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    Sep 27, 2004
    New OBL Tape: Iraq, Democratic Control:


    So I just read excerpts from the transcript of the newest tape which is alleged to be from Osama bin Laden. "OBL" resorts to a lot of what might be considered "Left wing" or "Democrat" talking points by those who call themselves Republicans.

    In his statement, "OBL" mentions Noam Chomsky and even brings up global warming. Now why would bin Laden care about global warming, let alone mention it in his speech? Does this not seem more than a little silly to you?

    Already on the CBS message boards we have people who identify themselves no doubt as Republicans, saying things such as:

    "I always knew liberals were the enemy within. Now we all have proof!"

    "Wow Democrats! You finally have someone on your side that thinks like you do! How great it must feel to know that you guys want the same things as Bin Laden!!

    "If I had read his comments without knowing the source, I would have sworn they were from one of the Democrat candidates. Isn't it sad that the Democrat party and Al Quaeda have so many beliefs in common?

    "I wonder if he will appear at the next democrat debate? he's a shoe in for vp if hillary takes the nomination. he's straight down the democratic party line!"

    These are exactly the types of responses those who released this video (not al-Qaeda) want. These are basically neocon talk-radio talking points that wouldn't sound out of place coming from Michael Savage or Glenn Beck. It will certainly be interesting to hear the neocon talking heads' response to this transcript, and if I am right, it will be used not only to marginalize liberals and Democrats, but anyone who is against this ongoing agenda, as siding with al-CIA-DUH.

    All one has to do is read the Military Commissions Act to see that any American citizen can now be deemed an "enemy combatant" for whatever reason seen fit by our loving government. You can be sure that after the next false flag event, we will see people having this label thrown on them and jailed simply for dissenting against the actions that will follow in the wake of such an attack.

    The attack on Iran is nearing, and those who are behind this war feel the need to quash any dissent that might arise because of it, especially if an invasion coincides with another 9/11-style false flag attack. There is no better way to get the public (even if it is only a fraction) to ago along with this than to marginalize those who speak out against the government's actions as being "al-Qaeda sympathizers."

    The rhetoric heard here is almost the same rhetoric we heard coming from OBL on the tape that was conveniently released just days before the '04 elections, which no doubt played a role in getting Bush re-elected (if the election wasn't rigged altogether). We know that several other of these "al-Qaeda" (al-CIA-DUH) tapes have been proven to be fake or doctored, so why should we believe this one to be real, especially when there are already anomalies in the video capture from the new video that have generated su••••ions as to if it's even really Osama?

    Those who really have their facts together understand that Osama bin Laden is nothing more than a contrived boogeyman of western intelligence, who was trained and funded by the US government, and that the role he plays in global terrorism is minimal at best. The US has had numerous opportunites to catch bin Laden, both before and after 9/11, and they haven't. This isn't simply because of incompetence, which is what they want you to believe. It is my belief that if bin Laden isn't already dead, he is being protected by people with connections to western intelligence, be it the CIA, MI6, Mossad or Pakistani ISI.

    Nobody stands more to gain from the release of these tapes than those pulling the strings of the president and pushing this agenda over in the Middle East (and the tyrannical agenda here at home). The fact that they (this includes the complicit media) are taking advantage of the six-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks -- an atrocity they themselves carried out -- to exploit the emotions of the American people, shows you just how twisted they are.
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