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Discussion in 'Car & Audio' started by GaLaTeA, Oct 18, 2012.

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    Jun 10, 2010
    "Me, a tycoon?" whined one of long-standing workers at the marina, where I'm a regular guest. I've known the gentleman for more than two decades, almost from the very beginning of my nautical experiments. He's hard-working, friendly, and above always in a really cheerful mood. The latter is in his service particularly welcome. Most self-proclaimed boaters need very friendly staff, otherwise they often suffer serious trauma.

    Boating has nothing to do with the advertisements by dazzling, with dream beauties equipped yachts which is what most companies film, while promoting ra.pid earnings or various lotteries. Reality meanders somewhere between dangerous storms, too many failures and all the possible struggles with non-life provisions. If all these problems happen to rest, the new age boaters face chained propellers, which means they probably didn't pay their leasing bill or the cost of marina. In fact, the eyes are usually too big, common sense too short and wallet too thin.

    And they're here. Distress is. Personal, financial, family, in short distress of all dimensions. As if some would become stores for distress, but no one takes any even for free. My mind's wandering again....I wanted to say that this humble gentleman got as a gift from an elderly Austrian couple, their boat. Initially he was immensely happy of the gift ~ well, it doesn't happen every day that somebody gives such an expensive gift, not to mention the sentimental value it'll have. However, the gentleman nowadays is frowning and worried. First, he had thousands of problems with the arrangements of documents, Slovenia isn't the only country suffering from bureaucrats. Then came a long line of servicing, cleaning, coating...

    Suddenly friends expect him to pay for all the drinks, and of course that they'll be regularly, at its own expense, invited on the boat. Among the people in his native village, which is close to Sarajevo (Bih), are apparently already circulating rumors that he became a tycoon and his family is already paying for the newly given label. The farmer's wife started charging them more for eggs, children's kindergarten price went up. Only the older daughter got away with it well, because she unexpectedly got a position at the city theater, of which she dreamed for years. Who wouldn't want that, eh, eh, eh?

    Tycoonisation of anyone who is two podium stair above becoming a social problem, is a damn infectious matter. Corrupted, populist approach to labeling such people is nowadays a delight of practiced media, and a walk along the edge. People are no longer interested in, that village carpenter or butcher who worked their behinds off weeks and days free for forty years can't be equated with someone who got rich by semi-privatization of legal machinations. Both drive Audi's A6 and both should be beaten with a pole. Yes, hordes always managed to gather and burn at the stakes someone who's supposedly responsible for their misery.

    I don't know what props you have been advised in previous financial crisis. For this one, which is on the way, I recommend a rusty trailer, Golf 1, working overalls and high negative balance statement of your account. You think you're able to manage?
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