October 6th. Infamouz Battles Presents: QP vs Cali Smoov x Fredo vs RemyD..

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    SMACKtheMOST New Member

    Sep 6, 2013

    Just became Official. October 6th. Vallejo, Ca.

    RemyD vs Fredo
    QP vs Cali Smoov
    Virg-ill vs Maleko
    Shamako Noble vs Dymes

    Plus 3 filmed cyphers and other performances. This was the best I could do with BOTB6 the following weekend. If anyone is in the bay, feel free to stop by. Its a free event for all ages. Flyer will be posted soon. Still accepting beat submissions to be used towards one of the three filmed cyphers.

    For those wondering, my name is Mack Moli aka Mack Moli, I had battled off and on for 3 years. Had an account on here (MACKtheMOST) before but my old email was compromised. I've done at least 10+ battles to date. 1 in the bay and about 3 actually seeing the light of day. Mind you, all the tryout leagues I participated in were cosigned by Lush. To his defense, most were during the GT days and the end of it. Either way, I felt like there was no real lane for a Bay nigga like myself. So Virg-ill and myself felt like we would just create one ourselves. This is the first of our many attempts in doing just that.

    Rock with the team:



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  2. Slug2003

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    Feb 12, 2013
    Good Luck on the event, I'm gonna try to make it. I posted it on the new site R - M - B - V - A - . - c - o - m without the dashes. It is where most of the hard core posters are at now.

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