PEst vs. Infa RE-POST

Discussion in 'Emcee Battle Area' started by v-Dynamo Kidd-v, Jun 1, 2003.

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  1. v-Dynamo Kidd-v

    v-Dynamo Kidd-v Dynamite

    Jun 26, 2000
    no newbie/crew/homo votes
    550+ to vote

    no crew votes


    my verse:
    1st line, i crack yo shine send chills down yo spine
    say i bit 50's style...but yet you usin mine
    ya self esteem went down...recognize you worst
    this nucca aim'd me questions to build his verse
    kill this nerd, ya will get served..ya shit aint hot
    tell me, why pest was still reppin LA after he was dropped
    ya garbage as hell, there's no way you can win
    lost to shock..but pest still say he better than him
    ya featherweight, so im bout to throw this herb
    LMAO, nucca flipped a nelly like for his opener
    you 1 whack individual, about you bein good..thas bull
    no wordplay...i beat you wit personals

    blah, 7 minutes...

    Pest vere:
    This cat is from Milwaulkee(sp?), I'll send him Green Bay Packin

    lmao i had to do it

    I still think I can beat you in a've never surpassed me
    Since the best, no the ONLY competition you got is VerbicallyNasty
    "I'll cut ya mug fill you and ur mama's house fulla slugs"
    ^That's what you should expect from Infa Red, the only 14 year old internet thug
    Oh yeah, I like your avatar, you and Fabolous must be tight
    Since neither one of you can't even spell ya names right
    You can't beat me man, stop battlin altogether and get a change of heart
    You were worthless since registration a Lost Cause from the start
    And besides, its never no denyin that you were a herb
    Ever since you bit 50 Cent's style, especially in a diss against VERB?
    You can't put together 2 lines, you want help but its me you annoint
    Wanna see a witty closer? Against INFA RED, theres no point

    it's 1-1
  2. pestilence

    pestilence now believes he's hyphy.

    Apr 5, 2000
  3. Grandfather Wu

    Grandfather Wu What

    Aug 23, 2000
    In my opinion, Pest won this. Infa didn't really have any hard hitting lines just some average personals that no one really cares about. No wordplay or punches from either side tho.

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