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Discussion in 'RBL TOP 20' started by The Second Comming, Apr 13, 2005.

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  1. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000


    By: J o o k

    Welcome to the 11th week of the 2005 season of
    Rapmusic's North battle league.

    This week we have a lot to discuss so we'll start off with the topic of
    voting. Voting in the Rbl is at an all time low. As soon as we get our
    participation up we start losing active voting. I am definitely sure that
    Eyedill and Strike will be enforcing the voting rules with no leniency this
    week due to the lack of performance last week. So please people if you want
    the league to be successful then VOTE!!!!
    The next topic of discussion is a select few who bitch about the 3-line
    style. This is the official who really cares how someone structures their
    verse. It's all about what the verse contains. So be less harsh and be open
    minded look beyond how many lines someone uses and read their actual verse.
    With that being said lets get down to business.

  2. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000

    With J o o k and

    J o o k: first off whats up man
    Revanon: Nothing much Jook. I'm doing alright. Had a
    great weekend..and really tired from posting all of those battles.

    J o o k: Lol I hear that how many battles did you post
    this weekend?

    Revanon: hahahaha...7 I think. I hadn't done
    anything like that since 01. Some of it was really fun to do. I laughed at
    a lot of my lines...thinking "this will work"...then the competition dropped
    and I wasn't so fortunate. I have a dry sense of humor I guess.

    J o o k: haha man 7 battles thats nuts.. So you
    weren't fortunate? It seems like you get better with each drop. Do you pick
    up on certaing or do you know what it is these voters in 2005 really want in
    a complete verse. Has things changed?

    Revanon: They have changed. I don't know what they
    want. One thing that is hurting me is I'm writing verses based on what I
    think will make them go..oh! Not what I truly want to say...I do think I
    need to be more original. Sure. But I need to be what Revanon is. Not
    another version of faceless or whoever is famous right now. I think 2005 is
    trying to find verses that they "heard" about in 1999. That is not
    realistic Jook. I can't be that Revanon. That Revanon had more time. That
    Revanon had more inspiration. This new Rev has 3 kids...a career...and
    limited opportunity. It's hard. But I'll get it. Trust me...I'll get

    J o o k: Dam thats real man I def respect

    Revanon: Thanks. I'm unlike any other on that site.
    I don't need the ego. I'm already established. I made sure I did the work
    before I revealed my real self on the boards.

    J o o k: Lol I feel that man. So enlighten us on the
    thread you made labled "the focus is all wrong"

    Revanon: This new generation is so taken by the
    "vets" that come back and wish things were like the old days. My thing is
    don't worry about that. Focus on what is happening now. Who wants the old
    days? All I think this site needs is to do their best. Have integrity and
    respect for the culture. And stop thinking what they do doesn't matter.
    Just because it's text doesn't mean it doesn't count. The goal is not for
    us to return to 99. The goal is for this site to have honor. To build.
    Nothing will ever be the same..but it can be better. I came back to enjoy
    what the young cats are doing today...because I see that you are trying.
    They diss the RBL...but they don't know that it takes a lot of effort for
    that league to run. I came back to support you. I came back to show..not
    talk about what it takes to make the site better. All of a sudden people
    have a reason to write again..all of a sudden..people are getting

    Revanon: This is what rapmusic is all about. Not the
    year..but the moment, Jook. We are really close to that "moment".

    J o o k: Dam every time you reply to a question it's
    a state of enlightenment. Do you think some of the younger cats will ever
    get it. I see you and Super bumping heads is it beef or you just trying to
    reach him?

    Revanon: I think if you take someone like me...who's
    known...who's known to have that swagger as a bad ass..but who can respect
    what his opponents are doing..the younger ones will follow. Don't kiss
    anyone's behind..but don't act like you didn't get your ass handed to you.
    Super? I can't talk for him. But I like him. I just think he is not as
    good as he thinks. He's fortunate. But he is riding on luck. It's never
    beef...unless you make it personal. For instance...I am battling this one
    cat..>I can't remember his name...but at the same time...I'm teaching him
    how to use his persona...his style..and now, if you look on the boards..he's
    on there as much as me...and doing pretty well. You have to be polite...but
    ready to hand it to them at the same time.

