Nuclear nouns: Deth to inkh+aesthet1c

Discussion in 'Emcee Battle Area' started by DethStryque, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    B) 10 categories to judge battles.
    - Flow
    - Word play/Name play
    - Rhyme scheme
    - Punches
    - Personals
    - Humor
    - Vocabulary
    - Flips (in 2 round battles)
    - Creativity
    - Structure (legibility)

    Flips allowed. All votes must follow the standard definition for each category and are subject to Category Challenges if the votes don't conform with the definitions of the categories. If 3 or more categories are successfully challenged? A VOTE CHALLENGE can be issued...and that could change the vote either to a null vote or a vote for the other lyricist. Moderator's discretion.

    To vote? All you gotta do is copy and paste the above categories, list the name of the lyricist that won each category, and follow with a quick expo. Like this:

    Word play/Name play--Deth
    Rhyme scheme--Deth
    Flips (in 2 round battles)--Deth
    Structure (legibility)--Deth

    4 bars must be cited from the winning verse that won it and 4 bars from the losing verse that lost it in your eyes as a voter.

    Deth overmastered his opponents in every way with his superior lyricism, flow, vocab, punches...dude was just too much in every way. Those other guys did their best? But they just couldn't face their Deth. [ Cite 4 bars from the winning verse that sealed the win for the voter ]

    top to bottom voting takes like 5-6 minutes and is still thorough.
  2. Aesthet1c

    Aesthet1c Member

    Jun 8, 2012
  3. Aesthet1c

    Aesthet1c Member

    Jun 8, 2012
    My words have more meaning then aztec pottery.
    Which means you mistaken the end for winning the lottery.
    I take an arrow and draw it on the string of life.
    Kill u like art I painted u until u were ripe.
    Rip out your spleen and keep u alive with atemorphine.
    Pull out your intestines only inside out.
    Braveheart shit my lines burn without doubt.
    Dismember each mandible. Ur alive I eat you im a cannibal.
    Brothalynch kinda baby.
    Nobody has ever played me.
    Cause im too ill to be shady.
    Next white rapper with a jar full of contagious rabies.
    You all are fans, u just dont know it.
    Id take responsibility, but I didnt do it.
    Well if u see someone eating lyrics let us know!
    And Just then I started coughing up Dethstrykes bones.
    This is Nuclear Nouns so I should expect to wear lead.
    But if hes dropping bombs then what the fuck is this.
    The only radiation I got was an overload of ignorance.
    It's funny cause I just killed a lyricist, that doesn't even exist....
    the other day, u shoulda seen it.
    I asked death to be my friend and his entire face lit.
    I felt so bad I whent with him to one of his special angerments.
    And he got shutdown by a girl because of his gender arguement.
    He ran out the room screaming like we all were his endangerment.
    Anyways, I thought it was funny, cause the roles were reversed.
    Everyone started hitting back when they saw me kill him in 1 verse.
    But then I found out Deth hits until hurts.
    So I took him shopping, and picked him out a new purse.
    And we both know u were never a cooker.
    even though half your life is in the kitchen, you would do better as a hooker.
    So, quit trying to look slick.
    Your confusing my vision, are you white? cause all the grease makes u look, more like a spick.

    So I can reminesce.
    On your premises.
    and eat your remnants.
    and your tenants.
    Burn it to the ground like linens.
    Shake the dice like counting winnins.
    Your a snitch ur always pinnin.
    Just like mush im growin with spittin.
    Are u high yet in 2 more lines youll be trippin.
    A boss hawgin player bobbin killa Klown Kidder head splitter
    Ima winner no baby sitter
    A condescending problemed bitter.

    Someone get a cleanex I see we have a quiter.
  4. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    Nucelar nouns: Deth to aesthet1c

