Picking The Right Beat (4 Tips To Finding & Picking The Right Beat)

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    Here are 4 tips for finding and picking beats

    1. Always Look For Inspiration

    As music artist I believe that we have an obligation to search for inspiration and not wait for It to come randomly. From all my years of writing poems, raps and songs; I know how tough It can be to stay inspired. Inspiration can come from anywhere: a book, a movie, a song, a new experience. So keep an opened mind and always try new things because you’ll never know where your music inspiration could come from.

    2. Search Online For Beats And Producers

    Now, you should know this, but just incase you live under a rock, I’m gonna give you some input on how I, as an artist look for and find beats online.

    First off, theres plenty of places online where you can find beats, a quick search on Google always helps.

    Now, If your on a budget at the moment and finding free beats is the only way you can express your self than by all means, go right ahead. My favorite place for finding free beats online is gotinstrumentals.com. There’s always new beat Mixtapes being uploaded to this site on a regular basis; I just might upload a Mixtape myself.

    However, we as artist have to understand that without the producer; there is no Hip-Hop. So If you don’t support the producer you are not supporting Hip-Hop.

    3. Put Together A Beat Library

    O.k, now that you’ve found a place online to find beats, your job now, is to sort through different kinds of beats and producers in order to find that sound your looking for. Sorting through beats is kind of like a numbers game, which means: the more beats you sort through, the more practise you will get on creating content to beats, while improving your Flow.


    In short, more beats equals more raps. What I usually do, once I find a whole bunch of beats, is put them all in one place or folder where I can go to write music when I feel inspired. I also separate my beats from my computer to isolate myself form the many distractions that come from having a multimedia entertainment system (movies, shows, videos, pictures, FaceBook etc).

    I find this technique of organizing keeps me focused and in the game. I have written some of my best music that way.

    4. Let The Beat Give You The Words

    When It comes to writing/creating my raps (content), I like to think that I’m approaching things a little differently. However, I know now that I am not the only one.

    Allow me to elaborate. Have you ever caught yourself in a deep vibe, while listening to a beat, when all of a sudden, the words and exactly how to say them, just seemed to magically shoot into your head. Well, Of course you have. Ever thought about where the words come from?

    Right about now your probably like “huh?” But stick with me and It’ll all come clear.


    Now lets pretend your going through some beats and stop on one and the vibe is strong, but what is vibe? Inspiration, when it comes to music, in this case Hip Hop, is an idea that grabs you than pushes you to search for beats to play them in an effort to create; while the vibe (in my opinion) sparks that connection between you and that creation.

    Still with me? “Say yes.” You’ve felt it before, haven’t you? It’s that feeling, that emotional state your put in that the sounds in the beat trigger. I like to think of It like this: in our heads, is an antenna and every beat we come across is a different combinations of frequencies or sounds that bring out different kinds of emotions in us. With that said, this is why I never pick a beat based on how It sounds no matter how dope it is, but only by the way It makes me feel. I always tell fellow Mc’s, “don’t think, feel, let the beat put you in tune to whats all ready their.” This is an excellent way to stay true to yourself because sometimes the wrong beat can make you forget who your are.

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