    J o o k: Word.. So when will Revanon be champ

    Revanon:'s tough...I don't want
    to be in the north next week. I don't know why they put me there. I wasn't
    ready. I am grateful..but not ready...let me earn it like everyone else.
    Don't baby me. Maybe in the summer. Realistically. I love that title man.
    I've had it twice before...I can retire when I win it again...

    Revanon: You know...
    Revanon: when I first won the was against
    Corm. It would be an honor to win it against someone
    faceless. Or yourself...I think you two would get a battle that would
    surprise both of you.

    J o o k: Lol ah man you took the next question out of
    my mouth.. what do you think about this weeks champ match

    Revanon: Wow a display. That was a great show. I
    think Drinking Sucks is fabulous. I had a chance to get him on the boards.
    Funny, I battled Faceless this week as well. So I know them a little bit.
    But that was a great battle. I don't know who's the champ. I was pulling
    for face....not sure...but I hope God gives me something like I
    don't disappoint when Revanon gets there.

    J o o k: Indeed fam.. so this your time right here to
    say anything you want and give shout outs and such

    Revanon: Alright..thanks. First off...thank you so
    much for the opportunity. I feel blessed. Secondly, I came back to set
    things straight. To lead by example. To leave a legacy. I hope everyone
    gets the message loud and clear when I go. To the new generation, fuck what
    those vets say...keep doing what you're doing because you will be them in a
    couple. Don't look back...look forward and be proud of your
    accomplishments. Thanks to Jeff for keeping this site together. Thanks to
    everyone who tries. And lastly...I have had a blast. It's not about age,
    it's about heart. I'm 30 and I do this not because I don't have a
    life...but because I love hip hop. Thanks Jook. And I'll see you soon at
    the top. We have to do this again when I'm champ. Remember that.

    J o o k: Alright Rev thanks for the interview man it
    was very enlightening hopefully some of these younger cats read and take in
    some of it.

    Revanon: Thanks Jook. Everything will be fine in
    time. And the RBL is not's just got some dead people in it.
    Peace man.

    J o o k: Lol thats real be safe man .. Peace
  3. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000


    Citizen X 5-0 vs.
    Faceless 5-2

    This battle was bananas because although it was a Champ match both
    competitors experimented with a new style. Faceless dropped first with some
    very humerous lines including a drinking sucks line he used for his opener
    that set the bar for the battle. Citizen x dropped a pretty nice verse also
    with a bag under your eyes line that could easily be the line of the battle.
    What it came down to was consistancy. Which Faceless took because his verse
    never loss momentum. So Citizen X loses his belt in a well fought battle.
    Congratulations to Faceless on his first championship.

    Joey Donuts 5-1 vs.
    HotDogVendorMan 4-2

    Joey cooked crack chea VS H deezy the neezy with hook up on the ball park
    franks. This battle was quote: "The best read in the North" stated by lame
    ass Macabre wtf does he know about battles. But yes it definitely was the
    best or at least one of the best. These two duked it out like no other. What
    it came down to was Joey and his dam fat jokes. H Deezy started off with a
    nice ass punch referring to the legendary joe dumars. Then finished his
    verse off pretty consistently. Joey on the other hand came @ H deezys neck.
    I mean every fat joke in the book was in this battle. He even had an any
    given Sunday line that was very humorous. So at the end the victor is Joey
    Crack. H deezy loses but dont sleep on this dude he's very talented.

    Rhyme 1-0 vs.
    Revanon 1-1

    The battle of the R's. Lol no not arse get your minds out of the gutter.
    Revanon dropped first experimenting with the 3 line style. The verse turned
    out to be pretty solid overall. Next Rhyme dropped with also a very solid
    verse that clearly out shined Revanons. The votes showed a win by a large
    margin which in reality the battle was closer then the KO. Rhyme stays
    undefeated advancing to 2-0 while Rev falls to 1-2. Rev is improving with
    each drop as controversy surrounds him will he in fact be a force to reckon
    with here soon? Rhyme goes up in the ranks with his witty punches and solid
    rhyme scheme. Good luck to both battlers in their battles this week.

    J o o k 6-3 vs.
    Drugs 6-1

    I am not one to pass judgement on another grown man so whether he voted for
    himself or not who really gives a fuck. The deal is he brung heat and I take my
    hat off to him for producing one of the illest verses in the North Enough said.

