall yall Peter Pan
    Never grew up, grab words and twist a few hope my wish come
    True, look I sing play a worldly tune in early june and feel dumb
    See a phat blonde and at dawn vampires sit around camp fires
    And have damp desire for blood they some bad shit it requires
    Brad Pitt to have dinner with a few and do an interview admires
    Shoes and hires the blues let BB King see my bling wow the thrill
    Is gone so I wanna a true wedding under a new heading lets chill
    While rapper falls in love chapters from above read in advance
    Flow strange and had to undergo a change to enhance
    My skills and have a chance to kill microphones and romance
    Girls at clubs the world of a thug rap advance and tap dance
    On heads, look girls be flirting cake at a certain state it’s
    A burden can’t take my eyes off them need love to bake wit
    Saw rap come into homes a dumb menu on phones
    Twisted and crap and dismissed from rap wow being
    Black caught up in a dumb trap and now somehow seeing
    Failure behind all the paraphanalia and freedom talks
    Expelled from school and I’ll tell any fool that wrong walks
    In life lead to jail time and you get stale in the mind can’t listen
    Is prision rejected by society but I corrected a variety flaws twisting
    My life around, now get props in the hood when I chop wood
    And split logs with an ax got a legit dog and rhyme to the max could
    Get a record deal soon I feel by noon I can have my own CD
    Wanna car to have great rims is first so I shape and trimmy verse G
    Get sales through the roof this is true proof of success up in here
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