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Discussion in 'Audio Help & Tips' started by War Machine, Aug 1, 2003.

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  1. War Machine

    War Machine Sam Antics

    Feb 11, 2002
    wtf is it with internet board users..they all think they are like russel simmons or sumthing .. like this net shit is real life...its rediculous...and sad

    DAtzShoW [2:07 AM]: The iBlazeonline Mixtape V.1 is in the making. We are still taking a couple of people in our open spots. Album is being plugged by atlantic records ,interscope and roca fella records.And if u join the forums only sign up if u serious about this emcee thing because we are here to put emcees on the map.We have alot of records comps backing us up.If u register at the re done forums Refer Sage.Also check out the info we have on the main page
    DNA Bloodline [2:10 AM]: thats pretty lame
    DNA Bloodline [2:10 AM]: its also false advertisement
    DNA Bloodline [2:10 AM]: and can be punished in a court of law
    DAtzShoW [2:11 AM]: No it isnt
    DNA Bloodline [2:11 AM]: so u have interscope, roc, and atlantic plugging ur site or mixtape ?
    DNA Bloodline [2:11 AM]: on what? where?
    DAtzShoW [2:11 AM]: there our affiliates fam
    DNA Bloodline [2:12 AM]: yeah, and dr dre is my brother
    DAtzShoW [2:12 AM]: im dead ass
    DAtzShoW [2:12 AM]: if u wanna really know ask the owner u kno
    DAtzShoW [2:12 AM]: im jus paid to advertise
    DAtzShoW [2:12 AM]: 1ne
    DNA Bloodline [2:12 AM]: its pretty sad yahl gotta use major labels names to get users on an internet board
    DAtzShoW [2:13 AM]: fam it aint that serious
    DAtzShoW [2:13 AM]: for me personally
    DAtzShoW [2:13 AM]: im jus tryin to get paid
    DAtzShoW [2:13 AM]: so its nothing
    DNA Bloodline [2:13 AM]: i wouldnt advertise scams
    DNA Bloodline [2:13 AM]: if they go down for that shit, ur connected
    DAtzShoW [2:14 AM]: alright but it aint a scam
    DAtzShoW [2:14 AM]: thats what u fail to realize
    DAtzShoW [2:14 AM]: this is a business
    DAtzShoW [2:14 AM]: this isnt some bs shit u see online
    DNA Bloodline [2:14 AM]: im online
    DNA Bloodline [2:14 AM]: and i dont see a business
    DNA Bloodline [2:14 AM]: therefor its bs
    DAtzShoW [2:14 AM]: we got all types of set ups
    DNA Bloodline [2:14 AM]: i ask where and wat roc is duing for u
    DAtzShoW [2:14 AM]:
    DNA Bloodline [2:14 AM]: and u say 'they are our affiliates fam"
    DNA Bloodline [2:14 AM]: wat typa shit is that
    DAtzShoW [2:15 AM]: there jus puttin up money
    DNA Bloodline [2:15 AM]: thats laughable
    DAtzShoW [2:15 AM]: for some of the prizes we had last tourney
    DAtzShoW [2:15 AM]: the owner is former a&r
    DNA Bloodline [2:15 AM]: u think roc gives a fuck about sum internet board of netcees ?
    DNA Bloodline [2:15 AM]: let alone would donate dough for there lil tourniment prizes
    DAtzShoW [2:16 AM]: lol u act like this fuckin one of them bs sites
    DAtzShoW [2:16 AM]: like av
    DNA Bloodline [2:16 AM]: so that there members could go download more of their albums and make them lose more money
    DAtzShoW [2:16 AM]: or fd
    DAtzShoW [2:16 AM]: or whatever u wanna call them
    DAtzShoW [2:16 AM]: man check out the site
    DAtzShoW [2:16 AM]: first
    DAtzShoW [2:16 AM]: before u start runnin your mouth
    DNA Bloodline [2:16 AM]: eveny thing on the net is the same man
    DNA Bloodline [2:16 AM]: if ur lil site got that shit
    DAtzShoW [2:16 AM]: No it aint
    DNA Bloodline [2:16 AM]: and rapmusic..which is the biggest on the net besides ughh didnt
    DNA Bloodline [2:16 AM]: i find it funny
    DAtzShoW [2:17 AM]: Well them ²²²²²z on rap music
    DAtzShoW [2:17 AM]: well um might not know certain people
    DAtzShoW [2:17 AM]: like Julius does i assume
    DAtzShoW [2:17 AM]: everyone cant be ahead
    DAtzShoW [2:17 AM]: they been on the ne
    DAtzShoW [2:17 AM]: net*
    DNA Bloodline [2:17 AM]: tone founded that shit
    DNA Bloodline [2:17 AM]: how can they not have connections
    DAtzShoW [2:18 AM]: we took our business from the clubs and streets and brought it to the net just to host it
    DAtzShoW [2:18 AM]: we host parties and shit
    DAtzShoW [2:18 AM]: at clubs for rappers and shit
    DAtzShoW [2:18 AM]: we do big things
    DAtzShoW [2:18 AM]: this internet shit is temporary
    DNA Bloodline [2:18 AM]: all for an internet site
    DNA Bloodline [2:18 AM]: hahah
    DAtzShoW [2:18 AM]: we just concerned about the talent
    DAtzShoW [2:18 AM]: on the net
    DNA Bloodline [2:18 AM]: hahaha
    DAtzShoW [2:18 AM]: to see if any worthy
    DNA Bloodline [2:18 AM]: stop
    DAtzShoW [2:18 AM]: thats all
    DNA Bloodline [2:18 AM]: im done laughing
    DNA Bloodline [2:18 AM]: talk to u later
  2. MC Dystinkt

    MC Dystinkt AAAAAAIGHT!

    Jul 29, 2003
    internet is garbage
  3. Busta

    Busta New Member

    Sep 17, 2001
    i see what your saying ...and how he says shit we do parties and that.. thats mad funny but....

    ...why hate on them even if they don't have contacts ..they still ran a very, VERY, good torney recently and gave shine on the front page to the finalists ...had a class prize.

    they are puttin a mixtape out (someone where net or offline - who cares, its exsposure) with a load of net emcees on.

    i dunno they one of the better sites to me.
  4. mic1tharula

    mic1tharula 790 verbal

    Aug 16, 2002
    close this thread.
  5. jaymz_101

    jaymz_101 New Member

    Dec 28, 2001
    i click the site and see noneedz nok and dzk... who else is there?
  6. jaymz_101

    jaymz_101 New Member

    Dec 28, 2001
    it wasnt nok... it was priceless..

    oh and pg.. its a rm final i
  7. War Machine

    War Machine Sam Antics

    Feb 11, 2002
    ive herd that shit so many times from people...its jus gettig real old and lame

    "oh sign up to our message board and audio tourniment, ruff ryders is backing us"

    "scouts will be watching the site, you could get signed"

    and my personal favorite

    "yeah we're only doing this internet thing to help out the artists, we're goin to set up our record lable soon in random state"

    its always the same shit...its misleading, and pathetic. if you need empty promisses of fame and money to get people to sign up to an INTERNET RAP BOARD there is sumthing wrong. and you are going a lil too far, jus to get ur lil site sum users. and maybe you should sign off for a few of the hours in the day and try having a life.
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