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Discussion in 'Audio Help & Tips' started by FlipHatnAdidas, Aug 3, 2003.

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  1. FlipHatnAdidas

    FlipHatnAdidas Emo+Hiphop=EscapeThruEast

    Apr 1, 2003
    I just bought a custom built computer with the purpose of production mainly and hopefully vocal recording. Check out my setup and tell me what you think:

    VGA Transcend SiS 315E 32MB Retail - $22.00
    Sound Blaster Audigy 2 PCI SBO244% - $78.00
    CPU AMD 1700+ 1.4 AthlonXP Tbred RT - $58.00
    Generic 56k modem - $8.00
    HD 80 GB Hard drive - $74.00
    CDROM Artec CSM-56 X - $15.75
    MB Asus A7V8x -X/Lan KT400 RTL - $63.99
    CDRW Artec CDRW 52x24x52 Burner - $35.99
    Case Premier CP-TOM-109-3P4 MID ATX - $24.00

    www.newegg.com total: $414.73

    512MB (64Mx64 with 64Mx4 DRAMs) DDR266 (266 MHZ, PC2100) Non-Ecc 184 Pin DIMM Memory - $67.00


    That's my set up, I just bought a pair of Excel Studio One monitors for 107.00. Next, on my list is a Audio Technica AT4040 Microphone, Art Tube Preamp, and an Akai MPC 2000 XL.

    I would appreciate comments and suggestions.

  2. ~Mister~Roush~

    ~Mister~Roush~ New Member

    Aug 2, 2003
    Well, that's a nice ass computer. However, it's not the most ideal setup for recording. Not that it won't work perfectly fine, but if you'd have done your homework you woul've at least gotten a sound card that is designed for recording and what not. SB is ok, and it will be just fine. However, when you go to mix your tracks you'll be slightly limeted as to the number of processes you can do without hurting the vocals. It's really not a huge audible difference. It just depends how serious you are about this. If you want to do the absolute best you can, then you'll get a better sound card. In the meantime you'll just have to arrive at the cleanest vocals you can using the minimum amount of processes to do so. Some people swear by the MAC for recording vocals. Personally I think that used to be true, but now that really doesn't apply any more. As long as you use the computer Solely for your music then it really doesn't matter. I could go on and on in more detail, but you get the point. I'm not puttin' your setup down at all. It was smart to go with AMD. Your shit will compete with just about anyone with that setup quality wise as long as you know what you're doin' when it comes to mixing. So I hope that was helpfull. If you want to look at sound cards then try www.zzounds.com .. I don't recommend that you buy them from that site, however they have the best descriptions and a 1-800 number with experienced techs that can awnser any questions that you may have. Once you find out which one is best for you then look for the site that carries it at the cheapest price.. pz. -Roush
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