    Pufeksion 5-1 vs.
    Troublesome 7-2

    Another dope battle in the north that didn't meet its full potential because
    of the lack of votes. Troublesome came in the match thinking that Purfeksion
    would no show so he posted a no show verse. But Purfeksion showed up right
    before deadline and posted his verse. Trouble put up his real verse and shit
    was on and cracking. Punch for punch this had to be the closest battle in
    the North this week also. Purfeksion dropped a very well rounded verse with
    lines like no trouble at all it would be know walk in the park for
    Troublesome. Troublesome posted his verse and pretty much came ready for
    more knowing he was in a contender match. All in all Troublesome walks out
    with the victory and moves on to the championship against Faceless. Don't
    sleep on Purfeksion though because he is liable to merk a lot of kids in the
    league. Good luck to Trouble next week.

    Teckneek 2-1 vs.
    Realism 3-1

    Okay so we have to MC's whom are hungry for the title. Both with a couple
    wins under their belt and a loss each. Teck posted first and in all
    actuality was not that great of a north verse. I definitely seen him come
    battle and know he possibly keyed his verse this week pretty quickly.
    Realism is turning into a beast because he is originally from the south and
    is reaping havoc on the North. Realism posted a pretty decent verse which
    was enough to out shine teck this week. So Realism goes to 4-4 and Teck
    drops even at 2-2. Good luck to both mc's on this weeks battles.

    Super 0-0 vs.
    Ill nik-A 0-0

    Now this is the battle most people looked forward to because these are to
    battlers from the old rbl going head to head in a slug fest. ill posted
    verse and it was clear from the gate that he was not going to be an easy
    opponent for anyone especially Super. He dropped a yankees rotation line
    that had me falling out of my chair. Secondly Super post a verse that showed
    the rest of the rbl that he was still an impact in the text area. It all
    came down to the final votes. Super edged the battle out in a victory that
    was drug out to the end. Good battle fellas best of luck next week.

    Label 0-2 vs.
    Butler 0-1

    The voting on this battle was horrendous undoubtedly. Butler a vote from the
    B .. boys board battled it out with Label a hungry rbl competitor who wants
    what we all want, the title. Label came in the thread dropping a pretty nice
    verse although claiming to be drunk he definitely came with a verse that
    Butler had to notice. Butler known for dropping fresh shit came to the
    battle with some nice lines including a flip of Label being drunk. Butler
    came out on top of this match and breaks even with a 1-1 record. Label may
    be taking a trip down south with 3 losses in a rown. Good luck to both mc's
    on their next battle.

    Guile 3-1 vs.
    Al Murder U 5-2

    This battle was the battle that I had the opportunity to drop the first vote
    in. Al murder has been around Rapmusic for a while Guile is another kid from
    B... boys trying to make a name for himself on rm which few are very
    successful at. Guile dropped first with a pretty solid verse nothing
    outlandishly ill but definitely a good verse. Al dropped second and stated
    in his post that he rushed the verse and that he couldn't put much time into
    it. It showed in the votes. Guile KO's Al murder U and possibly advances to
    the contendership this week or next. Good luck to both MC's on their up and
    coming battles. Al I am looking forward to reading your verse this week so
    get some of that nice shit back in there. Guile stay strong duke.
  4. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000


    It's been awhile since your birth, and she suffers from nausea still
    So your mom keeps swallowin Drugs.. not to mention she's poppin pills
    Drugs vs. J o o

    I'll show'em who's the shooter, then see this bitch worried
    when i put the 4 on Joe D's chest, like a throwback pistons jersey
    HotDogVendorMan vs. Joey

    Remember that jaime foxx flick? well i'm wrecking your season
    You only watched any given sunday in hopes of getting a free one
    Joey Donuts vs

    But I feel sorry for kid, hes never getting a bitch
    Cuz you slip girls your digits..they just give you the slip
    Spit That vs

    You's weak wit ya rhymes- and ya lil secret's illin;
    Named himself butler, because he spoons other people's children!!
    Label vs. Butler

    Another weak homo, straight burnin ya faggits
    I'll beat you so black
    Your face will take affirmative action
    $1.50 vs Spit

    Now go and try me, your still gone die be
    If anyone said teck was crazy,
    they was talkin about real world hawaii
    Realism vs.

