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    Apr 18, 2001
    Still vent'in! (lettin my mind breath) feel it - By Mr.redeyes

    Take a puff,from tha blunt (watch tha smoke swirl)
    life is tuff, i won't front (fukk tha whole world)
    in my mind i see demon's, mo' stress
    all my life i been dream'in, no stress
    will i awake, or will they kill me to
    bullet hole's in my face,condition critical?
    How much longer will it take?, stop tha pain
    we suffer daily with no break' eternal flame
    i see tha sun'shine, but i'm still weary
    at night i hear tha drum line, it feel eerie
    iz it my time, what i'm think'n as i clear tha gate
    made it home fine, right on time' can i get a plate
    i'm eat'in good, but still feel'n shocked
    i heard it threw tha grape vine," my nigga dropped
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