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  1. |-paragon-|

    |-paragon-| The Phoenix

    Mar 28, 2006

    the name RAW CLOWNz the first reason youra struggling rapper
    when "yo momma" jokez were being filmed? your birth was captured
    you ainta rapper, youza phony.. CLOWNz fitting you perfectly
    cuz you'll only have that "IT" factor, if Stephen Kingz doing surgery
    im murderous b, i'll show you gore beyond the whitehouse
    man id rip out your gutz, if there were actually some to pull out
    you aint got clout.. been laying low for yearz on this site
    i expect you to bring food to the table, but not wait tablez on mic
    itz aight.. ima put you in your place nigga, youza disgrace
    you could make another rap.. theyre good for feeding my face
    matta fact.. dont respond, save face and just bounce
    cuz after reading this.. you'll even demand Jeff to delete your account
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