Pick of the week ~ nostalgia: Yo Mtv Raps

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    Jun 10, 2010

    It used to be one of teh best shows Mtv had to offer, back in the days, when Mtv actually was decent enough to watch. It all started back in 1988. I'd consider this specific show to be instrumental of making hip hop a trend, creating a number of hits and promoting hundreds of top artists. It was defined by great jokes and unique atmosphere.


    You could see Ed Lover and Doctor Dré standing in the front row, while weekends belonged to the legendary Fab 5 Freddy. The show was trending so consequently Lover and Dre even made a movie titled »Who's the man«, as well as recorded a hit song with their colleague Todd One, titled »Down with Mtv« ~ it was namely adoptation of Naughty by Nature's song OPP.


    Another interesting fact would be, that the Yo Mtv Raps were directed by Ted Demme, the man behind great movies such as »The Ref«, »Life« and »Blown«.
    I'll dare to say that Yo Mtv Raps is to be blamed for some of the broader exposure hip hop has gotten, as well as created an upgraded boom factor that albums like »Fight The Power« (Public Enemy), »Niggaz 4 Life« (Nwa), OG (Ice-T) have created.
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