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  1. Predator INC

    Predator INC New Member

    Feb 8, 2003
    they speak with words always lacking meaning and are scared of the truth
    beyond their soft look and beautiful eyes is a heart ridden with evil
    playing games with the hearts of those who appreciate their beauty
    and even though happiness is in front of their face they stay commited to pain
    a mans with a good heart's lonilness is only temporary a shallow womans agony last 4 ever
    the biggest rubies and finest pearls can never match the worth of one thing : love
    they could have the world at their feet but instead theyd rather llive in their own torment
    they search and only find fasads they look and only find a lie
    when all of the time the truth was blatant in front of their face
    the man you claim is everything to you only shows u what he wants u to see
    the man you claim you love - his heart belongs to another
    but me - mine belongs only to you.
    its only your kiss i dream of
    its only your touch i fiend for
    girl - its only you so please let it be only me.
  2. ~Eloquent

    ~Eloquent Narcissistic....

    Feb 20, 2003
    yea it made me think like maybe theyll put someone like me on hold so they can be excited about chasing someone to love them and tryin so hard to change someone....i can kind of relate to that
    i definitely like the thrill of the chase....
    but people that seem to have lots of confidence but a brash heart they seem to gravitate to those guys,maybe they think theyll finally pick up on a nice guy once theyve been exhausted by all the guys used to having beautiful women
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