Pablo Embon brings creativity into play with his brilliant new Jazz Fusion album

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    Having made over 16 albums during his 35-year career in Jazz, Pablo Embon shows all of his experience in his masterful new album ‘What Comes Into Play.’ On each and every of the 13 tracks which make up this project, listeners are able to luxuriate over the rich instrumental notes which strike deep at the core of Pablo’s riffs. They are able to transport themselves to different places, different moods, and immerse themselves in a wonderful jazz experience.

    From the vibrant percussion which opens the album’s first track ‘Baby Steps’ to the dominating piano which creates the melody for ‘What Comes Into Play’s’ final track, ‘Morning T’, Pablo’s work offers a journey into sound. Those who embark on this funk-laden trip, take in the global cultural influences, which have left their mark on Pablo’s musical career, from his early life in Argentina, to his current life in Israel.

    Pablo’s music is influenced by a cornucopia of jazz musicians, ranging from Brazilian legends Azymuth, to Pat Metheny and the late bassist Jaco Pastorius. The early edition of Chick Corea’s Return to Forever, which featured Airto Moreira and Joe Farrell, was a defining influence on Pablo’s musical development.

    Combining sensational talent with a work ethic second-to-none, Pablo has poured his time and energy into crafting every detail of this instrumental exhibition of an album. Listeners around the world will not be disappointed.

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