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  1. Dice

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    Jul 8, 1999
    The Idaho Statesman (Idaho's state-wide newspaper) launched a mp3site for local bands, artists, and DJ's.

    These guys took forever to get my page loaded up, and I want to hit them hard right away. it's a hella simple page,it has a picture, a little bio, and a song for download. I'm trying to make a good impression with these guys, the website gets a stupid amount of hits every day, so there's good promotion possibilities in it for me.

    I'm just asking you guys to click this link, and download the track real quick. Some of you may already have it on your comp, If you could show love and DL it one more time I'd really appreciate it.

    The Track Is Northwest Infection, you guys showed me a lot of love on the listens, so I ask... One More Time????

    ****Dice One**** MP3 Idaho Page... Please Click Here

    Hollar back at me let me know what you think of the page, and the track as well.

    Drop Links


    Dice One

    208 Underground Northwest
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