Pick of the week ~ Out with the old, in with 2012. Alotted incoherent year recap.

Discussion in 'Car & Audio' started by GaLaTeA, Jan 2, 2012.

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    Jun 10, 2010

    January, at least for me, is the month of statistics, reports, analysis and debates related to the previous year. The idea of trying, if we already weren't capable of learning from others, at least learn from our mistakes, learn something, isn't a wrong one.

    Even decisions in the sense of what we're doing to work on and change in this new year this year are in place, they seem fresh and filled with hope, if not with results, it's a start. In contrast with stupid resolutions of course, in the sense that we'll stop smoking, only to switch back to soft drinks from alcohol and drugs this new year. As well as those pesky promises in the sense that we'll seriously lose weight, visit the mother-in-law every other Sunday, beat children a lot less, etc. But damn it, those who actually want something like this, they certainly don't need a new year. Just to think, that they need a "new year" to get them motivated, it shows that they don't seriously mean it. Nor that with thing the in-laws.

    How the inertia is the one which actually fuels everything together, it's possible to leave to a discussion, however it would be wrong to think that it's got it's fingers only in physical matters. Do you happen remember how it was swell at the beginning of the school year getting some excellent grades and rest on laurels, sailing on them for the entire school year? In the first few weeks the weaker students are separated from the rest and make their handicapped toil all year to come. Like trying to compete on the ski hill, without any momentum. It's difficult to get a second chance to change a first impression.

    Of course I won't write about my business statistics and analysis, unless I'd be writing for a newspaper column called "Before sleep." I won't even write about sports statistics, since I would probably remain without friends if I did. I may say without exaggeration that 2011 has earned a specific name, which I'll have to borrow from Mel Gibson, or one of his films, "Year of living dangerously". I've always believed and lived within the meaning of the slogan "life is a life-threatening", but hand on heart, with all the things and activities that I amuse myself with today, I actually live a quite safe life. I don't mean compared to most, but in comparison with the life that I lived for example, between the ages of 18 and 21. Breakneck rides, which is why I'm probably more tolerant of young people who kill us on the road eventually, right passing/overtaking on lanes ment for bus stations, betting in the sense of never going less than 200 km/h on the highway, or the number of adrenaline rushes per liter of petrol consumed, etc. Midnight running from enraged, armed Chinese people in China Town (NY), lost in translation conflict in the Bahamas, irreversible damage in Thailand, and so much more...

    Then I was convinced that we had a case of "bad luck", now I know that we were the ones asking for it. People, circumstances, fate. And survived. I remember when that I was 18 years old, saying if I make it to 25, I'll make it to see 100. Compared to those times, when there wasn't a week that I didn't need assistance of luck, I live now, what I refer to humorously as ┬╗pension life."

    However, the year 2011, was special. For me and for the people who have been surrounding me. Few close calls from a smaller plane I boarded on was hit immediately after take-off by a huge gull, we narrowly escaped the rocks, but managed to land safely with damaged propeller. A few months later I stopped in the middle of the highway with the engine shutting down after a mulfunction, got stuck twice on the open sea, luckily the weather both pitty on us both times. Managed to torch one boat, on one of my diving expeditions I've passed out because of a mistake on my behalf, fortunately only for a few seconds. And on and on. In short, it was dangerous year. That's one of the ways I'll remember it. So for this upcoming summer season I'll have to buy shirts with the inscription "I intend to Live forever... So Far so good!"

    So before c&a kicks off with another year of automotive news and extravaganza ~ whatever you'll be doing in 2012, make sure you drive safely & I wish you many happy hours of indulging in the world of automotive.

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