    You wanna throw toe tuh toe? Ya flow's so so Gerberish
    My flow go murderous! Press me n I'll snap like photojournalists with fo-fo burner clips!
    In tussles chief I crumble teeth n rustle beef like Bobo's herder kids
    Gotcha pointin at my lines like the spot where your cursor is n drop squads with "hella dogs" like: "GO-GO CERBERUS!!"
    Spit demonic flame at Aesthet1c like Baal...NO! NO! SURTURUS!! Smack 'im n merk ya scripts
    Clap 'im with burna clips that go: RRRAAAOOOW like The Catwoman Eartha Kitt!! 1
    Jerk! Ya tryck! I'll hearse ya klikk n pack em in the earth! Ya dick!
    Burst ya wig...n chest like Semtex pecs n wreck vets with sent text nukes
    Screw ya fam like incest roots til they're Son of Sam murdered I blam burners
    Robbin you pigs of ya loot...HAM BURGLAR...cuz when my pen Tek shoots
    Authent1c's top's blown like windswept roofs n his men's next to
    Be found underground in a trench stretched snoozed drenched wet. Uze'd!!
    My hymns hexed you with beaucoup grief like voodoo priests with ancient grudges
    Ya brain gits sluggish when I'm aimin blazin slug hits atcha dork chest
    Put steel through ya dome like swordfests in your cerebral cortex
    Til you're stretched on the morgue desk rockin halos and wings with the Lord's Best!
    Dawg I bare arms like Thor's vest! My talk's like Glocks with beams son
    My slammin words is plantin Herbs like Doctor Greenthumb!
    When I cock the thing? Run! Or I'll prove you is stretchable
    Plus you're "iffy". I heard you "love nuts" like "Cupid's Testicles!"
    Offend me not! Or I'll ball up my fists and "SWING" like "THE LINDY HOP" [2]
    Printing many drops and savage frees cappin wakk MCs
    Like haberdasheries n trendy shops. Punches fade you like Remy shots
    Then dirt you like forget me nots til you're breath's forever idle
    My clever lines'll rain heat, then tsunami you punanis like weather cycles
    I sever vitals of whatever rivals with syko rhyme flows that cypher rape you
    Punches comatose you...hibernate you. Knock you off the planet and hyperspace you!!
    Hype blurbs strafe you with tite verbs made to swallow you whole like viper snakes do!
    My words ate you! You couldn't see me if I helped to bifurcate you!
    I'll get tuh chopper squeezin on ya awkward steez til you're eviscerated spittin
    Beat Deth? Impossible! Like Hindus lovin Whopper eatin liberated women!!
    You couldn't generate a win n you'll get incinerated pennin vs this savage rhymer
    Deth the cabbage slicer ravage writers n immolates ya men then
    Hitcha with matic lighters after I make ya girl bust in ecstatic geysers
    Cuz she don't mean that "witch on Charmed" when she calls me her "magic Piper"!!
    Run? I'll hunt you down like classic tigers! My pen's ready
    Tuh wetcha like Phelps at swim medleys n run you over like random bikers hit by erratic drivers!!
    Authent1c gets wet n dumped on like padded diapers! Plus my fists gitcha mixed like Creoles!
    Why you spell ya name with "1-C" not a "I-C" like it's sweet yo
    when "I-C" you couldn't be the "1-C" if you were NEO!!
    I'll ride on you like Regals puttin Eagles tuh Beanies like Seigel pattin pockets like Deebo
    Then freeze frame ya weak game like Teevo! the end? No matter what you do, fag?
    "I-C" I'm the "1-C Walkin" on ya coffin like I'm blue flagged!!

    Bobo's herder kids...Our Grande European Adventure: Bobo and the Bluffs

    1.] THE INCOMPARABLE EARTHA KITT AS CATWOMAN: Go to 1:23 of this video: Eartha Kitt as The Catwoman on Batman's TV Series - YouTube

