OT: Most pathetic man of all time?

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  1. ForestSilence

    ForestSilence Well-Known Member

    Jul 14, 2009
    Okay so none of y'all know this dude but he used to post at a different forum and someone just brought up a bunch of old xanga (blog site) posts he's made over the years... I'd feel guilty laughing so much at him, but the dude is a piece of shit open racist and treats his mom like garbage. Anyway, if you want some laughs or to think any time you feel the slightest lack of confidence read this shit... Plus can't feel guilty for the fact that he PUBLICLY posted all of this shit. I'll post more if any one is entertained, some random posts out of hundreds or more gems. Have lots of stories, pics, etc. Note before hand that he has NEVER dated ANY of these girl's he talks about and the random references to shit like "ROH" are independent pro wrestling companies or workers. Mostly random exerts from scattered blog entries. One short true story to get you interested,
    he drives across state to go to visit/meet some girl in North Jersey for the weekend, and he gets nervous (Stan from South Park style) and just fucking pukes while talking to her. ...He ends up spending the rest of the weekend in the hotel playing game cube while she's with her friends.

    Saturday, December 20, 2003

    I'm bored. All I'm doin right now is talkin to Niki. That's it. Nothing else. Gonna buy her a Christmas present Monday. Yahoo for that. She visited me at work again today. My GOD she looked hot, specially with my necklace around her neck. I can't believe she wore it in the shower...that is so hot. If shit with Seth & Final Battle falls through, I'm taking her with me. She doesn't give a shit about the wrestling, she just wants to see PUNK~! Well, I do too, but you know. I got my tickets for Raw today, woop woop, and they're IN THE PENALTY BOX~! YESYESYES!! Alright, I got nothin really else to say. Oh yeah, I know. Jamie Chest is a whore, Niki Linville is my goddess.


    ...you are my world...


    Merry Christmas, everyone. An especially merry christmas goes out to Niki. I love you, honey.

    Yeah, I have no luck with the ladies. I'm the only man on the face of the earth that could get an OPEN INVITATION for dinner with the hottest girl I've ever worked with, and somehow blow it. Good work, Joe, you're one of a kind.

    I need to get laid badly. All this porn is making me go into debt. How about someone gets Joe a hooker for Christmas? Or better yet, how about someone finds a mildly attractive female that wouldn't mind spending 5 five minutes with someone who has autographed pics of Teddy Hart, Ebessan & Chris Daniels on his wall?

    uesday, October 25, 2005
    FIVE RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME since that fucker Salaam decided to throw me into the end of his little tag spree

    1) I'm losing weight and I feel good about myself because of it
    2) I take 9 pills a day. All vitamins. I rule
    3) I have over 50 CDs and 4 DVDs full of porn
    4) I have over 200 wrestling DVD and over 200 tapes
    5) I didn't think A History of Violence was OMG SO FUCKING AMAZING. So sue me. The carnage kicked ass though

    Wednesday, November 02, 2005
    I am such a huge fucking failure at life...I need to fucking get some kind of therapy for my suckiness with chicks. Fuck, I suck.

    Friday, June 10, 2005
    Hasn't been a good week...I've been ranting and raving about work alot. Talked to Jorge today, who said you can be promoted to key at 19, not 21...which means Terry lied to me. On Tuesday, I'm gonna ask for the promotion next week...if he shoots me down, I might put my 2 weeks in. Also, Terry is getting Mike transferred to Market Street for no real reason. Fucking cunt. I'm not very thrilled with the way truck went today...me working my ass off while everyone else DOES NOTHING BUT TALK AND NOT GET SHIT DONE. Me & Jackie were *so* pissed about it tonight...speaking of her, man, is that weird...I like her alot, but whenever I ask her out to dinner, she says no. Ugh, you goddamn women. CZW & IWA in Philly tomorrow. Hurrah. Jamie's party on Sunday. Eh, don't know how long I'm going to stay. Oi. Later.

    I'm so fucking sick of this "house showing" shit that's going on here. Having strangers walk around your house on your day off while you have to randomly drive around and do things since you don't have friends? Just what I love. Tomorrow during showing #1, I'm going to go to Sheetz to get gas, drive back, and sit in my car and read a mag until they leave. Fuckers.

    What else has been up...well, last Tuesday, I gave Jamie a call and "pooped the question". And I got "capped in the ass", so to speak. Fuckfuckfuck. The funny thing is, when I told a couple people, they all managed to correctly predict the reason. I'm not sure if that makes me feel good about myself or shitty. Egh.

    I heart Jackie & Precious. They were the only two people at work who did anything for my birthday (and I've known them the shortest amount of time out of everyone there...odd). Jackie baked me brownies and brought me a melted slushy yesterday, and Precious brought me a slushy on Sunday....

    I love summer, if only for all the hot chicks that come in wearing their teeny shorts and tight shirts...god bless them all, every one. Shit, that just gave me a BRILLIANT idea that will surely get me looked down upon by most everyone, but I don't care. Hehehe...I rule. So yeah, Velocity's on now. I'm out, later.


    Today blew. Lemme correct that: today REALLY fucking blew. I was such a ball of emotions...I was pissed at my mom for nonchalantly telling me about my grandpa, depressed because of his death, and bored because of a lack of Jamie. I really need someone, something. I need to feeel better. I feel like a gigantic pile of shit right now. It felt so good and liberating to drive down Colonial Road going 65 with Eminem blaring...I'm not doing anything tomorrow, so if anyone, and I mean ANYONE, wants to do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, call me, IM me, note me, whatever. I need to do something with someone. Please. Peace

    Dubya is coming to our school...on senior skip day, which is HIIIIIIIIIIIIILARIOUS! He'll probably buy some crack from one of the n******. I'm a bigot, so sue me.

    6 days until the greatest day of the year...the day I always look forward to among all of the other shitty days of the year...February 14. I think we all know what happens on that day...THE RING OF HONOR 2ND ANNIVERSARY SHOW! Wait, you thought I meant Valentine's day? :laugh: Fuck that shit. Just another meaningless marketing holiday created by Hallmark. Thank christ I don't need to buy anyone anything for that. I'm not even going to bother asking if any of my senior friends are doing anything on senior skip day, because no one will respond anyway. I NEED to do something this week. I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaay too bored lately, and IT'S GOTTA END DAMMIT! Yeah, pretty much.

    Last night, I did something I didn't want to do, but I needed to do. My mind needs time to heal. We may be able to be friends later, but not now. Not now. Peace.


    More later if any of you have what it takes to read all this shit.
  2. BAdams421

    BAdams421 New Member

    Aug 23, 2009
    Sounds like this guy is from Philly, so he is automatically cool.

    But all that other cornball shit makes him not cool.
  3. Maytrikz

    Maytrikz Genuine Person Time

    Dec 16, 2009
    Sounds a lot like eg
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  4. MCVeteran

    MCVeteran I enjoy Capri Suns

    Mar 27, 2004
    i'll save this thread.

    If you guys ever feel down....lifes tough...some girls not feeling you....just remember...at least you're not as ugly as Emcee Goddess.


    Have a good night yall

    p.s. Ban OP
  5. teacozy

    teacozy New Member

    Jul 20, 2010
    Well this sounds like it was written when he was a teenager and everyone who posted on xangas and lj back in the day sounded like 'tards (me included)
  6. Diggles

    Diggles Fred Durst's Life Coach

    Feb 4, 2010
    ........this was unnecessary lol.
  7. masta_blasta

    masta_blasta Member

    Jun 24, 2006
    He does sound like a douche. I wouldn't bother reading more of it though.

    DA BAWSE New Member

    Mar 24, 2010
    post that one.
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