    Ya live by the dictionary, I know THAT IS TRUE
    It's no wonder u felt a man-date was something ya HAD TO DO
    Super vs Ill

    I'm sizing this bastard...landing punches to strike this prick
    And Practice makes Purfekt...
    ^^^ ...but I never did like that bitch
    Troublesome vs

    This league has gone wack & u need a standing ovation
    Cuz u don't only pitch in to that, u the whole Yankees rotation
    Ill nik-A vs
  5. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000


    By: Premium Thot

    u no showed, so now i win
    so now i win, so now i win
    so now i win, so now i win
    bow down, descend
    dic's a hoe, a bitch within
    a bitch within, a bitch within
    a bitch within, a bitch within
    just quit, transcend
    he got no flow, he lost again
    he lost again, he lost again
    he lost again, he lost again
    i'm the boss my friend
    i stole the show, in the end
    in the end, in the end
    in the end, in the end
    i win again
    blah blah stop the hypin
    u suck dic so quit the typin


    Lol^ it almost had like a chorus feel to it. But congratulations to Premium
    Thot for producing the wackest verse of the week!!!

    Tradition or Coincidence???

    Is it a tradition or is it a coincidence that once a champion loses his
    title he signs out of the league? It happens every single time. Whats the
    deal RBL do you see this?


    Well this brings the Hype to the end ladies and gentleman. So the moral of
    this mag was: VOTE BITCHES lol thanks. Also lets get some GOOD votes not
    just one lined votes. Thanks to Revanon for the interview and be sure you
    also check out the south battles. Show the people who are struggling a
    little love and guidance. So with that said this is J o o k signing out.
    Peace love and elevation to all.
  6. FaceLess

    FaceLess jook is my dad..

    Nov 22, 2000
    Rbl Champ
  7. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Shouts to isle for the colorizational skills lol faceless the dam champs wordemup.
  8. Defcon_5

    Defcon_5 Relax and take notes

    Sep 19, 2002
    where's my name :(
  9. isle

    isle i.ill

    Apr 3, 2005
    Ye the colors look pretty sexy, though.. the names with the ___ vs ___ didn't come out how I wanted them to. eyedill must of centered everything, it ruined my fancy gradients.
  10. $1.50

    $1.50 New Member

    Mar 20, 2005
    Nice mag keep dropping and I'll keep reading.
  11. Guile

    Guile ..

    Feb 18, 2005
    word up, good mag fellas
  12. FaceLess

    FaceLess jook is my dad..

    Nov 22, 2000
    Revanon man fuck the martha stewart attitude

  13. Complete Chaos

    Complete Chaos I'm Drugs.

    Nov 2, 2001
    Yeah, I liked your verse jook. Don't take my shit talking too seriously, it's more of a vendetta against rm's text side instead of a single member. So, no beef with you.

    I didn't vote for myself. I got a lot of aliases and if I would've, I woulda just went all out and won.

    so grats and cool mag.
  14. Complete Chaos

    Complete Chaos I'm Drugs.

    Nov 2, 2001
    No we don't. I wish cane were here.
  15. Revanon

    Revanon Comeback of the Year.

    Nov 25, 1999
  16. FaceLess

    FaceLess jook is my dad..

    Nov 22, 2000
    cane was the medicore outcast of rm's textside
    yet was really funny in other the alley was where cane was at his best
    and in the game zone cane just baffles my mind with the game nerd knowledge he has

    But as far as text cane was the guy who battled once every 3 months and would brag about the win he got for 3 months or he woulda talk shit and cry about his lose for 3 months

    Pharacane needs noy try his hand at text anylonger
  17. Super.

    Super. New Member

    Sep 26, 2003
    nice but whyd u interview revanon for north mag?

    ~~~~~ should be in south, and SHOULD be interviewed for the south
  18. FaceLess

    FaceLess jook is my dad..

    Nov 22, 2000
    super you suck

    thats all for now
  19. Super.

    Super. New Member

    Sep 26, 2003
    nice top 10 line
  20. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    ^ Word I was just like dam bruh all this rhetoric against me lol. Sall hood though stay up fam.
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