    2.] LINDY HOP SWING: Whiteys Lindy Hoppers .. Helzapoppin. - YouTube
  5. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    Aesthet1c...I called you Authent1c on purpose ock! You Herbish twat!
    When the 3rd is cocked you'll gitcha neck sawed dimwit! Step raw idjit?
    I'll clap pipes n set it so when my raps Stryque Aesthet1c? Your Deth's Authent1c!!
    Authent1c Deth like "proof of the Reaper"! Two from the heater
    Left ya chest exposed like I boosted ya T-Shirt! And if you dare tuh beef partner?
    I commit heresies like Pharisees when blarin these sparkers
    Air ya hair n teeth with a pair of these sparklers n arrow ya marrow like Cherokee archers!!
    Spare no weak Mark nerds! My alphabetics shredded Aesthet1c's grill apart jerk
    With elcectic skill sendin bolts through ya spine like electric eels til ya heart bursts!!
    Hard words sings Deth's Song like lark chirps [ gun blasts ] til you're parked hearsed in the dark earth!!
    I spit a bunch of phonic darts that beatcha down til you're knee high to subatomic quarks
    Bars huntcha like a buncha sonic sharks! "Fades ya music" like "chronic harps"!
    Dawg I make "sicc bread" like "bubonic tarts" n show "infinite power" like "Brahmic art"!
    When this Larkin barks? I'll "lift ya nuts off the ground" like "hydraulic nards"
    So even with home field advantage you'll gitcha bones peeled like cabbage
    Aesthetic? We'll battle in yo state in front of Roman Coliseum crowds
    All I'm seein's how I'll rip ya throat out like black vanadium
    Spat wrath like blasts of radioactive massed radium tuh splinter brains
    Dismember lames in the packed stadium like irradium stacked uranium
    N stand on all yallz cracked craniums like:"ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!
    Are you not rendered slain when my drops cinder brains n drop fire from above like hot ember rain?"
    What I hock enters veins like arsenic you markish prick!! I'll beat you no worries!
    N flow dirty til this white dude's fallen like snow flurries
    Punches open ya knot like dome scurvy!! The way my pens' blazin him?
    You'll swear my pen's a laser made by James Bond's weaponmaker Agent M!!
    Aesthet1c? I'm erasin him til that punk's glaived by my tongue play
    Flip ya insides like interior designers n chop the edge off ya roof like feng-shui [ pronounched fung-shway ]
    So jump back! My pump's racked! I clutch 9's like Tiger Woods on his comeback!
    Plus my crunk raps stomps you chumps flat! If you even flinch n git outta place?
    I'll leave you chokin frozen n radiation burned like you got lynched in outer space!!

    JASON ANTHONY White Devil

    Mar 10, 2010
    I got rid of all the bullshit posts.

    Please refrain from talking shit or making excuses until Aesthet1c drops.
  7. Aesthet1c

    Aesthet1c Member

    Jun 8, 2012
    I just got back, took 6 hours my minds barely intact.
    As im writing this my face is drooping and im falling off track.
    Grammatically incorrect use gravity to snap deth's neck.
    because with bars like that his mom oughta put him in check.
    I wont even reference the word idjit. sound's like he doesn't know any 5 lettered digits.
    Wheres the schemes? your lyrics are sooo messy.
    And the humor and personal's are so petty.
    If I had a fast beat I snap it and make it steady.
    are you ready? My Words are confetti they rain from the sky.
    Like tiny molecules of urgot infected rye. When your mind becomes high through the topical absortion of your own 2 eyes.
    You realize and see demise and start to apitimize, destroyed this rappers ego with virtual suicide, and when I scream 'Do or Die' hes critisized because with raps like those hes doomed for a smaller trophy size.
    I noticed a few times, that your talking of battling with those shit rhymes. But you never say who wins, are you doubting your own lies?
    My family comes from vikings im a gall-gaidheal, a galloway with words taht come from the darkest parts of hell. Speaking in gaelic is it the devils tongue? With his own intestines his noose he has strung. And As I end his life with his own shit, I ask him a question. Was it worth it?
    he looks me in the eyes and asks the same fucking question, so I keep him alive with an adrenaline injection.
    Put his ass in a freezer you dont fuck with a galwegian.
    satanic rituals followed by incantations, summon the devil and send this ****** back to the plantations.

    Reverse his insults with a body armor of lead.
    Not only on my skin but in the direction of his head.
    So instead, Ill give this battle up because it looks like he could use it.
    I had to resort to racism anyways, so that proves I cant spit.
    Congrats on the medaphorical trophy u got some internet props.
    Now get off the computer and go buy some grape sodapop.

    *Wrote this in 15 minutes, just for the record*
    I should probably start caring a little more about people on the internet right?
  8. Jai-Z

    Jai-Z Bangem, Jai

    Mar 8, 2005
    Vocab is nice whn ur saying something, but if ur not saying nothing and getting hammered itz weak.

    Vote-Deth for having actual punches
  9. L. Kross

    L. Kross His Highness

    Aug 10, 2000
    I think the jar fulla rabies pretty much lost it for ol boy, you should focus more on why the other guys garbage not why youre gonna be the next eminem. deth had some punches, not that hed need em, but his rhyme schemes were poppin up all over his bars shit flowed real nice, if this was face to face in a battle people would be laughin at aesthetic
  10. L. Kross

    L. Kross His Highness

    Aug 10, 2000
    An btw lol@your short story explanation on how to properly vote, you can probly leave that out next time, cats arent gonna wanna even read the rules let alone the verses
  11. Aesthet1c

    Aesthet1c Member

    Jun 8, 2012
    I dont wanna be eminem.

