Official XFC 16: High Stakes Thread (done)

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    live play by play from bloodyelbow

    XFC is the biggest regional promotion in Tennessee and with the deal with HDNet have improved their roster of fighters.


    Daniel Crockett def. Shane Machette via unanimous decision

    Chris Coggins def. Jay Meneghello in round one via sub (armbar).

    Scott Holtzman def. Brandon Demastes via RNC, round 1


    Dustin West vs Stoney Hale

    Round 1: Hale shoots for a takedown and pushes Dustin West against the cage. He's throwing some knees to the thighs while West pushes off. Dustin West with a kick to the liver and follows it up with BOMBS! Stoney Hale is in the fetal position and Dustin West is just murdering his face with punches. The ref was incredibly late on that stoppage. Hale's face got murdered with punches.

    Official Result: Dustin West def Stoney Hale by TKO

    Amaechi Oselukwue vs Julio Gallegos

    Round 1: Gallegos with an early right hand. What the heck is going on with Oselukwue's hair? Looks ridiculous. Gallegos with the takedown and Oselukwue is trying to get back to his feets. Knees to the body by Oselukwue and then some knees to the head. Oselukwue just knocked Gallegos out with right hand. He followed up with a single shot while Gallegos was exploring the 4th dimension.

    Official Result: Amaechi Oselukwue def Julio Gallegos by TKO

    Chase Gormley vs Brandon Sayles

    Round 1: Sayles lands a quick jab. Gormley with a slow takedown and looked more like Sayles tripping than an actual wrestling maneuver. Gormley quickly gets mount but he escapes with butterfly guard. Gormley is working from halfguard and dropping elbows and passes to side control. Sayles is like a turtle. This isn't a good fight. Sayles throws his legs up and has an inverted triangle but he can't finish it. Sayles regains his feet and he's trying to work his boxing. Gormley slips a punch and lands a counter. Overhand right from Gormley as the round ends. 10-9 Gormley.

    Round 2: Oh the fights are back. Gormley with a solid kick to the body and he looks incredibly awkward when throwing it. Gormley fails on a takedown as Sayles side steps it. Gormley throws an unsuccessful overhand. The Voice calls this fight boring and he's underselling it to viewers. This isn't a good fight. Gormley unsuccessful on another takedown. Sayles finally pushing the fight to a brawl. He's battering Gormley with punches. This really is like two manatees fighting. Imagine manatees throwing punches with their little seacow hands. That's this fight. Ugh.

    Round 3: Woah! These guys get three rounds? YIKES! Gormley got a takedown after Sayles was landing punches. Sayles working for a keylock against the cage to get back to his feet but he can't escape. Sayles is flat on his back and tries to escape. He can't. He's got 90 seconds left and he can't escape. His eyes are closed and he may be legitimately sleeping. It's what everyone else is doing after this terrible fight. Jeez this is still going on? There's 15 seconds left and this is gonna be Brandon Sayles first lost. This wasn't a good fight! 10-9 Gormley.

    Official Result: Chase Gormley def Brandon Sayles by Unanimous Decision.

    Len Cook vs Chris Wright

    Round 1: Wright doubles up his jab and Cook responds with a leg kick/right hand combination. They clinch up and Wright lands an elbow to the ear. They are fighting for position against the cage and it is Wright who appears to be stronger in the clinch. WTF happened to the camera? Okay we're back with shots of the fighters. Cook attempted a throw and ends up on his back with Wright landing short punches to the face. Cook is attempting submissions and broke Wright's posture down. Three right hands land and Mike Cook is bleeding. Wright is super active on the ground.

    Round 2: Wright in southpaw and he clinches up against the cage. Wright trips Cook to the ground and Cook has a leg lock. Wright rolls out and is safe in Cook's guard. Wright is landing some solid punches. Cook continues to threaten submissions but he's not close to finishing anything. Cook has broken down Wright's posture momentarily. Wright explodes with punches that continue to batter the bloody Cook. Cook trying to play rubber guard but he can't keep Wright locked down. Ref stands the fighters up with 10 seconds left and there's the horn.

    Round 3: How did XFC afford a crane? Cook accidentally kicks Chris Wright in the groin. Cook shoots for a takedown and Wright clinches up and spins him into the cage. He's unsuccessful on all takedowns and hasn't figured out how to chain a second attempt together. Cook pulled guard and he's gonna get punched in the face again. Cook regained his feet and tried a suplex but Chris Wright gets back to his feet. Round ends with the fighters clinched. This is a clear win for Chris Wright.

    Official Result: Chris Wright def. Len Cook by Unanimous Decision

    Heather Clark vs Marianna Kheyfets

    Round 1: Clark with a solid kick to the thigh. Marianna clinches and is on the receiving end of some knees to the stomach. Kheyfets lands a couple straight punches and follows it up with an inside thigh kick. Heather Clark lands a kick to the liver. Kheyfets landing some pretty combinations. Marianna is stalking Clark and landing. Clark gets the takedown and is working from the top as the round ends. Heather Clark's eye is a MESS!

    Official Result: Marianna Kheyfets def. Heath Clark by Doctor Stoppage

    Josh Samman vs Mikey Gomez

    Round 1: Josh Samman lights Gomez up with punches early but Gomez survives and shoots a takedown. Samman works against the cage and is able to sprawl out and put Gomez on his back. Samman is going HAM with punches from the top and does the DOUBLE PUNCH! Gomez flips Samman but can't get back to his feet. Samman is back to punching from the top. Gomez looked for a leg lock but Samman rolls through and takes Gomez' back. He's going BUCK WILD WITH PUNCHES! The ref stops the fight after what seems like eternity.

    Official Result: Josh Samman def. Mikey Gomez by TKO

    Drew Fickett vs Jamie Varner

    Round 1: Varner lands a big punch that drops Fickett and Varner is just punching his face from the top. Fickett is trying to defend but Varner is relentless. Fickett turtles up and taps.

    Official Result: Jamie Warner def. Drew Ficket by TKO
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