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    Jul 6, 1999
    this might just be a battle rap (or braggadicio as I like to say) however it's more than that, man this is poetry right here(YES I'm that proud).

    I take my hustle with me, that's the trouble doubled
    hate to burst your bubble I can turn a verse to rubble
    arrest cardiac muscles, the blessed hardly act subtle
    carress a mic like a youngins first patch of stubble
    all these cats dress alike plus they talk the same game
    if you smash right they say you fucked without a name
    different angles rubbin rough edges to a prescious stone
    clipping bangles 80's hits just a bit close to home
    sipping champagne maybe it's just for the up and up
    spit flows like carbonation in your cup and such
    flipping brains fried basking in the sum of sun
    looking cumbersum asking what becomes of some
    not the son of sam adams or an adam-12 faker
    underground classic like Ras Kass and anita baker
    hooking cats like cap'n James in the crocodile caper
    kids try to bite my lines but catch asthma attacks fatal
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