    I gave up in the verse because I actually gave up.

    How do I sound like eminem?

    theres plenty of white rappers out there. Dont be so niave, I was just referencing my future. And I am here to get better at Battling, so your criticism is welcomed. But what would make u a good critic (or even a critic at all) is if you actually pointed out what needs to be worked on. What was bad, good. etc.

    Ask questions.
  12. L. Kross

    L. Kross His Highness

    Aug 10, 2000
    Lol, I used to argue votes, it doesnt matter if you sound like eminem, you said that bar period thats what i was tryin to tell you to avoid, becuase Im such a bad critic, lose the silly shit about yourself an focus on gritty shit about him? how could i have been any more specific on how to tighten up your battle verses? I do this, live in the flesh. i know what im talkin about. kids
    an dont say "i gave up durin the battle' an get mad when you dont get votes
  13. Aesthet1c

    Aesthet1c Member

    Jun 8, 2012
    Jesus christ. Is everyone on this forum THIS fucking ignorant!? Seems like everytime I exert a personal opinion everyone jumps on me like im in the fucking KKK. Im not argueing for a vote, did I hurt ur feelings because u are a little off?

    This is good, but you need to identify what. Other than 1 bar.. Ur getting better ;)

    If I gave up does that mean I want votes? No...
  14. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    Aesthet1c? I think you have potential because you seem to clearly have some poetic background, and poetic souls tend to have more imagination, imagery and vocabulary than purely battle texters do. That base--when properly applied to battling--can make poets extremely deadly, because they're very difficult to predict. In fact? That base also gives you such a broad and deep arsenal that some battle heads completely miss the power displayed. They call the bars fillers...and in the process? Show that they're limited in imagination, scope, lyricism, and skill therewith. Feel me? I'm a poet myself, and novelist, and that was the background that I approached battling with.

    However, poetic souls don't tend to go the wells of racism for bars, either. That right there? Not lovely, son. Would/could getcha beatdown in a face to face battle.

    Also? NEEEEVEEEER acknowledge in your bars that you've given up and surrender DURING a battle. You might say so in a post after the battle. Never ever during the battle.

    Your rhyme scheme needs to be amped. Rhyme scheme isn't merely a matter of rhyming WORDS; true lyricists rhyme ATTACKS UPON THEIR OPPONENT. Try to make 2 direct attacks on your opponent per bar. Attacks on your opponent, threatening your opponent with violent/painful/etc death and giving yourself props are 3 major categories that you can start attacking your opponent with. Some text heads onsite dont prefer some of these categories and some are deluded enough to call some of those bars filler; they're wrong. In the worst way. Proveably. But they DO have the right to show their preferences and it SHOULD BE WEIGHTED. That's why the RWZ Voting Guideline is the best because it encapsulates and accounts for all styles of approaches and gives them all an equal and fair playing field so they can be judged.

    But that racist bar? Never again. For YOUR sake.
  15. L. Kross

    L. Kross His Highness

    Aug 10, 2000
    lol am i mad? cause you think you know somethin i dont? i just kept it real with you an you act like i didnt explain myself good enough, i can go into it long an hard why thats not effective battle posture, but jais vote was garbage an you didnt say SHIT to her. want some advice? dont give up on your next battle halfway through it
  16. DethStryque

    DethStryque DethStryque theInvincible

    Oct 8, 2008
    Here's the RWZ VOTING GUIDELINE. You and I can launch a CATEGORY CHALLENGE if we think that a vote for a category was falsely or incorrectly given, and we can launch a VOTE CHALLENGE if we think the vote as a whole is suspect. Vote Challenges can only be launched if we can prove--using the definitions given--that 3 or more categories have votes going for the other rapper...but the votes fly in the face of the definition of a category. Like if someone says rapper X had better metaphors than Rapper Y but Rapper Y sees that Rapper X had no metas according to the definition we use. [ all definitions are drawn from dictionaries and other first line sources. The definitions are the most common definitions for each category ].

    The mods who will resolve any challenges are: JASON ANTHONY and/or LYRICAL PRIEST. Both are nuetral mods with no axe to grind with anyone.

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