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Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by dsp2k5, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. dsp2k5

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    Sep 7, 2005
    Late breaking news, this fool is out of control ...
    I slaughter all my enemies wit second hand smoke I blow out of my nose
    And when I run out of codones, you netters steer clear
    I run shit over for fun, got four squirrels danglingu wonder my fifth wheel
    Always making little shit into a big deal
    Always wit a chilled grill that cuts up ya chics lips
    Taking her back to your doorstep the second I hear the bitch bitch
    everyone tried to warn me but you know I didn't listen
    Tryin to find some purple syrup to get in my system
    It isn't Christian when I'm being a menace so I hope you don't get offended
    It isn't my intention but I can't seem to stop myself ...
    Running up to cops yelling don't make me take off my belt
    I try to watch my health, sliding these nooses off my neck
    The whole world passes by while I rest
    All by my self, I have scared everyone else off
    I guess I could let em come back and beat my head soft
    Don't listen to everything I tell yall, just most of it
    I really like myself but I don't love it
    Let that other voice in my head take over my body, I dont run it
    Oh, rubbish .. I'm so thuggish, my speech so sluggish
    If you don't love it you at least wanna hug it
    "DSP that the dumbest shit you ever spit"
    Pay attention bitchin, I said someone else hidden in me said the shit
    Said you was a fool too, so which part is he right about??
    Tell me before he starts break dancing to Wipe Me Down
    How sure are you that your brain is quite sound?
    Answer right now, hesitate and lights out inside ya town
    I'll ambush the eclectic crew that gets hired to fix it
    Rip em to bits and tell em I'm sick so I won't get sentenced
    Sittin in the crazy house on da good pills like look how I'm living
    Even got a padded room in this bitch, come visit we can kick it
    Admit it I'm really living the dream ...
    You can loose control too, come live it with me
    Next cat that hates on you, kick in his teeth
    Tell the judge u wit DSP, admission will be free
    Just kidding wit ya g, but next time someone gets down n gets cold
    Tries to show out actin bad around some hoes
    Wild and loud like 'wow, u just got told'
    Grab that cat by the throat and show him you can get out of control
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