"Origin of Language"

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    "Origin of Language"

    Let’s start with the day our protagonists met:
    For arguments sake, we’ll call ‘em ‘Alpha’ and ‘Bet’.
    Two Neanderthal men at the evolutionary cusp
    form a hunter-gatherer friendship in pursuit of the hunt.
    Food is a must, so in tandem they work
    with a mutual trust in an absence of words.
    Hands are their first tool, signals made with the fingers,
    so an understanding’s asserted to be relayed at a distance.
    With a waving of digits and signed interaction
    a basic depiction of what’s required is established.
    It’s vital for catching prey – their ordinate nature
    a survivalist tactic to warn them of danger.
    Their calls and behaviour grow ever-expressive
    and forge their relationships strength in dependence.
    It lends to expression, though their conveyance is blunt,
    a succession of gestured sounds made with their tongues.
    Replacing the grunts and guttural roars
    they are accustomed to trusting before.
    Adjusting accordingly, they share with their group
    the functioning orders of various tools.
    The pair of them use this form for announcing
    the areas new food sources are found in.
    As more is recounted and usage increases
    it also has grounding in grooming and teaching.
    Due to this reason adaptation excels
    in the communicative region they’re creating themselves.
    These basic, but central, components combining
    as each stage is essential for homogenising.
    The protocol rises, trust’s further cemented
    in a social environment through the emergence of friendship.
    Working together authenticated the bond
    as they learn from endeavours, which makes it so strong.
    As communication prolongs, so the larynx does in the throats,
    and they place an importance on trusting their own.
    The hunter’s are vocal in where and when to attack,
    as one studies for opening’s they’re aware their enemies have.
    The hair descending his back stood as he heard a deafening bellow
    that dared to tremble the canopies with its prevalent echo.
    It was meant to let ‘Bet’ know of a new situation -
    a threat to the threshold the two were engaged in.
    ‘Bet’ pursued it to aid him, lengthened his stride,
    with no clue what awaited and his chest filled with pride.
    He swept at the vines that appeared in his path
    expecting to find a clearing at last.
    When the searing impact of a blade struck in his chest
    hand-engineered from a flat stone, just like the hunter possessed.
    The blood unrelenting, a sign of abatement,
    he looked up to question and eye his assailant.
    ‘Bet’s life had been taken by his ally and his friend
    with the first lie in creation, ‘Alpha’ brought his life to an end.
    The guy he depended on most had attacked
    to try and affect dominance over their pack.
    The stone still cold in his hand, he waited in watch,
    content with knowing the fact -
    the ‘Alpha’ male had resumed his place at the top...

    Thanks to words, we have been able to rise above the brutes; and thanks to words, we have often sunk to the level of the demons. -Aldous Huxley
  2. .AIMJ

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    Mar 1, 2014
    Nice little read. lots of great rhyme schemes and you stayed the course though out. It was like reading a story from beginning to end
  3. Chase Murda

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    Jan 25, 2004
    Nice flow right here vocab was excellent ...

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